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Friday, September 28th, 2018
Friday Five

Poof, another week has vanished! Which means it’s time for Friday Five, where we all share five random things from our week. Here are mine:

  1. SNAKE!!! I looked out back on Wednesday, and saw Maggie staring down something that, at first, I assume was a lizard. They were on the other side of the pool, the thing in planter against the fence, and Maggie on the concrete about 18 inches away from it. I couldn’t see the critter’s body, just its head poking up over the lip of the concrete, frozen and staring back at Maggie. When I saw Maggie back up a couple of steps, a chill went down my spine. I thought, that’s not a lizard, she wouldn’t back up, she’d pounce on it. I called Maggie, and surprisingly, she came inside. I shut her in the house, then I went out to look, and got just close enough to see it was a SNAKE! I ran back inside and told Wizard. He rushed out and chased the snake away. He says it was a harmless garter snake. While he was doing that, I texted Biker Witch and said, “Maggie found a snake in the backyard, I’m moving today.” She totally supported me. Wizard, however, was completely unreasonable and insisted we were safe and not moving.
  2. To repay Maggie for her amazing bravery in finding a snake (and last week she alerted me to a coyote on our walk) I took her to get her rabies shot, and renew her license. Maggie has informed me that is not a suitable reward. Too back for her, she weighed 19 pounds! She was 15 when we got her. Maggie claims it’s her new green collar, but I’m not buying that :-)
  3. So I have the shoes for the wedding! Much to my surprise, I kept the shoes from Pennys. It turns out Biker Witch was right about them. They are surprisingly comfortable, good for a beach wedding on hard-packed sand, and I’ll be able to wear them again. (I returned the other shoes to Amazon, they just didn’t work for me) Here are shoes I’m wearing: 
  4. My health insurance has approved for my neck surgery, and the coordinator called Wednesday to let me know she was going to call the hospital to arrange a date. I haven’t heard back yet. I’ll probably check in with her today. I need that surgery date to arrange all my pre-op and get fitted for a cervical collar. I know logically this is the right thing to do, but it’s still not easy to jump into this. But, dang, I want my life back!
  5. Wizard and I had a giftcard to Cheesecake Factory. I’ve been eating more than I should, out of frustration because I’m physically limited, missed deadlines, etc. But I’ve been trying this week a little bit. So at Cheesecake Factory, I chose something healthy and told Wizard to use the balance of the giftcard to get whatever dessert he wanted to take home. But Wizard is devious, and he ordered TWO pieces of cheesecake to go home with us, and worse, and was one of my favorites! What kind of wicked sabotage is this???? Wizard is normally supportive when I cut back, but right now, he is determined that I shouldn’t worry about weight as long as I’m eating generally healthy, and should just enjoy food and life. Sigh….this is why I love him despite his refusing to call movers to get us safely out of the house the day a garter snake got into our backyard….although I still think he was not being totally rational.

So my five, now it’s time to share yours! I hope everyone who sees this has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    September 28th, 2018 at 6:56 am · Link

    Good Maggie! Point out snakes, but leave them alone. Smart girl! And I’m with her, a shot is not a good reward for her bravery. Although, it does keep her safe, which is always a good thing. Cute shoes! Yay! And Yay for insurance approval! And for cheesecake!

    1) I saw a pretty little green snake on my walk yesterday, but someone had run it over. =o(
    2) Fall has begun here, but I’m still waiting for the bald eagles to return. It won’t really be fall for me until I see them.
    3) I’m liking my new keyboard. Still getting used to it, but at least I’m not constantly hitting the \ key went I try to backspace. Now I’m hitting the \ when I try to hit Enter (which I do a lot less than backspace.)
    4) So, I’m in the middle of writing Ugly and the Beast, and what does my brain do? It gives me all kinds of ideas for the next SCIU book. Derp. Umm, deadlines, you silly brain?
    5) And, of course, I was trying to sleep at the time it was giving me ideas. And it’s still giving me ideas as I type this comment. Hush, silly brain. Focus. Think of the next scene for UatB, not the opening chapter of SCIU#4. argh.

