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Caged Magic

Caged Magic

Wing Slayer Hunters Series, Book 5
Jennifer Lyon (July 20, 2015)

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Risa Faden is a witch whose ultra-powerful shield magic is slowly breaking her mind. But when her beloved goddaughter is snatched by a demon, she’ll risk anything to rescue the baby—including lying to the handsome, intriguing stranger who has the power to help her keep her sanity, save the child…and steal her heart.

Linc Dillinger is a Wing Slayer Hunter whose sexy, rich, bad-boy charm hides a treacherous betrayal that left him emotionally scarred. As a result he risks his life to protect innocents, but is incapable of love—until he meets a beautiful witch who can save his cursed soul. Risa’s fierce courage and loyalty reaches past his barriers and he begins to believe she has the magic to free his caged heart.

But Risa’s lie explodes into dark danger that forces Linc into a hellish high-stakes gamble: He must either win the witch he loves and her godchild…or endure a loss that will destroy them all.

Writing as Jennifer Apodaca

Exposing the Heiress

Exposing the Heiress

Once A Marine Series, Book 3
Entangled Ignite (August 4, 2015)

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This Marine will protect her at all costs…

When wealthy heiress Alyssa Brooks finds out her stepfather has been paying her fiancé to marry her, she’s humiliated and betrayed. She quickly breaks the engagement, only to be blackmailed by her now ex-fiancé, who threatens both Alyssa and the son she gave up for adoption. With nowhere to go, she turns to the one man she can trust.

Former Marine sniper Hunter Reece’s lethal skills could save Alyssa’s life. But his little sister’s best friend has turned into a woman, who is an irresistible mix of secrets and sexiness. And while Hunter can trust himself to protect her, he can’t trust himself to keep his attraction hidden…or even pretend to be the man that Alyssa remembers.

Because the only way to keep the lovely heiress safe is to become the one thing he knows she could never love…a killer.

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Her Temporary Hero


Once A Marine Series, Book 2
Entangled Ignite (July 14, 2014)

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Former beauty queen Becky Holmes and her baby are on the run from her dangerous ex. With her dreams of love and marriage destroyed, she’ll do anything to protect her child…even agree to hide out in her boss’s cousin’s house while he’s away.

Wealthy, sexy, and emotionally haunted Logan Knight needs a temporary wife to get his land, per his dad’s rules. No wife, no inheritance. But when that wife lands on his doorstep and comes with a baby, his darkest memories are triggered. He tries to keep his distance, but his efforts are shattered when he starts to have real feelings for his fake wife and child.

Just as Logan begins to think he may have a future with Becky, his attempt to have it all backfires into a betrayal that forces Becky into a heart-wrenching choice no woman should ever have to make.

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The Plus One Chronicles - Box Set

The Plus Chronicles Box Set

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Don’t miss this bestselling,
sexy and emotional trilogy in a boxed set!

A proposition brings billionaire ex-UFC Fighter Sloane Michaels and beautifully damaged Kat Thayne together in fiery passion, but will a dark and dangerous obsession tear them apart?

Special Release

Play Hard Box Set

Three full-length, sexy sports romances
that bring the heat!

THE PROPOSITION by Jennifer Lyon:
Book one in The Plus One Chronicles trilogy.
OFFSIDE by Juliana Stone:
Book one in The Barker Triplets trilogy.
FASTBALL by V.K. Sykes:
Book one in the USA Today Bestselling series,
The Philadelphia Patriots.

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The Plus One Chronicles

A Proposition brings them together, will an Obsession tear them apart?

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A wicked proposition…
A sensual possession…
A dark obsession…

The Plus One Chronicles:
Searing passion and fiery vengeance collide in three explosive books.

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The Proposition
The Proposition
The Plus One Chronicles, Book 1

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The Plus One Chronicles, Book 2

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The Plus One Chronicles, Book 3

Wing Slayer Hunters

Blood Magic
Blood Magic
Book 1
October 5, 2015
Soul Magic
Soul Magic
Book 2
October 19, 2015
Night Magic
Night Magic
Book 3
November 2, 2015
Sinful Magic
Sinful Magic
Book 4
November 16, 2016
Forbidden Magic
Forbidden Magic
Book 4.5 (A Novella)
April 10, 2012
Caged Magic
Caged Magic
Book 5
July 20, 2015

Wing Slayer Hunters Series (United Kingdom)

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