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Friday, October 30th, 2020
Friday Five

Happy Almost Halloween! Time to share five random things about our week:

  1. It’s hot again. I’m not a fan. Since it had cooled off, Maggie and I were walking twice a day, but yesterday we could only do once.
  2. I have played the spin game all danged week. This is my pattern, and totally my fault for giving in. So I ran into a character arc wall on Eli, and I spun off in search of magic to find the answer. But ultimately the only way to find the answer is to keep working at it until Eli tells me. Oh well, today is a new day and I will do the butt in chair thing and fight to make Eli cooperate. He’s mad at me (I know why), but he’s going to have to get over it and trust me.
  3. This week we drained the pool to change the water since it’s been over a decade. Behind me in the pic is a puddle of dirty water from washing down the sides after we had huge winds. Now we’re refilling it, then Wizard will treat it to get out some discoloration, and after that, he’ll put in salt and chemically balance the water. This wasn’t strictly necessary but Mr. Perfectionist wanted to do it as it’s good for the pool to completely change out the water. It sure is weird seeing the pool empty.
  4. We got a new bed yesterday. In good news it arrived earlier than expected, about 7:45 a.m. I’d just gotten home from waking Maggie, and Wizard and I had 10 minutes to marathon move around mattresses. We’ve have three beds, and between moving things around, washing everything that was in the rooms, plus waiting for a couple things to arrive from Amazon then washing those, followed by remaking and reassembling the rooms turned into an all day event and a gazillion trips up and down the stairs. So…good exercise I guess???? I’m happy about the new bed. It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for two years, and finally got it done :-)
  5. This weekend CPA Boy and Special K are taking us to their favorite nice restaurant that is Covid careful. We’re looking forward to it! This will be Wizard’s first time, and my second, to eat out since this whole Covid thing started.

So that’s my five, now it’s your turn to share yours! I hope everyone in the path of the hurricane and storms is safe and well, and you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    October 30th, 2020 at 8:49 am · Link

    Eli should know by now that he CAN trust you! He’ll come around. Or else. ;) Ooh, saltwater pool? Yay for new bed! Yay for dining out with family but boo on the heat. My five:

    1. Well, we had a massive ice storm. No power for close to 48 hours. Got it back Wednesday evening. 200K homes/businesses in the area still don’t have it. We do. Thankfully! Lost so many tree branches. 😥 Video’s on my FB pages.

    2. Bless the Czech refugees who built this house back in the 60s. Not only do we have a storm/bomb shelter, they put in four natural gas wall heaters in addition to the central heat/AC. We stayed warm when so many couldn’t. 🥶

    3. The ferals had scattered during the storm. They slowly reappeared once the danger of ice, falling limbs, and the rain went away. All are now present and accounted for since Smudge showed up this morning. 🐱

    4. I cleaned out the fridge. It finally got to the point that food needed to go outside into freezing temps to stay “fresh.” As I loaded boxes to set out there, I tossed a BUNCH of expired stuff. Then I Clorox-wiped the shelves. I shouldn’t wait for a power outage to do that. 🤣

    5. During the “blackout” I ended up writing the first draft of the blurb for FIGHTING FOR ELENA. I hate writing blurbs but sitting in the dark with only the sound of cracking then falling branches, the words came. I handwrote them I could even translate my handwriting when we finally got power back. I gotta totally BICHOK starting today. I have to have it done, edited and turned in by Nov. 30. 😱

    Have a great weekend, everyone. 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    October 30th, 2020 at 3:25 pm · Link

    1. I keep seeing how hot it is out your way and I really feel for you. It makes the morning walks a must.
    2. Eli is running you around. Those guys ;).
    3. I’ve often wondered about you in CA and the pool water. I thought you were all restricted, so how do you go about re-filling the pool w/o getting in trouble?
    4. I’d say you got plenty of exercise doing all that moving and washing and prep work. I hope you didn’t over do it.
    5. How nice for dinner. Is it a special occasion? Sure hope you all enjoy yourselves.

    1a. I’ve been feeling off lately. I keep having severe nose bleeds and am just light headed. I think I need to eat more meat or something.
    2a. Can’t wait for Harrison to come trick or treating tomorrow. He was funny yesterday on Facetime. He told hubs that if he didn’t have candy he’d have to smell his feet :). I told him Paw Paw doesn’t have candy but Grandma Vik does ;).
    3a. My health insurance is going up $44/mon and the deductible $100/yr. It’s bad but not as bad as last year going up $88/mon and $500/yr.
    4a. Middle is coming over Sunday. He may bring Queso but isn’t sure. DIL is not coming. I talked him in to staying for dinner. I am a happy mama :).
    5a. I did a pick up at Kohl’s today. I was impressed. I walked in the door and pick up was right there. I was in and out in 3 minutes.

    I hope you have a really great weekend!

  3. Jenn
    October 30th, 2020 at 6:07 pm · Link

    Silver, thanks on all :-) I’m plowing through figuring out what I need to know to get this book going.

    1) What a mess! You guys really got hit hard, and have a lot of clean up to do. I imagine all your neighbors and folks in the same area do too. 48 hours is a long time to go without power, glad it came back on and hope it stays on.
    2) Yay for the person who built your house. Really glad you were safe and warm.
    3) The ferals must have been really cold and scared. Bet you are relieved to see them.
    4) We all have those chores we don’t get to until we have to.
    5) Great use of your “blackout” time!

    Hope you got some writing done around cleanup today. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    October 30th, 2020 at 6:20 pm · Link

    Viki, we aren’t in drought right now. But Wizard got a dispensation from the water company to do this. We wouldn’t do it in a drought year. Otherwise, it’s fine to keep the pool maintained with water. I didn’t really overdo yesterday, but I did way too much handwriting today. I tend to think by writing things out, and neither my RA or my neck like it much. And lastly, the kids have wanted to take us to this steakhouse for about two years, but stuff always comes up. And our anniversary is next week.

    1) You need to get that checked out. I know I’m a worrier, but you know your body well, so when you say somethings off, I believe you.
    2) Harrison is so cute, and Grandma Viki is the winner, LOL! I hope you get lots of pics!
    3) Mines is going up too. Times are tough all around.
    4) Oh yay!! Always nice when our kids come and staying for dinner is a bonus! I’m sure you’ll miss your DIL but maybe Queso will bring his puppy joy over (poor Spunk!)
    5) Those pickups make it easy, although I usually just have it delivered because my Kohl’s is 20 minutes or more away depending on traffic.

    Please watch the dizziness and nosebleeds. And have a great time seeing Harrison Halloween evening, and visit + dinner with Middle Son!

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