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Friday, September 1st, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Happy Friday!

  1. We normally go grocery shopping Tuesday mornings, but this week I had an appointment on Tuesday, so we went on Monday. As a result, all week-long we’ve been confused on the days of the week.
  2. I’ll admit it–I love Princess Diana stories and have read or watched a few of the articles and shows coming out for the 20th anniversary of her death. What I liked about her was her imperfections and passion. I also came to admire her cleverness and media savvy. I don’t believe in any of the conspiracy theories surrounding her unfortunate death. My opinion is that speed, drunk driving and arrogance caused her death, and that makes it even more of a human tragedy–she was as mortal and prone to poor decisions as any of us. Otherwise, I’m not much of a royal watcher :-)
  3. I’m so happy that I figured out how to donate to the Houston Humane Society! I didn’t want to use my credit card, and they didn’t appear to take Paypal option. We had to deal with some identity theft not long ago, and I’m a tad paranoid, but I’m also an animal lover, and wanted to donate to a place that tries to reunite pets with their families (FYI, I’m not getting into a debate about shelters–I worked for one and I know first-hand how hard we tried). I struggled with this for just over a day before I remembered I had a Visa gift card that I was saving to buy some clothes for going to Florida. That card worked to make an online donation, and it’s a better birthday present than clothes! (And we also donated to the Red Cross).
  4. I’m tired of the heat and it’s not letting up anytime soon. But we had two weeks of milder weather before this heat wave, so I really shouldn’t whine!
  5. I actually fantasize about a full eight hours of sleep. Is that even a real thing, or is it an urban legend?

Okay that’s my Friday Five, now it’s your turn to share five random things about your week. Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 25th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Let’s all list 5 random things about our week!

  1. Wizard has conceded that I am better at picking movies for us to watch on Amazon Prime or Netflix than he is. This is HUGE. Wizard is better than me at a lot of things, so I’m walking around with a stupid grin over this tiny achievement :-)
  2. When we were grocery shopping on Tuesday, I asked Wizard to help me get a leafy green vegetable into one of those thin plastic bags in the produce section of most stores. He’s stared at the vegetable suspiciously. “What is that?” he demanded (while helping me wrangle it into a plastic bag). “Kale,” I told him. He was scrunched up his nose. “I’m not eating that.” But I assured him that not only was he going to eat it but he’d like it. He adamantly assured me he would NOT. Last night, I made the Kale Chips sprinkled with parmesan. Wizard had three helpings. LOLOL!!!
  3. Wizard still has car fever, we just haven’t had time to follow-up. I imagine we’ll tackle that in September, but if not, we’re fine with our eight-year-old car until some time next year.
  4. We’re pretty much all set to go to Florida in October. I’m so looking forward to it. Although I really need to lose a few pounds before then, so my clothes are more comfortable. But it’s hard to be motivated when I’m on limited activity. Wizard is too smart to say a word about that!
  5. I saw a news story on Kitten Garten that made me smile. Someone donated a serious chunk of money to an animal shelter to provide a safe nursery for kittens too young to adopt and who need round the clock care. I love stories like that!

That’s my Friday Five. Now it’s your turn, I really want to hear five random things you’d like to share about your week!

Friday, August 18th, 2017
Friday Five

Let’s do Friday Five where we talk about 5 random things from our week

  1. I’ve felt better the last two days than I did Tuesday as far as the headache! Yay! The rest is a constant battle, but we all just do the best we can one day at a time, right?
  2. Wizard thinks I’m the best wife ever :-) Last night, I made him homemade chicken nuggets. If you haven’t done it, trust me, it’s a messy, time-consuming process. It’s probably been three or four years since I last made them for him, partly because I try to feed Wizard a somewhat healthy diet. But he’s been asking for them, so I made them. Wizard was so excited, he may have eaten too much :-) Don’t feel sorry for him, I think he was secretly adding extra wine to my glass when I wasn’t looking to keep me happy while I was prepping and cooking. Now I’m dead tired as I’m writing this blog, which I think was part of his plan to keep me from working more tonight :-). Sneaky Wizard.
  3. Wizard also has a wicked bad case of car fever. The car we’re going to replace is eight years old–we keep our cars for a long time. We were originally going to wait a few more months, but it depends on how bad Wizard’s car fever gets, LOL!
  4. Wizard told me last night at dinner that he really misses Bailey. You know what I think? He’s softening toward the idea of getting a dog! It’ll take another six months or so, but maybe??? (And just so everyone knows, we’ll only get a dog if we’re both committed.)
  5. I’m making progress on Savaged Devotion! It’s slow and hard to measure because of my crazyass process, but the important  thing is I’m making progress, and Justice and Liza are pushing me to finish their story. Not only do they want their love validated, but there are characters in this story that really need to be taught a lesson!

Bonus Friday Five: I need the Wing Slayers to hush up and let me finish this book before I think about Eli and his desperate need to find his mate Savi, or how Ram and Ginny can get their happily ever after!

