Jennifer Lyon

Friday, February 16th, 2024
Friday Five

TGIF! It’s time to share five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. One morning this week, I read an article that a mountain lion had been spotted in our area, and saw the ring camera video. Then I went out for an early morning walk, and was stopped by another walker with a big dog who’d seen the mountain lion the night before right outside his back yard. He lives about a block from me. And that was when I cancelled our walk and took Maggie home :-)  It was full daylight and I was probably safe, but I’m pretty confident that if I have to wrestle a mountain lion for Maggie, I will lose. Mountain lions don’t normally come down from the hills/forest to our area, but it can happen. I’m as careful as I reasonably can be.
  2. I finally unpacked and put away our books in the bookshelves. I’ll probably be packing them again soon to paint, but then who knows when that will happen since we have other things going on (just life stuff). I don’t want to look at stacks of boxes anymore, and it’s only takes an hour to pack them up anyway.
  3. Wizard and I went to dinner for Valentines Day, and had a fabulous meal! We both got the steak and lobster special and I was surprised how good it was. I had to bring half my steak home, and that was my lunch the next day so it’s a double win for me!
  4. I made sourdough bread yesterday and will probably bake it today. I’ve never had it fail, but I’m wondering if one day I will??? Sourdough starter is a living thing, and it could just decided it didn’t want to work one day, or have a premature death :-)
  5. Today is Youngest’s birthday! He and his wife are coming to dinner on Sunday — they’ll be the first to see our floors. But the important thing is Youngest and I brainstormed what kind of cake he’d like. It all has to be dairy and gluten free so it’s tricky, but we decided on a Cinnamon Roll Cake. We’ll see if it comes out — youngest doesn’t mind being my taste tester :-) I’m also making enchiladas, Spanish rice and maybe a salad.

That was my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

4 comments to “Friday Five”

  1. Silver James
    February 16th, 2024 at 2:24 pm · Link

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUNGEST!!!! Scary on the mountain lion. Totally better to be safe. Yay for books up, good dinner, and since I know nothing about sour dough starter, I’ll defer to you. LOL My five:

    1. It snowed Sunday night and stayed for half the day on Monday. We got two inches–enough to cover the grass but not snarl traffic.

    2. Wednesday, it was 70 degrees. Ah, Will Rogers was so smart when he said, “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 15 minutes. It’ll change.” LOLOL

    3. I wish my brain and my gastric system would make friends. I’m having the weirdest cravings–like scallops. I haven’t eaten scallops in YEARS! But now I’m craving them. Enough so that I actually went on-line to see if any nearby stores carried them. Luckily, they don’t! LOL

    4. I’ve forced myself out of the reading drought. Yesterday, I opened the audio book of Ilona Andrews CLEAN SWEEP, the Graphic Audio version with a full cast. It’s fun but familiar. This morning, I tracked down a book I’d bought on Kindle several months ago and opened it on my Kindle. It’s BLUE MOON by Lori Handeland. I swear I’ve read it before but my Goodreads page doesn’t show it. Oh well.

    5. And finally, my high note of the week: IT’S COLLEGE SOFTBALL SEASON!!!! And I’m getting to watch my OSU Cowgirls on TV. They’re also ranked in the top 10. Yay!

    Have a great weekend all! 🥰

  2. vik
    February 16th, 2024 at 3:23 pm · Link

    1. Best to be careful of Mt. Lions no matter the time of day. If they’re coming into residential areas it’s because they need food or water. Being on guard is smart and safe.
    2. Good job getting the books shelved. Having them all orderly must feel good.
    3. Your Valentine dinner sounds scrumptious. That is a win win having some steak to take home for lunch.
    4. You have had a great run with the sour dough. I hope it continues. My house is too cool (some say cold) for the starter. I told C that she could just make it and I’ll eat it 😂.
    5. Happy Birthday BLB! Oh that cake sounds good. I’m sure you will all have a great time Sunday.

    1a. I got up feeling bad this morning. After a few hours with a gut ache and living in the bathroom I finally felt a bit better.
    2a. It’s been another awful week. Things are only going to continue to get worse. It sucks.
    3a. I bought a lemon coconut cake for Easter and was going to freeze it but hubs saw it and wants it. He eats SO much sugar now. If I try to control it he has a fit and pouts.
    4a. I’m still waiting on stock info for taxes but I was able to get into hubs SS account and print the statement from them. Supposedly SS sent the 1023’s out the end of Jan. We never got it.
    5a. Since it’s the first Friday in lent I figure we’ll be having Lobster bisque and truffle flat bread for dinner tonight.
    No plans for the weekend.

    Enjoy your weekend and have a great time Sunday!

  3. Jenn
    February 16th, 2024 at 4:17 pm · Link

    Silver, I agree, a mountain lion is scary, and I have no intention of messing with one! Now for you:

    1) So glad the snow didn’t snarl traffic.
    2) LOL! That is a wide temp change.
    3) It sounds like you’re getting hungrier now, and that’s causing food cravings? It’s just a guess. Funny the weird things we can want.
    4) Yay for progress in reading! I’ve had that feeling about having read a book before, however I don’t keep good records like you do.
    5) That’s great news on your Cowboys! Hope you have a lot of good college softback games to watch this season!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    February 16th, 2024 at 4:26 pm · Link

    Viki, if ever you do want to try sourdough again, I often put it in my oven with just the oven light on. But keep an eye on it, even with just the light it can get too hot. However having someone else make it, and you eat is, is a super big win, LOL! I do it because I can (mostly) tolerate it with my cranky stomach.

    1) Oh no, that sounds like a miserable few hours. I really hope you feel better and better today.
    2) It does suck, and I wish I knew how to help. We are dealing with a relative here with a similar issue — we are NOT the main caregiver and it’s stressful. So I have real sympathy for you.
    3) That’s hard for you — you can’t really stop him from eating it. It sounded like a really good choice for Easter (although I’m not big on coconut but I know others love it). Hope you can find another one when you’re ready.
    4) Ugh, I hate waiting for tax stuff. I hope it shows up today or tomorrow.
    5) Your dinner sounds delicious! Hope you enjoy it!

    Have a good weekend and I really hope you’re feeling much better.

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