Jennifer Lyon

Monday, February 26th, 2024
Weekend Roundup

It was a pretty good weekend.

Friday, we went to my brother in law’s to power wash the outside of the house. Wizard always underestimates how much time it will take. He assured me it’d be no more than two hours…Bwhahahaha!! I think it took five hours. We were exhausted when we got home, but happy to get it done. My brother-in-law had been sick for a while, and some of his house is north-facing, so there was a buildup that needed to be cleaned up. Middle Son’s powerwasher was up to the job! He’d told Wizard and I exactly how to do it, and he was right! But nothing Wizard and I do can compare to all the work my sister-in-law has done in the house, and that’s while enduring harsh grief. Her strength and resilience are amazing.

Saturday we did some cleaning, then I made these mini chocolate chip Bundt cakes filled with chocolate frosting:

I have some things on my mind, and baking keeps me occupied. If I can’t pawn these off on Youngest, I’ll free most of them.

Sunday, I took Maggie to Petco to pick out a surprise. She hasn’t been anywhere in a while, and I wanted her to have a little fun. While waiting in line to pay for her surprise, three people commented on what a happy dog she is because she was doing her happy-silly-girl-dance. I just shook my head at her ridiculous antics. I should have made her sit and stay but I just let it go. Even though I’ve been walking her two miles daily, she needed to get out and socialize a bit. A little attention was good for her. Then she came home and chewed her stick. Now I just hope it agrees with her. I don’t let her have things like that often.

That was my weekend, how was yours?

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  1. Viki S.
    February 26th, 2024 at 3:10 pm · Link

    Power washing a house does take a long time if your aren’t a professional with all their special equipment. You and Wizard must have been super tired by the time you got home. Did Maggie go with you? If not she must have been so happy when you showed up.

    Those Bundt cakes look really tasty. When I first glanced at them I thought they were blueberry with frosting in the center. I was thinking how the chocolate would probably be good with the berries.

    Lucky Maggie got to go on an outing, hang with peeps, and come home with her treat. 💗

    My weekend was nothing special. I did find some food that C had here that expired in 2020. Needless to say that’s gone. I see another box of foodstuff in his old room that I will go through tomorrow (Wed is garbage day).

    I went to Trader Joe’s this morning and bought fun stuff including treats for the grand pups.

    It’s such a beautiful day here today. It’s 62F and sunny. Just lovely.

    I hope your day is a good one!

  2. Jenn
    February 26th, 2024 at 4:24 pm · Link

    Viki, no Maggie didn’t go as my sister-in-law has a dog that’s not used to other dogs around. We were tired, but it was worth it.

    You know the cakes do look like they have blueberries in them! I chopped up the larger chocolate chips that I had, and I think that’s why. I think they would be good with berries and a whipped cream topping :-)

    LOL on the expired food. Boys! When our kids left stuff in their rooms (or our storage closet), we waited and when each of them bought a house, we packed it up and dropped it off. But in our defense, we were prepping to sell the house (for like three years, LOL). You’re a better mom who goes through it for them!

    Glad you had fun at Trader Joes, and the dogs will love their treats!

    In case you didn’t see on FB, Silver is back in the hospital. She’s supposed to either have a procedure or a major surgery this afternoon. I don’t know more, but she’s in my prayers, and I wanted to make sure you know.

    Today began with less than great news for 2 friends of mine, but otherwise, my day is decent.

    Enjoy the lovely weather!!

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