Jennifer Lyon
Friday, March 10th, 2017
Happy Friday Five


  1. I’m in a race against time trying to write this book. If only the scenes would magically write themselves, but no matter how much Lucky Charms I eat, it doesn’t happen. Also I don’t actually buy or eat Lucky Charms :-)
  2. Wizard brought me home a Hershey’s chocolate bar. You know, because fitting into my clothes is highly overrated.
  3. I love reading sexy dirty books if it’s compelling story, but I can’t listen to them on audio book. That’s such a weird quirk. I’ve been leaning toward mysteries and women’s fiction in audio.
  4. My insert key on my keyboard keeps going on and annoying the crap out of me. I’m assuming I’m typing so fast, I’m accidentally hitting it. Note I said typing fast, not accurately, LOL!
  5. At night when I go to bed, I watch dog rescue videos to try to distract myself enough to sleep. It’s kinda, sorta working.

Okay that’s my super quick Friday Five. What are yours?

P.S. I’m uploading The Sex on the Beach Book Club–it’ll be up for pre-order by Monday (I hope) and release on March 20th.



Wednesday, March 8th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

I’ve haven’t–as of yet–written a Vampire Romance. Okay I know, that seems random right? But stay with me, and it’ll all make sense.

**Rude male laughter interrupts this blog.** “You passed crazy last week!”

Excuse me a second.

**Glares at Wizard** “I have video of you on meds after your surgery. And I’m not afraid to use it!”

**Stupid male laughter abruptly stops.**

That’s better. Wizard has left my office. So where were we? Oh, right, so here is today’s Wednesday Worthy Candidate:


Do you think he’s Vampire Hero Worthy?

Monday, March 6th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

I have a hair under a month to get this book into my editor. I’m barely sleeping because my brain won’t stop churning out ideas…in a random order which is pretty danged confusing. I’m there with my catcher’s mitt, trying to capture the ideas and sorting them into the Yes!, Maybe and Are You Freaking Kidding Me piles. Once I was up and sucking down caffeine, I wrote scene after scene trying to sort it out. Half the scenes ended up in my cut file, and the other half is going through tryout and revisions as I try to figure out the right position in the story.

I’m working back and forth on scenes and honestly am not sure how far along I am at this point. All I care about is Liza and Justice’s story.

Also, I’m pretty sure the trolls are out to get me. What trolls you ask? Well, anyone remember these?

My brother used to have these trolls lined up on the headboard of his bed. Last night, when I finally fell asleep, I had a nightmare those tiny monsters were popping up all over my house screaming DEADLINE and laughing. In my terror, I was forced to summon a dragon like this:
He swooped in and let out a stream of fire, turning those trolls into ash.


Until my house caught on fire…then I had to rescue my computer and ride off on my dragon…laughing wildly. Also I had really long and pretty hair in my dream so that part was NOT a nightmare.

What? Like no one else has had that dream? Really? Hmm, maybe it was the pizza we had for dinner?

Anyway, that was my weekend.

Today I’m going to the dentist which makes me snarl and roar like a bad-tempered dragon because I can’t afford the time. Then I’m planning to have coffee with Biker Witch, and for her, I’ll make the time with only minimal growling and grumbling :-)

That was my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Okay let’s get right to our Friday Five where we name any five things about our week:

  1. It’s been six weeks now since Wizard’s back surgery. Time flies! He’s doing well, he really likes physical therapy and works hard. We’re hoping the residual nerve pain–which is normal at this point–continues to improve. Wizard is returning to a many normal activities but he’s being very good about not lifting things he shouldn’t–case in point–he asked me to lift a propane bottle out of the car the other day. I was impressed!
  2. However later that same day, he fired me from mowing the yard and paid the neighbor’s gardener to do it. I was writing away and didn’t realize what he was doing until the yard was done. Hmm…that was either really considerate or he isn’t impressed with my awesome moving skills.
  3. Yesterday Wizard made up for that abrupt firing by bringing these home as a surprise from me:
  4. I went to the gym only once this week. I suck…I don’t mean to suck, but our house cleaners came Wednesday morning, and this morning I have a hair appt. which cuts out my gym time. And Monday morning I have a dental appointment. If I don’t go first thing in the morning, I won’t go…because I suck and eat truffles :-)
  5. I want to write the book my heroine is writing in my book!! Did you follow that? So in my rock star trilogy, my heroine writes for fun and as a kind of therapy. In this second book, her stories are changing, and now I’m jealous of her book…I really want to write that book! But I also want to write this book..and now I’m confused and must to back to #3

I was going to talk about our weather too but I used up all my 5…oh well :-) Now it’s your turn, what’s your Friday Five? Happy Friday and Have A Great Weekend!

