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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
Wednesday Worthy and Wizard’s Commentary on 50 Shades

So…Wizard and I saw Fifty Shade of Grey. I’m not going to give my opinion again because I’ve said it in a few places, and who really cares what I think? I just support writers hitting mega success. But I know you all care what Wizard thinks, right? No worries I asked him for you!

We’ll just skip over his opinion of Dakota Johnson because I think you all can guess that :-) I mean come on, hot, cute naked girl? Last time I checked, Wizard had red blood laced with testosterone running in his veins.

So I asked Wizard, “What did you think of Christian Grey in the movie?” I SWEAR I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP.

He looked at me and said, “I’m Batman.”

Only he said it like this audio clip:

Okay, now I’ve heard a ton of commentary abut Fifty Shades but this is new.  Confused, I’m asked the obvious,  “WHAT????”

Wizard explained, “That Christian guy just kept showing up out of nowhere rescuing Ana. Every time I was waiting for him to say,  “I’m Batman.”

I laughed so hard. Where the heck does he come up with this stuff? BATMAN??? Now all I can hear is “I’m Batman” over and over and I laughed the rest of the day. Every time Wizard walked by me, I was like, “Say it again!”

So that is Wizard’s rather unique commentary on Fifty Shades of Grey.

And now, of course, Batman is on my mind, which naturally makes me think of Christian Bale. So guess who is our hunk candidate today?

Christian Bale BatmanWhat do you think, is he worthy?

Friday, September 6th, 2013
Happy Friday!

This has been another of those really interesting weeks.  I have something going that makes me really happy, but can’t talk about yet. Don’t you hate that? I so hate it!  But I will say that, Indie publishing is it’s own kind of awesome.

With all the drama of my incident I don’t want to talk about any more (stupid Achilles), I totally forgot to tell you all something else. At CPA Boy’s wedding, guess who caught the garter?

There was a group of men, I’m guessing maybe fifteen? Possibly more. First, CPA Boy made a total production of taking the garter off Special K. She was blushing and he was hamming it up…

Yeah, makes a mom so proud. LOLOL!!

Then Special K escaped, the guys lined up, and CPA Boy messed around for a while being a total ham. He gets that from Wizard, I’m very serious and reserved, and I certainly don’t like to be the center of attention.


Sigh, why does not one ever believe me?

Anyway…Middle Son and BLB (Broken Leg Boy with the plates and screws in his leg) are out there. Now for long events like this that requite a lot of standing and walking,  BLB uses his cane just to ease the pressure on his leg.  He’d been using the cane most of the night, even when he danced with his girlfriend.

This time he’s out there without his cane in a group of men determined to get the garter. Hmm, how can this go wrong? But I kept my mouth shut (I know, shocking. But I truthfully trust BLB’s judgement, he usually knows what he’s doing and how to handle his leg)

CPA Boy shoots off the garter and it comes down to a match between Middle Son and BLB.  We know who is going to win, after all Middle Son is natural born athlete.

So imagine our shock when  BLB dove for the garter, slid across the floor and got it.

We’re all like…did that just happen? Seriously? Even Middle Son looked a bit shocked.

All I can say is never underestimate BLB!

So this weekend is the usual for me. What about you all? Any special plans?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
5 Things about Wizard and WSW!

5 Random Things about Wizard:

1) He was flying his small remote control helicopter in the living room (high ceilings there) and I was reading. In my peripheral vision, I see him diving for the ground. The helicopter he was flying suddenly  dive-bombed him. I laughed so hard…I think the battery ran out and he lost control of it, but I’m not really sure. I was laughing too hard to hear his excuse explanation.

2) He makes up songs and sings them to me.  He’s done this since we were first married. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes it drives me crazy.  One song is Jenny Champagne With Her Beer Income Man.

3) When the kids were little and I would try to kiss or hug Wizard, he would yell out, “Zebras! Help!” And all three boys would run to rescue him from me. We usually all ended up rolling around the ground and laughing.

4) Wizard doesn’t really like the limelight.  But he does like to tease.