  2. Silver James
    September 28th, 2018 at 9:58 am · Link

    Who’s a gooood girl!!! Lawyer Guy agrees with you. MOVE! Me? It’s a snake. No BFD. ;) CUTE shoes! And I’m glad the surgery will take place sooner than later. Here’s to getting your life back! And Wiz loves you. He wants to gtive you what you want, not necessarily what you need. Good Wizzes are like that, yeah they are. B.E., I feel your writing pangs! And now my five:

    1) BILLIONAIRE COUNTRY is done! Final copyedits accepted. WHEW!

    2) I’m hiding from the world in audio books, doing a relisten of two interconnected paranormal series.

    3) I’ve done some scribbles this week but no serious writing. I plead final and copy edits on BC.

    4) Fall is here, at least for awhile. I LOVE this time of year–the weather is cooler, humidity down, and the leaves have NOT started falling yet. :lol:

    5) The squirrels are feeling frisky. Watching them zip around the yard, driveway, and up and down the trees outside my window makes me smile. And when the crows get involved, laugh. Out loud.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Jenn
    September 28th, 2018 at 12:27 pm · Link

    B.E., I agree, leave the snakes alone! I’m a little surprised she didn’t go after it, but I hope if she ever encounters another snake, she does the same thing. Thanks on all, and now for you:

    1) I doubt the person who ran over the snake even saw it. Not pleasant for you to find on your walk though.
    2) Hope the bald eagles return soon!
    3) Glad you like your new keyboard.
    4) I hate when my brain does that too! Save the ideas for when I need them!
    5) Sorry about your sleep being interrupted, but it sounds like you need to write a few sentences on that idea–maybe that will calm your brain and help you focus on your current project.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    September 28th, 2018 at 12:48 pm · Link

    Silver, I’m so with Lawyer Guy :-) But let’s talk about you:

    1) WHOO HOO!!! Congrats on getting BC done and accepted!
    2) Audio books are a great way to give your brain and eyes a break.
    3) Scribbles are prewriting!
    4) I love fall too, and recall a time when we had some cooler weather here!
    5) Love the image of squirrels running around. I’m curious. what do the crows do? Are they annoying the squirrels? On another topic, the woman who runs Maggie’s boarding place has pet squirrels. They are cute and friendly.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Victoria Sloboda
    September 28th, 2018 at 2:51 pm · Link

    1. I love snakes. I used to have a three foot garter snake that lived in my yard. It would let me carry her around draped around my neck.
    2. Poor Maggie got a pretty raw deal with the snake ;) but she has a loving mom who is keeping her healthy.
    3. Nice shoe. It should be comfortable for dancing too.
    4. Good job on insurance being on the ball. Totally understand how you feel.
    5. Wizard is too much :)! He’s such a good guy.

    1a. Spunk has decided that he never wants me to leave the house. When I go to leave I always say goodbye to him. This week he has started talking like crazy and then running up grabbing my leg with both front legs and biting my thigh. He’s strange.
    2a. Harrison has decided why learn to talk when screaming a super high pitch is so much fun :). He does it all the time. It’s funny to those of us not with it all the time ;).
    3a. I drove on the lawn the other day by accident and put two ruts in the the ditch area. Hubs not happy.
    4a. I HATE the new gmail.
    5a. I think I’m going to have wine tonight and by tonight I mean 4:30 ;). I was good all week.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Jenn
    September 28th, 2018 at 4:59 pm · Link

    Viki, I think I’ll let you carry around the snake, I just agree to occupy a different space than all snakes :-) Thanks on everything else. Now for your 5:

    1) That’s really interesting that Spunk is trying to keep you from leaving. Cat’s minds are hard to figure out. But he clearly loves you!
    2) Harrison is testing out his voice, LOL!! It also sounds like he’s getting the reaction he wants, he’s a smart little guy. I’d laugh too!
    3) Well it could have been worse, you could have driven over a mailbox or something. We all make mistakes.
    4) Can you go back to the old gmail? I can’t remember if I kept the new version or went back to the old one. Everything changes just to annoy us.
    5) I approve of your Wine Plan!!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend, and Hubs is over the lawn incident. Also–Spunk and Harrison both sound too darned cute!

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