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Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy & Sale on The Baby Bargain!

Happy Wednesday. First let’s take care of business: The digital version of The Baby Bargain is on sale for 99¢! If you like hot tortured Marine heroes, and have a weakness for secret baby and second chance romances, I think you’ll enjoy The Baby Bargain! You can grab your copy here:

Amazon Kindle B&N iBooks Kobo / Google Play

Now here’s our Wednesday Worthy Candidate (taken from,)

So what do you think? Is he worthy?

P.S. My soon to be daughter-in-law is raising money for the rescue she works with, Little Red Dog Rescue, and they are trying to win Newman’s Own Foundation $500,000 Holiday Challenge to help even more animals! If you can help, even a $10.00 donation makes a difference. Or you can help by spreading the word on social media. Thank you! Here is the link

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
Wednesday Worthy

Busy week! First up, I’m holding a contest for a $15.00 e-gift card to Amazon or B&N to three winners who review PLAY HARD. You can check out the contest here.

And then yesterday, quite by accident, I found out that THE BABY BARGAIN, written under my Jennifer Apodaca name,  is temporarily on sale for 99 cents. I have no idea how long this will last, but you can check the price at Kindle or Nook to see if it’s still happening.  It’s a great deal! I’m pretty sure Entangled told the authors on the loop, however, I’ve been no-mail on all my loops.  So I have no one to blame but myself.

Now lets go onto Wednesday Worthy.

Sexy muscular model.

I like this one because he looks “real” to me. How about you?

Friday, April 19th, 2013
Happy Friday!

What just happened? How id today Friday? Sigh…okay last day of The Baby Bargain blog tour and the stop is Crystal’s Random Thoughts  Stop by and enter for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card. And if you want to catch up on ones you’ve missed, look on my home page here

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great (just sinus that make me slightly queasy paired with a little insomnia), and by two o’clock I gave up working, sat on my butt and read for a little while. I probably need to step back a bit. Today will be better!

Wednesday I saw Biker Witch (my sister). I bought her coffee and begged for her forgiveness for being the absent sister.  But the truth is she always forgives me. No matter what I do, I’m forgiven.  She’s super cool that way. But then she tortured me by telling me funny stories about her volunteer job working with rescue dogs. It’s torture because I’m jealous!  Although picturing her in a battle with a Chihauhau determined to get out of a kennel while Biker Witch is trying to get another dog out was priceless. I may have splurted coffee. In fact, I was laughing so hard, I’m not sure who won–Biker Witch or the Chihauhau. I think it was a draw,  but they will battle it out again next week :-)

Tonight we’re meeting our son’s for dinner to celebrate a birthday. This weekend, I’m going to do a little cleaning.

What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Very quickly, my thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy in Boston.  I’m sure we all carry sadness and anger this week.  And now we’ll move on.

So…BLB (my youngest son) was right. A couple weeks ago, we were texting and I said, “My book is due on 4/15, I’m not going to make it.”

BLB texted right back, “Yes you will. You just need MORE COFFEE!!”

And…I made it. I’m not saying the book is good, in fact I’m playing the game, Can This Book Be Saved in my head, but I got it in. Which means BLB was right :-) And I’ll know when I see the revision letter if the book is salvageable.

In the meantime, my Entangled editor and I were talking about the possibility of my getting in the second book early.  I will do it if that’s what they want, though I may have to shift around my last book in The Plus One Chronicles. It will all work out as long as I drink enough coffee, according to BLB.

Right now, I’ve been trying to catch up on 100s of emails, promo, etc. And BTW I accidentally deleted a chunk of emails so if I haven’t replied to you, resend.

So we’re not getting the mirrors we ordered installed until Friday. I promise I’ll get pictures after that.

Today I’m hoping to see Biker Witch! I’m not even sure if she still claiming me as her sister. I’ll probably have to grovel and buy her coffee to get back in her good graces.

Now let’s move onto Wednesday Worthy! I just bought a new pick of a very familiar candidate:



What do you think? Is he worthy?

Monday, April 15th, 2013
Weekend Roundup

Today the stop for The Baby Blog Tour is Vi3Babe  Stop by and enter for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card.