5)  Last night, he mercilessly temped me until I shared his cupcake with him. Insisting I eat it off his fork.  He’s wicked like that.

And there you have 5 Things about Wizard :-)

Now for Wing Slayer Worthy:

Is he Wing Slayer Worthy?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011
Score One For Wizard

Wizard cracks himself up all the time.  One of his favorite jokes when I ask him to take out the trash is to say, “I took you out last week.”  And then laughs.

So yesterday we were emailing, and this is actual text I copied and pasted:

Me: Blue trashcan keeps blowing over, I trudge out and pick it up…hoping it’ll be upright when the last trash truck comes by.

Wizard: Why don’t you just stand by the trash can until they come?

Me:  But…what if they think I’m trash and take me away?

Wizard: Then I wont have to take the trash out anymore!

Monday, July 26th, 2010
Leaving on a Jet Plane…

This week I won’t be blogging much or at all.  If I can get online, I may check in, but that’s really iffy.

So tomorrow, if all goes well I’ll be boarding the plane for Orlando, and the Romance Writers of America Conference. (I hope–we’ve had some ill family members, but I’m thinking positive!)

And I really like this plane in the picture! I’d fly him!

For any of you looking for me in Orlando, I will be at the RWA Literacy signing on Wednesday night. I think that’s from 5:30 to 7:30.   And I’ll be at the Ballantine signing Saturday morning morning 9 to 10:30.

Please stop by and say hello!!

This weekend was mostly prep work, hanging out with Wizard, casting a few spells to aide family members in getting and staying well. Oh and I bought new shoes that will cripple me (more than I already am!) to wear at conference.  Wizard said, “Why????”  Then I put them on, and he liked them, LOL. Still–will they be worth the pain and blisters?

Oh and I read Kate Carlisle’s THE MILLIONAIRE MEETS HIS MATCH and loved it! Next up is Maureen Child’s CLAIMING HER BILLION-DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT. On the plane, I think I’m going to read Nalini Singh’s BONDS OF JUSTICE.

So how was your weekend?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Wizard 1 Witch 0

On Saturday afternoon, Wizard and I were sitting in the living room talking.  It dawned on me that hey, neither one of us are doing anything. And so I got an idea…

“Wizard, let’s go to the animal shelter!”

He frowned at me. “Why?”

Being clever, I said, “I just want to see the animal shelter.”

He rolled his eyes. “You worked at an animal shelter.”

“Not THIS one.  Besides, that was *mumble mumble* years ago. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Evil laugh. “Not a chance. You’re trying to trick me.  You’ll show me a cute dog, do some shifty magic and I’ll give in and get you a dog.”

Totally busted. I tried to deny and cajole, but Wizard  wouldn’t budge.

Since then, I’ve been pouting thinking…If wizard is afraid of me, a witch and a cute little puppy, doesn’t that make him, a big…


And yeah, I’m going to be in all kinds of trouble for this. Wizard loves to get even!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Bailey TRIES to Teach Wizard To Play

Headshot_007Bailey has a new goal…Teach the Wizard how to Play.

I may have mentioned this before–Wizard is not a Dog Lover. Wizard understand all things numerical (he’s an accounting wizard) and all things magical.

He does not understand dogs.

Bailey bounds over to Wizard with his new toy.

Wizard tries to pat Bailey’s head.

Bailey tries to shove his toy in Wizard’s hand.

Wizard recoils. “Stop that. Hold still so I can pet you.” He says this like the dog should understand.

Bailey quickly translates this into his native dog language and realizes Wizard must not  SEE the AWESOME TOY in his mouth. With his incredible problem solving skills, he squeaks his toy so Wizard will hear it and grasp how super cool is it to play tug of war.

Wizard looks at me with a helplessly confused expression. “Why is he doing that?”

I answer,  “He wants to play tug of war with you.”

Wizard shudders.  He managed to pet Bailey’s head while Bailey is aggressively squeaking the toy. Then he walks away.

Bailey trots over to me. He knows witches are smart and know how to play

This story has no point except that Wizard was tormenting me tonight with comments like. “Don’t you wish Bailey was here?”

Sometimes, Wizards are annoying :-)