Jennifer Lyon
Monday, February 6th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

Another quiet work weekend. I was able to finish my editorial pass on the scanned copy The Sex on the Beach Book Club and send that off to the copy editor. I was doing that edit at night around taking care of Wizard, so I’m very happy to have that done and in production. In the days I’m writing Savage Vows, which is suddenly going well. Shhhh, I don’t want to jinx that by talking about it.

Then yesterday I decided to take a couple of hours off writing to work on the Sex on the Beach Book Club blurb (that’s the back cover copy). I ended up spending all day on and I’m still not happy. I need to set it aside…or on fire…or something. Yep, definitely time to step away, LOL!

Otherwise,  I know yesterday was the Superbowl, but I’m knee-deep in work and ignoring it. Oh except I made Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Sticks with salad for dinner. There’s nothing healthy about those pizza sticks but they’re fun and Wizard loved them!

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 3rd, 2017
Happy Friday Five

Hope everyone had a great week! A quick Wizard update: We saw his doctor, and Wizard is doing well. He’s “on track” healing wise, and well enough for the doctor to remove the stitches in his back. Wizard is having some nerve pain that comes and goes, that’s also normal. All signs are positive right now. Wizard will probably start physical therapy in the next week or two.

And sorry I didn’t answer all the comments on Wednesday. I read them on my phone, but it’s too hard to answer them there. For two days now, I’ve been playing Real Life Catch-up, and haven’t been at my computer much. Today I’m planning to be home and writing. Wizard only needs minimal help now, and my book needs a LOT of my attention.

Now let’s do Random Friday Five :-)

  1. Okay it’s true, I’m getting attached to a little dog that is half poodle. Apologies to all the poodle lovers out there, but I grew up next door to an unpleasant poodle so they just weren’t my favorite dogs. Then Max–a Maltipoo came into our lives and I can’t help but love him. He’s just a sweetheart. The moral of this story is never say never because then a Max comes along and proves us wrong. I mean I never thought I’d love small dogs and Bailey changed my mind. (Wizard’s in the background yelling, “Jen will fall in love with any dog in the universe!!!” He’s not wrong :-) )
  2. Wizard’s neurosurgeon’s office is 55 miles away. It should take us an hour to get there, including parking. With traffic–an hour and a half tops. The day of Wizard’s appointment took us two freaking hours through nightmare traffic! Fortunately we left super early knowing that parking would be a problem, and it would take Wizard a while to walk into the complex so we got there in time. But it was a miserable drive. #SoCalTrafficSucks!
  3. I made oatmeal chocolate chips cookies because I felt like it. I don’t care about weight right now. I will care when I can get back to the gym and a more normal routine.
  4. I love this book so much and yet it’s soooo hard to write. No sympathy friends, I do this crazyass shit to myself. Write, delete, second guess, worry, don’t sleep and somehow finally write a scene and I can live with–then do it all over again with the next scene.
  5. I’m reading some books for a contest. Two of them look so promising, I bought the Kindle versions so I can read them at night when I can’t sleep. Sometimes, I have to really struggle with contest books, but I always learn something even when I don’t love the books. It’s so much easier to spot the problems with someone else writing, story or structure than with my own. I’m always glad I made the time to volunteer for this. One thing I know for sure–make me love and worry for the characters, make me FEEL for them, and I’ll forgive a lot of other problems in the book!

Okay your turn! Share your random Friday Five.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Today we see Wizard’s surgeon for the 2 week follow-up and hopefully he gets the stitches out.

Stuff is just piling up and I’m trying to stay afloat. Then my house cleaners had a vacation, which turned into big scheduling issues that means they aren’t here for five weeks when I need them the most. This is making Wizard agitated more than anything else at the moment. We spent considerable time and energy getting that all in place because we knew I’d be physically stressed and him unable to do it. I’m just trying to laugh at the irony and roll with it all right now :-)

Here’s our Wing Slayer Worthy Candidate today. Is it just me, or is he kind of meh?

What do you guys think? Is he worthy?

Monday, January 30th, 2017
Weekend Roundup

It was an unexciting weekend her at Casa Recovery :-) Wizard is doing so much better now. He’s walking half the time unassisted, and when he’s tired he uses the walked for support. Two of the three boys came by and were very impressed by his progress. Wizard’s goal is to be fully recovered by his birthday at the beginning of April. That’s two months and knowing him, he’ll do it if it’s at all possible.

