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Monday, July 1st, 2013
Weekend Roundup!

Too. Much Fun!! That was our weekend. Well, Sunday was Fun Hangover and Clean Up Day, but the graduation pool party on Saturday rocked!

First off, the guy who catered the taco bar was fantastic! He came, set up, cooked and served beef and chicken tacos that were beyond awesome. Everyone loved them! He really was the hit of the party.

Now Wizard is claiming that Taco Guy was his idea. Umm, NOT!! Actually it was Middle Son who booked him for me.  It was also Middle Son who graduated with his B.A, and his cousin (my lovely niece!)

The desserts went over well.  I make Kaluha Chocolate Pound Cake, Lemon Pound Cake, Raspberry Hearts and a double batch of brownies.  Someone took pictures of all the desserts but I can’t figure out who it was, so all I have is one batch of the Raspberry Hearts after I made them (not even a good picture):

Raspberry heart cookies

It was miserable hot but the pool water was bath-water warm, and utterly perfect! Once we ate, I changed and went in. I don’t care what I look like, I just wanted to swim and have fun with everyone. So I got in and CPA Son (Oldest) warns everyone, “Careful, my mom is a shark in the water.”  Total exaggeration on CPA Boy’s part. I’m an okay swimmer, but I never bite :-)

But my team did win in Pool Volleyball! Sure we were in the shallow end and the losers were in the deeper end…but all that matters is that we won!

It was an awesome day. I’m so proud of Middle Son and his amazingly smart and beautiful cousin.  What I particularly love is that they were so proud of each other they wanted to share their day together with a combined pool party.  Plus since my sister-in-law and I worked together to organize and prep for the party, it was even easier.

Now I am back to work. I have over a 100 pages of junk words, I need to get this book pulled together.

How was your weekend?

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