Okay that’s my Friday Five plus a bonus. Now it’s your turn! And I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, August 11th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! And it’s time for Friday Five where we share five random things about our week. Assuming I can remember five things…

  1. At dinner last night, Wizard and I got in a fight about donuts. We never fight about normal things like money or kids. Nope, we fight about donuts. Wizard has a craving and is trying to convince me that we must buy at least six or a dozen at a time. I insisted we can buy one for each of us, or just one for himself. He called me mean. This is pretty much how we fight. Then we started talking about something else and forgot we were fighting :-)
  2. Wednesday I went to physical therapy again. I feel like I must warn people–when a physical therapist tells you to lay down on a table, RUN! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, RUN! Okay it wasn’t that bad, and what’s she’s doing is necessary but…ouch, and also, good job at finding that really sore tendon the very first try,  LOL!
  3. Why is it my characters talk nonstop to me all night long and when I’m doing anything but writing. But the second I sit down at the computer, they’re suddenly mute?
  4. Insomnia sucks.
  5. I’m going to lunch with Biker Witch today, and that’s pretty much the highlight of my weekend. Otherwise it’s me riding herd on the characters in Savaged Devotion. One day, I will tame this book, one day…

Now it’s your turn, tell me five random things about your week. And have a great weekend!

Friday, July 21st, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week! Now lets all list 5 random things about our week.

  1. Yesterday was a good writing day. I am so grateful for that! I haven’t had many of those lately and it felt pretty darned good. Plus I love Justice and Liza (AKA Beth). In this book, they’ve endured a lot and grown up so much, I’m actually a little like a proud mama :-)
  2. Still waiting to hear on my STAT MRI. But yesterday was a better pain day to, so again, let’s focus on the good.
  3. I’m getting my hair cut this morning. And by cut, I mean bangs only! We have the layers in my hair the way shaped the way I want them, I’d just like them longer.
  4. If you guys are reading this, I need to know–what do you think is a good pool day dessert?
  5. I bought some coconut scented body wash that I love. However I don’t care for dried coconut in baked goods–that’s just wrong. I like fresh coconut though.

And don’t forget, Monday is the release for SAVAGED VOWS, book 2 in the Savaged Illusions trilogy! Ironically, this is one of my favorite books I’ve written, and yet it’s being released with little fanfare. There just hasn’t been time. And just a programming note: Be sure to read SAVAGED DREAMS first.

Now it’s your turn to share your Friday Five!


Friday, July 14th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! Let’s do five random things about our week.

  1. Tuesday morning Wizard and I went grocery shopping. After loading the bags into the trunk of our car, we noticed all the windows were down, the sunroof open and the car unlocked. The car had been fully closed up and locked when we went inside. Nothing inside the car was missing or disturbed. We were totally baffled for about forty minute, kicking around ideas, but mostly worrying about an electronic short in our eight year old car. Then it dawned on Wizard. There’s a button on our electronic key fob that if you press and hold down will unlock the doors and open all the windows to cool off the car. We’d completely forgotten about that function. Wizard had his keys in his pocket, and our best guess is that while unloading groceries,  he leaned against the trunk and somehow held down that button.
  2. People who are NOT handicapped and park in handicapped spaces piss me off. I don’t care if it’s only for “two minutes.” People who leave their animals or kids in boiling hot cars piss me off even more.
  3. Speaking of pets, at CPA Boy’s work picnic last week, a family came in with 2 dogs in a carriage. Special K and I watched for about five minutes then we couldn’t stand it. We went over and introduced ourselves to a really nice lady and told her we wanted to meet her dogs. Yeah…we did that, LOL! The lady was really cool about our weirdness and happily let us meet and pet their dogs. They were two sweet pups. One was 13 years old, and so that’s why they had they carriage. Even better? They’d only adopted the 13 year old the previous year when she was 12.
  4. I had to run to Target yesterday for boring stuff like paper towels and came home with these Oops! But at least I remembered the paper towels.
  5. I’ll be working all weekend, desperately trying to get this book into words arranged in an order that make sense. I’m so far behind, but I trying not to think about that.  Besides, I like a challenge, right? Bwhahahaha!!

Okay it’s your turn! Tell me five random things about your week!

Friday, June 16th, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Let’s do our random Friday Five

  1. 3 more days until Savaged Dreams is released! That’s the good news.
  2. The bad news is we had a senseless murder in a convenience store not far from us. It’s so heartbreaking and enraging.  All of us are left wondering WHY, DEAR GOD, WHY??  But there is no answer, and I just have to remember that there are more good people than bad.
  3. We’re going to a niece’s high school graduation party this weekend. I’m looking forward to that.
  4. I’m making Twix Cookies to take to the a party because Wizard asked me to :-)
  5. My shoulder/arm thing is the same, and I still don’t have the referral to an orthopedic. But I’ll see my RA doc next week, and he will try to help if he can so I’m hopeful.

So that’s my Friday Five, what are yours? I hope you all have a great weekend!

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