First, I’m sorry for not replying to comments on Friday’s blog. It was a crazy busy getting the granite in but all went well.  Then Saturday all the plumbing was done. Wizard then did all the touching up the walls, painting and installing towel racks etc.  Now we’re just waiting for the mirrors. Once that’s done, I’ll share pics.

So Saturday, our handyman plumber was here, and he and Wizard are going back and forth by my computer where I work. Normally this is fine and I can tune it out.

Except Saturday I was rewriting a sex scene that’s been giving me major trouble. This scene is out of my comfort zone (umm, you’ll have to wait for POSSESSION, I’m so not telling you why its out of my comfort zone!) So there I was, struggling with this scene while then handyman and Wizard are zipping back and forth in full view of my computer monitor.  I found myself shrinking the screen every time I heard them approaching.  Needless to say it was slowing my progress. Finally, I got smart, switched to my laptop and blocked out all the men and noise in my house and nailed (haha!!) the scene. I think…we’ll see what my editor says.

So my plan is to finish editor the book and send it today, then I’ll begin apologizing to everyone I know for ignoring them to get the book done.  And after that…I ‘ll start the next book.

Oh and we’re deciding this week if we want to go ahead and do the kitchen counters.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
Wednesday Worthy!

Today’s The Baby Bargain Blog Tour stop is Page Flippers. Stop by and enter for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card!

So, The Baby Bargain has been out about four weeks now.  When I originally singed with  Entangled Publisher I was cautious and a bit unsure. But now, after three solid weeks in their top ten (the first week out the sales were just building) , I am thrilled with the publisher. I’m very pleased with the editing process (I’m sure mistakes got through–digital is like that for many reasons) but their editing at all the stages including revision, copy edit and proofreading was as rigorous as any I’ve ever been through. My editor not only edits, but answers every question I have and cares as much as I do about the book. So far, I love this publisher :-)  All they work me hard, that’s something I respect (when I’m not griping, LOL).

Then there’s my beloved THE PROPOSITION. It did pretty well for the first of three books in a series. I decided to take a risk and offer it to a reviewer known to be brutally honest.  She read it last night and contacted me today to let me know she really liked it. This, for me was a huge personal validation. The review will be up on her site next week, and I’ll link it then. But you guys have been with me through all this so I just wanted to share.

Now  for our Wednesday Hunk, I went to iStock to use up some credits I had leftover there. It’s a small picture, but what do you think?


Is he hunk worthy?

Monday, April 8th, 2013
Weekend Roundup

The Baby Bargain Blog Tour stop today is Ex Libris. Stop over and enter for a chance to win the $50.00 gift card!

I now have a rough draft of POSSESSION! This is the absolute roughest drafter I’ve ever written.  I need to fill out one scene then I’ll read through it and see if there’s hope for the book.  I’m crossing my fingers. I’m trying to streamline my process into something a little faster. There’s no way to make it easier, writing is always hard. But getting a draft down gives me something solid to work with and then I can agonize over the finer details, descriptions, word choices and finessing plot lines. The hardest task is always setting up and executing emotional scenes.  I really want to get POSSESSION to the editor next week and let her take a crack at it. I think I’ll be able to do an even more powerful revision with her input. But it has to be in good enough shape for her to get a solid feel in order for her to  give me constructive feedback. So we’ll see.

On Saturday, we got the lights in the bathroom. They look exactly as we hoped, we’re so happy! We have a great handy man that is doing the electrical and plumbing for the bathrooms as we need it. Wizard could do this but he’s busy enough patching, painting, etc.  He’s done the lion’s share of pulling all this together too. Weirdly he gets mad when I say that. He always says, “We’re a team.” And that’s true. I’ve done everything he asked, including getting a quote on mirrors that is going to save us $270.00 so I’m not entirely useless. But he really has done most of it while I write.

Here’s a picture of the granite I think we’re putting in the two upstairs bathrooms. This piece is broken, but the slab will be a full piece with no seams. Then they’ll cut out the sinks and faucets once they line them up.


bathroom granite


The granite color is petty bold, but I’m tired of so much white. In the kitchen we have something softer in mind. But we’re going to see how they do in the bathrooms before we make a final decision on the kitchen.

So how was your weekend?

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