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Thursday, June 9th, 2011
Bookscan and Bailey Time!

First,  a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought Sinful Magic! The book hit the Bookscan Bestseller List (in the top 100) and I’m thrilled!

Yesterday, my youngest son and Bailey came over,  completely surprising me.  Naturally, I got no work done.  Here’s a pic of Bailey later in the day–he was tired and chewing on his stick while Mini B watches:

What did you do yesterday?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Catching Up and Release Day!

A quick note:  If you’re looking for the winners of the Book A Day Give Away, scroll down to Monday’s blog.

We’re back to the normal blog now! I missed you all! I’ve mostly been doing promo stuff for SINFUL MAGIC. But Wizard took Friday off,  so we had a 4-day weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Midway Museum in San Diego. The Midway is a retired aircraft carrier and so awesome! We had a lot of fun.

Monday was quiet, we made ribs and hung out in the Jacuzzi.

Today is the official release of SINFUL MAGIC! After waiting so long, it’s hard to believe both books (NIGHT MAGIC and SINFUL MAGIC)  are out now. I really hope readers like Key, Roxy and Dyfyr’s (the dragon) story.

Okay now it’s time to catch up with all of you! I know Ban got her puppy,  what else is going on with you all?



Thursday, May 19th, 2011
A Perfect 10 and Bailey

Let’s get the required promotion out of the way: SINFUL MAGIC got A Perfect 10 review from Lenore at Romance Reviews Today. The actual review will post on June 1st.  Here’s a clip:

SINFUL MAGIC is yet another sizzling and thrilling novel in Jennifer Lyon’s Wing Slayer Hunters series. Key and Roxy are characters to fall in love with. The chemistry and spark works perfectly with just enough sexual tension to keep readers on their toes. Lyon not only writes a heck of a love story but an action packed thriller as well. The plot moves smoothly and quickly, sucking readers in deeper page after page.

… A Perfect 10 in every way, I loved SINFUL MAGIC and cannot wait for the next book in the series.

As you all know, I was worried sick about this book. I just couldn’t tell if I had adequately captured the story.  Now I have hope that I did :-)

And now, it’s Bailey Time! My youngest son moved in with Bailey and my two older sons earlier this year.  All three of them know I love, love, LOVE Bailey. So youngest son sends me an email yesterday with the subject “Ha ha”. I open the email and find this picture:

And this message: “You don’t get to play with him. ”

Tell me again, Why did I have kids?

Thursday, April 7th, 2011
Review Chat

I got the early review from Romantic Times (June issue) for SINFUL MAGIC. Here’s a snippet:

Jennifer Lyon
4 1/2 stars  HOT

Fans will be delighted to find only a month’s gap between installments
of the newest Wing Slayer/Magic novels. The power of undying love
truly shines through here, adding plenty of emotion to an otherwise
dark and action-packed adventure. Another Lyon triumph!

I am HUGELY relieved! I was more worried about this book than NIGHT MAGIC.  Isn’t it amazing how we can love something so much, like writing, and yet it’s so hard to do? I was so exhausted by the time I’d finished with Key’s book, I simply had no perspective.

Here’s a snippet of another review on NIGHT MAGIC from Joyfully Reviewed This is the second to last paragraph and it made me tear up because the reviewer really “got” Phoenix and Ailish.

Phoenix and Ailish simple sizzle in Night Magic.   These two set the world on fire with the passion that erupts between them.  Night Magic’s pages are filled with strong emotions and gripping suspense.  Jennifer Lyon has created characters filled with such depth it’s impossible not to identify with them.  Phoenix is this strong indestructible slayer out to save the world yet he’s filled with guilt and it eats at him affecting everything he does.  The glimpses into his mind are intense and powerful.  The feelings within Phoenix are set to a boil and they all bubble over when Ailish enters his life.  His gut reaction may be ‘hell no’ when he meets her but it’s impossible to deny the connection between them.  Ailish is also a strong character.  It amazes me when I think about the fortitude within Ailish.  She knows her situation is her fault and it’s her responsibility to fix it.  Ailish lost her sight in this evil battle and is willing to give her life to keep evil from gaining her power.  Phoenix turns Ailish’s world upside down.  He makes her feel things like never before and she just doesn’t know how to handle it.  She has had one goal for so long she doesn’t know how to do anything but fight.

So while we’re talking about reviews, do you all even read them? What are you looking for in a review? I’ll answer first–I only read reviews when I’m unsure about a book,  or AFTER I’ve read the book and I want to see if others agree with my opinion.