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Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Happy Labor Day (in the States)! Hope everyone has a day off today!

So yesterday,  Wizard went out to breakfast. And while there, we spontaneously decided to drive to San Diego and take the two-hour harbor cruise. It was wonderful!

Here’s the San Diego sky line from the ship. It’s not a great pic, but the skyline was amazing.

After that we went by the navel ship yard, but I didn’t get a good enough shot of that. I was so paranoid I would drop my iPhone in the bay.  But my iPhone made it home with me, safe and sound and must to Wizard’s relief! Although he’s still laughing that I accidentally turned the video on and couldn’t get it off. We were on the top deck and I couldn’t see the screen in the blazing sun. I got great video of our feet…but I’ll spare you that.

This is one of my shots of the Coronado Bridge. It’s amazing to see!

Next is a pic I took of myself while Wizard was off getting cold drinks for us. He said I should I shouldn’t put on the blog as it doesn’t meet his standards of what a pic of me should look like.  Yeah…like I’m going to listen. This is what I look like after about an hour and a half in the heat and wind.

After we docked, we walked along the bay, looked at shops and then ate a late lunch on the pier. We had great seats right next to a window overlooking the bay. Look who tried to join us:

I think he was applying for a position as a Wing Slayer Hunter :-)

And last, as we were walking back to the car, we passed the awesome Midway Aircraft Carrier (retired). We went on this last year and loved it. In this pic, you might be able to make out the jets sitting on the deck to get an idea how big this ship is.

We had fun, and more importantly, Wizard relaxed. Well we both did, but he’s been working so hard, I was glad to see him relaxing.

Today I’m working!

How was your weekend, and do you have any special plans today?

Monday, May 4th, 2009
Pondering Witch

witch-cuteHope you all had a great weekend! Mine wasn’t bad.  But I had time to think…

Sometimes I was even sober… (you all will be so disappointed when you meet me in person and find out how little I really drink!)

It started with the movies. The husband and I went to the movies. We saw Obsession, which I really liked. The critics, evidently, didn’t like it so much. One review I read called it,  “A Lifetime Flick.”  And so I have to ponder…if there are several channels devoted to theses kinds of movies, what does that tell you? That people watch them! Holy Witches, people, get down off your snobby broomsticks and ENJOY it. Stop pining for meaning in movies.

Then there is the  premise of the movie–the totally innocent married man is targeted by this totally hot blond. I mean she is AFTER this guy, and he’s such a stellar dude, he resits. (Of course, I suspend disbelief when watching movies, LOL!)  And I have to ponder: How many men in America thinks there’s a chance this will actually happen to him in real life?  Never mind, I read romance novels and 100% believe that the really hot man is falling in love with the plain girl and will be true to her until death and beyond. So I guess I better not ponder how many men think some young blond babe is going to want them and want them bad!

Let’s ponder something else. I went to buy some jeans. And do you know that for over TWO DECADES I have worn the same size? Which is really interesting since I am NOT the same size. Who does the manufacturers think they are fooling?

And another thing I ponder is why it’s okay to torment people like Kirstie Alley over her weight. Yes I know she was the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, but the level of meaness turns my stomach. It just doesn’t seem like the thing to judge people on.

Hmm, now I’m starting to wonder if I’m spelling “pondering” wrong. Maybe it is spelled, “procrastinating?”

Monday, April 20th, 2009
What Are You Reading?


It’s HOT here in Southern California! Like pool and beach weather! Which is very scary since that means I’m going to have to go bathing suit shopping soon. I really don’t want to talk about that, or think about it! Let’s talk about reading instead!

I just started reading this book:

secret-life-of-a-vampire-kerrelyn-sparksI’ve only read 40 pages…it’s light and humorous.  Lately I gravitate to darker and more passionate books,  but I’m not sure why. I’ve always liked light and funny.

I just finished this book

cop-a-true-storyIt’s the experiences of Michael L Middleton’s career as a cop. My son read the book and gave it to me to read, so I did. I liked it very much.

What are you guys reading? How was your weekend? Are any of you thinking about bathing suit shopping?

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Calling Dr. Bombay!


Emergency, come right away!

Anyone remember Dr. Bombay from Bewitched?

Remember his dubious cures?

Remember the way he used to chase his nurses?

I think I met Dr. Bombay yesterday! No I’m kidding, sort of.  So for the last week or so, I’ve been having jaw/ear pain on the left side.