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

And this guy is willing to crawl for the chance to get your approval! Does he get points for going the extra mile?

Come on, let’s hear YOUR opinions! Is he worthy?

P.S, I just got the edits back on The Sex on the Beach Book Club, and my editor really likes it! I’m like Sally Field, people, she likes it and really loves the kickass heroine, Holly. I’m so nervous about re-releasing this book which is an erotic romance/mystery, but she assures me I don’t need to worry. Okay, I totally believe her. (What? This wine is medicinal! No really….I’ve totally got my nerves under control…) By the way, The Sex on the Beach Book Club will be released late March, about March 20th.

Monday, February 27th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

So Friday…not my best day. It started when I went to the gym at 6:30 in the morning and came home at seven with a cracked bumper. No other cars were involved,  just the rising sun blinding me when I came around a curve and tall yellow road dividers. I can explain this in ridiculous detail, but ultimately, I screwed up. And obviously, I was NOT happy with myself.  I’ve driven that road hundreds of time and easily dozens of times in similar conditions. But…it happened. So I check the car, skipped the gym and went home because I wanted to show Wizard. Okay I don’t WANT to since Wizard takes meticulous care of the cars, but I needed to because he knows more about cars than me and I want to make sure there’s not some damage I didn’t spot. So I get back home around seven a.m. which is way too early. Wizard knows something is up and comes outside.

He’s looking at me so he doesn’t notice the bumper and asks, “What’s wrong?”

I show him the bumper and explain. He asks if I’m okay, (I’m fine) looks at it and then shrugs. “It’s only the bumper. It’s actually a good thing I’ve wanted to get that replaced. I’ll take it down and get an estimate after my physical therapy today.”

Wait, what? Why isn’t he mad when I’m so upset at myself? So being the mature adult woman I am, I blurt out, “This is going to cost us money to replace the bumper. You can be mad at me.” Like maybe I think he needs permission?

He just says, “That bumper was pretty dinged up from all the rocks on the freeway. It’s fine. Close the garage will you?” And he walks into the house. I was way more upset that he was. Inside the house, I keep trying to explain and he hugs me and tells me to quit worrying.

Later that day, Wizard got the estimate and we’re dropping the car off today.

So last night, I told Wizard I was writing about this in my blog, and I was teasing him about trying to figure out why he was being so nice. I theorized it was because I spent weeks taking care of him 24/7 after his surgery, and so he had to be nice to me.

“Nope,” he answered. “It’s because I want a new car later this year. You owe me now.”

I cracked up.  I have been dragging my feet on a new car :-)

Otherwise, I spent the weekend working on an important turning point in the book, Savaged Vows. I think I got it and am writing as much as I can. That deadline is coming fast!

Oh, and yesterday morning we went out to breakfast and I had amazing blueberry pancakes.

I’m still ticked at myself about the car, but rather suspicious about all the car dealerships Wizards looking at online :-)

How was your weekend?


Friday, February 24th, 2017
Happy Friday Five

I swear it was Monday, then I blinked, and now it’f Friday! So let’s do our list of five random things:

1. I hit the middle of the book and panicked. Big ugly panicking. So what did I do? Take a step back and re-evaluation? Apply some logic? Heck no, I scheduled delivery of this book to my editor on April 5th. People, the first half of this book is a mess and I’m doubling back, dropping in scenes and writing notes it capitals letters, and the second half…isn’t freaking written yet. But I scheduled delivery of my book! Nothing like a little pressure to get those creative juices flowing, right? Bwhahahaha!!! I’m just diving in and giving it my all while my inner child is throwing things and screaming, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WRITE SUCH A HARD BOOK? WHY???? But you know, I totally have this under control…NOT.

2) Despite #1,  I love this book more than ever. Especially when my heroine is getting all feisty and demanding that I get out of her way and let her make her own mistakes. Go Liza!!!

3. I went back to the gym this week. It helps balance my stress, and it’s a great place for me to listen to an audio book guilt free :-) I’ll do more cardio if I’m enjoying the book so it’s a win-win.

4)  I made this No Knead Rosemary Parmesan Skillet Bread last night. It’s a heavy bread with a chewy crust, and great for dipping in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

5) I’ve completed  my secret scene–the side project that I came up with at 2am and couldn’t resist doing–and had it professionally edited. I won’t be using that until April, but it’s so nice to be ahead of something for once! It cost me some time away from this book, but honestly, it was such a fun project that I think it’s good break for me.

That’s my five, what are yours? Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!