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Friday, January 26th, 2024
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s get right to sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. It’s been a quiet and uneventful week for me. Wizard had some things to take care of this week, but he also had enough down time to hound me about buying a new Mustang. I just gave him a couple Tylenol and told him the (car) fever would pass soon :-) Oddly, he doesn’t think I’m as funny as I do.  He wasn’t really serious about buying a Mustang, he’s just bugging me. He and Turbo’s mom are always looking at some car or truck, as they both suffer from Chronic Car Fever.
  2. Monday is the planned date to start the floors. We assume it’s all going to happen as planned and are packing and moving things. But it’s been a calm week, allowing us to do this in small chunks as we fee like it, and it’s really been no stress so far.
  3. Wizard is making fun of me for vacuuming all the carpets even though they’ll be pulled up Monday (except in the bedrooms where we’re keeping the carpet). I just shrugged off his comments. He’s going to be even more annoyed when I vacuum the hard floors tomorrow and ALL of those are getting pulled up. By the way, I’m doing this because I walk barefoot on them and they bug me. If I was a true clean freak I’d wash the floors (they really need it!) and the baseboards — but nope, I’m not doing that. Nor am I dusting because why when it’ll just be a mess from pulling up the floors? I’ll clean all that afterward.
  4. I’m reading the autobiography “STILL ME,” by Christopher Reeve — most people remember him as the actor who played Superman, and who was later paralyzed in a horse riding accident. My brother-in-law had the book, and I snagged it while packing up. I never realized that Mike (my brother-in-law) and Christopher Reeve both broke their necks at the same level. It was so scary at the time, but thankfully, Mike was a lucky one whose spinal chord wasn’t injured during the accident that caused the break in his cervical spine. He still went through a lot to recover, but it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. It’s really frustrating that I can’t talk to him about this book now that I’m reading it and I know he read it. Yes, I recognize this is all part of grief, but overall reading his books makes me happy and brings up so many good memories. Now back to the book — Christopher Reeve goes into a lot of what he went through with the injury, and what his recovery looked like. He shares a lot detailed medical information, both in general about spinal injuries and specifically to his injury, and talks about research (up to the point when this book was written in the late 1990’s). I find it interesting. Also, reading a book like this reminds me to be grateful for all that my body does do, and not dwell on what it no long can.
  5. On Sunday, Wizard is going racing and I’m going out to have lunch with my sister-in-law, which I’m looking forward too. Oldest let me know that he and Turbo will be over Youngest’s house on Saturday, then told us to come on over. I laughed at Oldest for thinking being the eldest brother gives him to the power to invite us to youngest’s house without informing youngest. Brothers! But I may pop over there for a few minutes, we’ll see. However, I’ll call Youngest first, you know, just to prove to Oldest that it’s the polite thing to do. A mother’s job is never done!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 comments to “Friday Five”

  1. Viki S.
    January 26th, 2024 at 4:09 pm · Link

    1. HA HA on the mustang treatment. I don’t suppose it worked.
    2. Excellent job prepping for the new floors on Monday.
    3. Let him make fun. I’m like you and don’t like to have dirty carpet. I hate stepping on stuff.
    4. Wow, that’s kind of cool that you’re BIL and Christopher had the same injury at the same time. I wish that you had had the book before so that you could talk to BIL about things.
    5. Brothers are like that and they tend to get away with things that we “girls” would never do, being rude and all. It’s so true that we think differently. I hope you get to stop by BLB’s and see everyone there.

    1a. I really need to get my car washed. The weather is not helping me though. It’s awful when warning sensors keep going off at nothing.
    2a. I have to find a tax person. I have no idea how to go about finding one. I don’t want to use hubs friend that we have used for years. After all the mess and the $50+K his mistakes cost us, I need another choice.
    3a. C came over Wednesday afternoon during work hours. He was upset. Seems he is buying his C a new used car and she was using his car until tonight when her car is delivered. Well, even though work was cancelled because of the fog, she decided to go to the gym and she had an accident with is car and she didn’t handle things properly. He was calmed down by the time he left here.
    4a. C and C are going to dinner with us tomorrow. I need it badly.
    5a. Hopefully the weekend will go well.

    I sure hope you have a fantastic weekend! Hope you get to enjoy Turbo Saturday!

  2. Jenn
    January 26th, 2024 at 4:34 pm · Link

    Viki, it’s so frustrating that I can’t talk to Mike about this book! I’m also surprised that I didn’t read Reeve’s book back when it came out. But I had three kids, a sick mom and a career so that’s probably the reason :-)

    1) I can see why the weather would make that so difficult. And it’s just a pain. Ironically Wizard is at the car wash as I’m typing this. He took Maggie so I know she’s having a blast :-) I wish hubs could help with some of this for you.
    2) Oh yeah, that’s hard to find a new tax person. Any chance that one of your kids has a recommendation? Or anyone else in your area you can ask?
    3) Oh man, I’m sorry about the accident for both C’s! I hope no one was hurt. It’s great that you were able to calm him down. For the record, I hate fog — I don’t like driving in it or walking.
    4) I’m so glad you have dinner to look forward to tomorrow!
    5) You definitely deserve a great weekend!

    Hope you enjoy dinner with C and C!!

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