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Friday, July 20th, 2018
Friday Five

TGIF! So it it hot where you are? Okay time for our Friday Five:

  1. I wrote the one scene I really wanted to, but now I have to make go back to my timeline and figure some things out. I knew it was all going to come back to this freaking timeline! I’ll figure it out.
  2. MRIs, ugh. I did the cervical one, and got through it. For the past two MRI’s, I’ve taken xanax to tame my claustrophobia, but I just didn’t want to do that again. So I drove there, pretended to be an adult, and then I told the technician I was mildly claustrophobic. He took one look at my face and said, “Mildly?” Yeah, he had me pegged, but he was also kind, calm and talked me through it. I’m still not a fan of having a cage placed over my head and being shoved into a metal tube that plays a variation of roaring jet engines and jack hammers :-) But it’s done!
  3. I’m hoping the MRI report will be at my pain specialists when I go in tomorrow, but it’s doubtful. However, I’ll take the CD of all the MRI images with me, the pain doc can take a look at those and we’ll discuss if a neurosurgical consult is necessary.
  4. Yesterday, Wizard and I went out to see Baby Slayer. He’s four months old, smiling, laughing and loves books that play music and playing peek-a-boo. Here’s a pic of me and Baby Slayer. He was looking up at his grandpa (Wizard) there. Also, if it seems odd that I’m sitting on the floor, I chose to do that. 
  5. Tomorrow, I’m going to lunch and shopping with an old friend. I need to work, but I also need a break. Hanging out with a friend and not thinking about Wizard’s back, my neck, worrying constantly about the book, or various family stuff.

So that’s my five, and now I’d really love to hear yours! Have a great weekend!

2 comments to “Friday Five”

  1. Viki S.
    July 20th, 2018 at 2:54 pm · Link

    1. Great news on getting the scene written.
    2. MRI’s ……….Sounds like you had a great tech.
    3. Did your doc get the results today? You’re probably right and they won’t get them until next week.
    4. Love this photo of you and Baby Slayer. He is SO cute :)!
    5. Yes, you do need a break. I hope you had a great time with your friend and got away from all the constant “noise.”

    1a. My best friend’s daughter gets married tomorrow. It’s supposed to storm but I consider that good luck. It was bad weather for my wedding and we’re still together ;).
    2a. Harrison had his 9 month checkup yesterday. You would NEVER know this kid was premature. He’s 22 pounds. My boys we’re that heavy until they were 15 months old.
    3a. Been suffering sciatica so bad the past week. It even blocks out the arm/shoulder.
    4a. Wondering why interest rates aren’t going up on CD’s? It’s ticking me off. The economy is doing well so why isn’t my savings? Really annoyed.
    5a. A hawk just attacked my humming birds. Never known them to do this before. Now I’m curious as the why and will have to go google it ;).

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Jenn
    July 20th, 2018 at 3:37 pm · Link

    Viki, much to my surprise, she had the report. She’s referring me for a surgical consult. That doesn’t mean I will need surgery, but we need to look it it, the nerve compression is still moderate to severe. It’s kind of a mess, LOL! And thank you on Baby Slayer! Okay now for you:

    1) It poured the day after my wedding :-) I hope she has a beautiful wedding, filled with love and joyful celebration!
    2) He was so tiny, and look at him now! Clearly, your daughter in law took excellent care of herself while pregnant, giving him that critical early prenatal support of good nutrition, moderate exercise and rest, that along with excellent medical care, all paid off when he came prematurely. I’m so thrilled to hear how he’s thriving in all ways! Also, I can’t believe he’s already 9 months old!
    3) Yikes on your sciatica. Those shooting pains are awful, I’m so sorry. Is there anything you can do to help?
    4) Excellent question on CDs. I’d like to know the answer too.
    5) Hmm, Google tells me hawks don’t normally prey on hummingbirds. Weird. I had a roadrunner kill baby hummingbirds nested outside my kitchen window once. We were all traumatized by that.

    Hope your sciatica feels better and you have a great time at your best friend’s daughter’s wedding!

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