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Friday, May 31st, 2013
Happy Friday!

I’m writing this Thursday night. BLB (my son) came over, great to see him. We’re seeing more of him right now as his college semester ended but next week he starts summer classes.  Anyway I was watching BLB out back playing with Bailey, and yeah, BLB has a slight limp but he’s come so far in a year and a half (since the accident that severely injured his leg).  It’s quite amazing if I look at the whole picture. BLB lost the career he was working so hard for, but he has thrown himself 100% in a new career path. He’s doing really well in school and has about three semesters left ( he lost a full semester and a half with his leg). That’s all the good news.

The bad news is BLB took Bailey with him when he left. Wizard and I both miss Bailey :-( But he was happy as can be driving off with BLB, who will deliver him to middle son whenever the two of them work it out.

Some pics: Here I tried to sneak up on Bailey from the kitchen as he was laying out on the patio:

Bailey on patio


Obviously, Bailey caught me :-)

Here’s Bailey “helping” me cook:

Bailey watching me cook

See those eyes? That’s what he does when I’m working. He puts his front legs on my lap and looks at me with those big eyes so I stop working and play with him. It’s very effective!

Here’s Bailey playing in the front yard:

Bailey playing in yard


Okay enough of Bailey–it’s not like I love him or miss him or anything!

Here is where I’ll be today and over on the weekend for the POSSESSION blog tour:

5/31- Mimmi’s Musings (series spotlight)

6/01- Underworld Love Addiction (series spotlight & review bk 2)

6/01- Riverina Romantics (series spotlight)

6/02- Page Flipperz (series spotlight & review bk 2)

6/02- Toot’s Book Reviews (interview)

Stop by and enter for the $50.00 gift card!

Now that I’ve gotten the blogs and interviews all done and sent off, I have a book…or three (Insert Standard Issue Panic here) to write.

What are you all doing this weekend?



Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
Plus One, or No Plus One?

I’m changing things up a bit (shhhh don’t tell the Wing Slayers, and especially Linc!). But since THE PROPOSITION, book one in The Plus One Chronicles will be out in just days, it only makes sense. (P.S. you can read an excerpt of THE PROPOSITION here)

So instead of Wing Slayer Worthy, we’re going to play  Plus One or No Plus One? So let’s say you’ve been invited to a wedding or other event. And on the reply card, there is a box indicating if you will bring a plus-one (date) or not.

If this man is your choice:

Male Model

Which box would you check? Plus One or No Plus One?