Jennifer Lyon

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020
A Catastrophic Cookie Confession

I have a secret. Judging by all memes and rabid hysteria on social media, I guess I’m taking a big risk by telling you all this. But, honestly, I can’t hold it in any longer.

Girl Scout cookies are boring. Dry, stale and generally not worth the trouble.

There. I said it.

Do you hate me now?

P.S. We’ve bought a lot of Girl Scout cookies over the years to support the kids of friends and neighbors. We’re not terrible people! Really :-) 

9 comments to “A Catastrophic Cookie Confession”

  1. B.E. Sanderson
    February 5th, 2020 at 6:50 am · Link

    Nope, don’t hate you. To each their own. But I do think you’ve been getting some bad batches of GSC. I don’t think I’ve ever had a box that was stale or dry. Maybe it’s city vs rural and I’ve just gotten my cookies quicker so they don’t have time to dry out. :shrug:

    Having said that, though, I quit GSC cold turkey years ago. I thought my little dealer in Colorado was going to cry when I told her I couldn’t buy any cookies that year. And here we have no dealers. Yay. Now, if I want cookies, I make them myself. I still miss the ones with the pillow of creamy peanut butter on the crisp cookie covered in chocolate, though. ;o)

  2. Marianne
    February 5th, 2020 at 10:26 am · Link

    And they’re not made from real Girl Scouts!

  3. Silver James
    February 5th, 2020 at 11:33 am · Link

    Thin Mints. The only kind worth buying. And yeah, Only sold boxes and boxes. Like B.E., we no longer have a dealer and I avoid all the places where they set up shop because…THIN MINTS!!!!

    However, we have a new addiction: Braum’s Snickerdoodles. Cookie crack.

    Also, Marianne, I snorted coffee out my nose when I read your comment. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Marianne
    February 5th, 2020 at 1:16 pm · Link

    Silver, as much as I would like to claim the comment, it’s from the Adams Family. I may waited my whole life to use that quote.

  5. Viki S.
    February 5th, 2020 at 3:28 pm · Link

    I’m not a fan either but Salerno makes exactly the same cookies at 1/3 the price. Keebler also has a few that taste the same. The other thing to note is the scouts doing the selling (right, now a days it’s the parents) don’t even get the money for their troop. It goes to a general fund. Oh back in the day…………………………

    So don’t feel bad. There are many of us that feel the same as you :).

    Have a great day!

  6. Jenn
    February 5th, 2020 at 5:41 pm · Link

    B.E., it’s probably just my taste. I’m not big on most store bought cookies, although there a few I enjoy. I’m more of a bakery-style (or homemade) cookie person :-)

    Plus the price! I know, I know, it’s a fundraiser.

    Soccer teams used to sell candy bars, and man, both Wizard and I bought lots of those and then fought over them, LOL! Plus are annoying kids would actually expect us to share. We had to go cold turkey on those when the league decided to sell wrapping paper–which I did not buy.

    Sorry for making you want your cookies!

  7. Jenn
    February 5th, 2020 at 5:42 pm · Link

    Marianne, LOLOL!! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read that :-)

  8. Jenn
    February 5th, 2020 at 5:48 pm · Link

    Silver, Thin mints are the only kind I ever liked :-)

    I looked up Braums, and it looks like it’s based in OK? So I may be safe from that dangerously addicting cookie! Because they sound yummy, and if they made a chocolate chip, I’d be in trouble. Oh…and I see they have ice cream. Yeah, no more “investigating” for me.

  9. Jenn
    February 5th, 2020 at 5:54 pm · Link

    Viki, fun fact, my middle son used to work for Keebler stocking stores for a while. We had lots of Keebler cookies and I do like their chocolate chunk :-)

    True that the parents are doing most of the selling, but that’s the world we live in now. Who’s going to send their kids out alone? Most work places are saturated with people hawking their kids GSCs. Wizard and at least one son are easy marks, LOL! I know that because my son called me one year and said, “I just bought 8 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.” That was amusing enough, so I asked how may co-workers kids were selling them. He answered, “One.” I cracked up. Easy Mark!

    Hope you’re having a good day too!

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