Special K brought Wizard some Crocs slip on shoes she hopes will be easier for him in the house, and best of all, she picked out a stack of magazines for him. The shoes are good, but he loves the magazines about his favorite things–cars, racing and sports. She knows exactly what he likes and that meant a lot to him.

Funniest thing I heard this weekend–a team of accountants holding a “fashion intervention” for someone they know. LOLOL!! Accountants giving fashion advice? Seriously? It cracked me up, but then, I’m pretty housebound lately so I’m easily amused.

I even got some writing done this weekend! I’m really trying to get, and keep, forward momentum on Savaged Vows. I want to write this book, the final book in the trilogy, Savaged Devotion, and at least one Wing Slayer Hunter book. They’re all big books so that’s really pushing it, but if I’m going to go for it, then I’ll GO FOR IT.  Small dreams make for small successes :-) Big dreams…well they can go either way, but I want to try because I miss the hunters and I want to give my fans the books they’re waiting (and waiting!) for.

I’m also getting The Sex on the Beach Book Club ready for re-release. It goes to the copy editor in a week, and I have about 130 more pages to clean up. It’s doable :-) The Sex on the Beach Book Club stars a kick ass private investigator heroines, and is for the readers who like a mystery whodunnit with their sexy, almost erotic, romance.

So that’s my weekend, how was yours?



Friday, January 27th, 2017
Friday Five

Happy Friday! The days are all a blur right now, but I think it’s Friday?

  1. Oldest Son came over Wednesday to help out, and Wizard finally decided he wanted a walker. We went right out and bought him one. He has more freedom and I’m hovering less now that I know he’s has something to keep him from falling if he gets a spasm or shooting pain. He’s getting stronger everyday, and probably won’t need it in a week or so, but it’s well worth it right now.
  2. Yesterday afternoon, Biker Witch (my sister) and Biker Hubby came over with pizza and boysenberry pie. Wizard loves boysenberry pie! And it was a great break for me too.
  3. Sales calls on my landline are driving me out of my mind. They call every time Wizard’s asleep. It reminds me of when the kids were babies and I’m like, No!!! Don’t wake the baby! LOLOL! But the real question is why do I still even have this blasted landline?
  4. I have to go to the eye doctor today. I’m need new contacts and glasses. I do really well in contacts using a monovision system of correcting distance in one eye and near vision in the other. But glasses are a pain with my progressive lenses and I can’t seem to find a prescription that works well. Maybe I’ll hit the jackpot today!
  5. One day I’ll get back to the gym…that day is not today :-)

Now it’s your turn, what’s your Friday Five? Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017
Wednesday Worthy

Yay it’s hump day! Before we get to our Wednesday Worthy, did you know that our own Silver James had a new release out last week? It was the same day as Wizard’s surgery, so I quickly bought it but forgot to share the it. I’m making up for that now!Here’s Silver’s new novella, Crash and Burn!

Get your copy at Amazon Kindle !

Here is our Wednesday Worthy Candidate:

What do you think, is he worthy?

And now for a sad note. Author Patricia Briggs has a post on her Facebook Page that her husband passed away suddenly. My condolences to Patricia, her family and friends. Since many of us here are fans, I wanted to let you know so you can keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, January 23rd, 2017
Release Day!

It’s here! Good, Bad & Sexy should be released at all the vendors! Ever since I got the rights back on this book, I’ve been holding onto it, waiting for the right time to re-release it. I chose now because I think we can all use a fun, charming, sexy story to give us a break from real life.

What happens when a wedding planner is pushed too far and loses her temper–with a staple gun?

Good, Bad & Sexy

Grab your copy and find out for only 99¢

Kindle / Nook /  iBooks / Kobo / Google Play

My weekend was all about taking care of Wizard who had surgery last Tuesday for his severely herniated disk. Like most recoveries, it’s two steps forward and one step back, but overall he’s healing well with no complications so far. Last night, he was working hard to walk unassisted for the first time. I was so impressed, I had Alexa play Eye of the Tiger and We Are the Champions. Wizard cracked up, then we were trying to think of winning and fight songs…and laughing so hard it’s a wonder he made it safely back to the couch.

I’m writing bits and pieces when I can, and working on other tasks as I have several projects in various stages of production. I’m NOT letting myself get overwhelmed by work–it’s a waste of energy.

So how was your weekend?