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Tuesday, March 24th, 2020
Maggie Attempts Social Distancing

Hi Guys, it’s me Maggie. Do you see? I’m Social Distancing.


My mom explained to me what it means, and how it’s super important right now. So on our walk, I sat down to let other people pass by at a safe distance. I was good at it too! But then…I saw one of my bestest friends ever–one of the really cool (human) girls who live across the street from me. I forgot all about social distancing and ran right up to her, and I kind of wiggled all of her in happiness.

I was real sorry when I realized my mistake.

But then Mom told me it’s okay, because doggies aren’t the sick ones, and that I made my bestest friend ever happy today which is an important job too, and I felt much better.

So I told you guys all my story because I want you all to know that I’m trying real hard to help make all humans feel better.

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
Maggie the Elf

Guys! Look! I have one and a half Elf ears. And Wizard Dad says I’m getting white eyebrows and a beard almost as good as Santa’s too. That must mean I’m almost magical like Santa and his Elves!

You know what else? Yesterday I had to go get a bath and a puppy pedicure.  I don’t really like those. BUT…Wizard Dad said I could stay there for three whole hours, which meant I got to play with my human friend Emily, and lots of other dogs before my bath! I was so excited when I got there, I ran right in to my friends and forgot to say goodbye to Wizard dad :-) And look, my ears are real clean.

If I was a real Elf, I’d wave my magic paw, or maybe my magic ears because I have some big ears that can hold a lot of magic, and I’d find all the dogs waiting in kennels their forever homes. Yep, I’d do that for reals. Only after that would I use any leftover magic to convince my mom to give me more of the chew disk things that I love but she worries aren’t very good for me.

What would you do if you were an Elf? You have to name one thing for others you care about, and one thing for yourself too, okay? Because you guys are super duper important too. Mom says it all the time!

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
Shh…Maggie Is Hiding

Hi guys, it’s me, Maggie. But don’t tell, okay? I’m hiding from my mom and Wizard dad. I’ll show you how good I am at hiding:

Pretty amazing, am I right?

So yesterday, mom decided to clean the carpets upstairs, and while she was doing that, the big monster machine was spitting out wet clumps of black hair.

Guess who they blamed? Can you even believe they blamed me, Maggie?

So then I got my feelings a little bit of mad-hurt, and I hid from them. I bet they’re gonna feel real bad when they can’t find me, and then won’t care so much about my hair.

Later On That Same Day: Guys, you know what? My hiding must have worked, because Wizard-dad gave me an extra treat-bone for no reason! He never does that!

Happy Wednesday everyone and I hope you get an extra treat today!