First I tried my usual cure–ignoring it. I’m actually very gifted at ignoring what I don’t want to deal with!

samgreenstripeBut after a few nights of waking up at 2am in pain, I was getting a tad cranky.  So I relented and made a doctor appointment. I know it’s probably either a mild ear infection or TMJ, or something like that. Yesterday I went into for the doctor visit. In minutes, I started to feel like Samantha with her weird symptoms.  BEFORE the doctor even came in, I was asked over and over to describe the symptoms.

The nurse leaves, and when she returns,  she’s dragging a machine with a million wires.  It looked like something Dr Bombay used to cure Sam, but it was an actually an EKG machine. They thought I might be having a heart attack.

Okay, okay, I know woman have silent heart attacks, and sometimes jaw pain can be a symptom…but seriously?

It was forty minutes before I ever saw the doctor and another half hour before I got out of there, only to be sent to another town for a full set of x-rays.

The end result? Nothing yet. I’m pretty sure I’m not having a heart attack, and there doesn’t appear to be any infection.  Eventually someone will read the x-rays and call more…or not…who knows.

I think I should have just called Dr. Bombay.

So do you all remember Dr. Bombay? Do you think he could cure my jaw/ear pain? Do you have something we can ask Dr. Bombay to cure?

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
Pick Your Familiar

It’s week four of our five week Cyber Launch Party! This week, the prize is a box of paranormal books. The winner will be drawn from all this week’s comments and announced on the weekend.

In my books, the witches have lost their bonds with their familiars, causing them to lose their high magic. They have to fix that, and they do it in a pretty cool way!

But alas, I cannot tell you how.  That would be wrong.

So instead, I thought we’d have fun and pick our familiars from the pictures below.


How about Darth Vadar?









Or this Tas-Devil?







Or this wofl?








Or Croc?





Or are you the type to go for the Bad Boy Familiar?









Who would you pick and why?

Monday, February 2nd, 2009
What’s Your Kryptonite?

The prize for this week is the peace, hope and serenity bracelet. As usual, I’ll randomly draw a name from this week’s comments and announce the winner on the weekend.


First, let’s talk about the grand prize necklace. It’s a custom-made piece and I’m dying to see it! But I checked on the status and they said it should ship in the next week or so. Can’t wait!


Now onto kryptonite. One day my husband and I were talking about how I get sick when I go under anesthesia, or sometimes from pain medication. He was commenting how I don’t generally have a weak stomach, so it’s odd. Then he said, “It’s like your kryptonite.”


LOL! I thought that was pretty funny.


In most paranormal worlds, there’s a form of kryptonite. For instance, vampires usually can’t go in the sun. In the world of my witches, their kryptonite is witch karma—any intended harm done with their powers will come back on them three times. So if they use their powers to cut someone, they will be cut three times worse.


This makes it pretty darn hard to defend themselves. And that’s why they need the hot and hunky Wing Slayers Hunters! But it also forces the witches to be smarter than their enemies. They can do magic, they just can’t inflict intentional harm.


So, my kryptonite is anesthesia.

The witch’s kryptonite is witch karma.


What’s yours? And hey, if you can’t think of one, make it up!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
Witch Obsession

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Joke of the Day:

 Question: What did the witch do when her broomstick broke?
Answer: She witch-hiked!

I watched two shows with witches when I was a kid, BEWITCHED and THE WIZARD OF OZ. Now when other kids were scared of the wicked witch, I was just annoyed. Why? Because they got it wrong! (Please, no outcries, I was a little kid and didn’t know the movie was supposed to be a classic!)



Witches are not green witch with warts and poor fashion taste either. From the time I saw my first BEWITCHED rerun, I knew that stereotype of a witch was wrong. Witches are not ugly, old, stooped or laughably evil.Nor do they cackle. 



Witches are smart, intelligent lovely women who happen to have powers. (Sorry, men don’t get to be witches in my world. But no worries, the heroes are witch hunters; super sizzling hot men who are cursed, but if they can overcome the curse, they come into powers of their own.)




Much as I loved the BEWITCHED, as I grew up, I began to see the flaws. Samantha Stephens is cool, but why would she be married to a man like Darrin? She’s strong and powerful and he’s…boring. This bugged me forever…a cool witch like Samantha should have a man who is strong and hunky with a few powers of his own. Seriously, I thought about this!



Obviously, I have an obsession! THE WIZARD OF OZ was fun to watch, but what started my obsession was the TV show BEWITCHED. What about you all, did a TV show ever spark an obsession for you? (Don’t forget, every comment enters you into the contest for prizes!)