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Friday, April 30th, 2021
Friday Five

TGIF. I can’t keep up with the weeks anymore. Hopefully I’m posing this on Friday, but between my confusion and my blog-scheduler problems, who knows :-) Anyway, here are 5 random things about my week:

  1. Maggie’s doing pretty well after her dental cleaning. No extractions, etc. But I really don’t want to put her through any more procedures for a while. Oh an awesome bonus, they cut her nails while she was under anesthesia. I really appreciate that.
  2. Not talking about writing. I just need to get out of my own way.
  3. I’m still doing exercise bands and beginning yoga three times a week. I enjoy it for the most part. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I’m pushing a bit more while really trying NOT to hurt myself. I’m pretty sure if I do get hurt, it will be from something stupid like falling out of a simple yoga pose, tripping over the mat or any number of equally embarrassing things.
  4. I bought a second swimsuit. This one is a tankini type (two piece but long top). I still look…um…middle aged (I’m so proud that I didn’t say fat, LOL), but I like it. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t ride up in the water. We’ll see. I don’t know how long we’ll have the pool, and I want to enjoy it without a lot of mental pain over how I look. That’s such a waste of emotional energy in my opinion.
  5. I broke down and made cookies yesterday. They are a healthier than typical version of Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Pecan Cookies. Only I substituted dark chocolate chips for the pecans because I craved chocolate. They are pretty good, a cross between oatmeal cookies and pumpkin pie with a chocolate kick.

That’s my five random things, now I’d love to hear yours! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    April 30th, 2021 at 8:16 am · Link

    Yay for Maggie’s pedicure and crossing fingers no more procedures for her for a loooong time. Writing? What is this mysterious thing of which you speak? Yay for exercise, swimsuits and pools, and COOKIES! Except I’d want pecans AND chocolate. Just sayin’… :D My five:

    1. So. I did a thing. You’re familiar with the Smart Bitches website? I’ve followed Sarah and friends for years. Anyway, they have a thing called HaBO (Help a Bitch Out) in which a reader asks for help locating the title of a book they’re trying to find based on vague clues stuck in their memory. I’ve requested help myself. Well, among the “bitchery,” it’s a big deal to get the right answer and to get it first. I NEVER know the book. Ever. I’ll think I’ve read that book. What the heck is it? but I read so many and usually don’t retain things like titles, authors, etc. unless I’ve read multiple times. Anyway, I got one this week. And was the first to comment. Yayayay!

    2. The book was Feehan’s LAIR OF THE LION, and yes, I totally grabbed the audio book from the library and am listening to it. It’s a historical gothic paranormal and as it’s a standalone, it doesn’t suffer from some of her…repetitiveness. (And yes, I’m totally cheating because my life is boring and I need five things…)

    3. On the gross side, Jake wanted to go with me to pick up Stormy yesterday for the kiddo’s Snapology class. We’d just pulled out of the parking lot when Jake started licking everything in sight, breathing in these short pant-pant-gulp breaths. I hit every construction zone and red light getting him home. He leaped out of the car, into the house, and out the back door. Where he ate grass and tossed his cookies. Then he ate more grass and LG took over so I could ferry Stormy. Found a few piles (literally) of grass around the house and in the yard but he seems fine this morning. Ate most of his dinner, enjoyed his munchy bone treats. Whatever it was must have worked through his system.

    4. You mentioned the W word. Beginning of the week was awesome. Then it wasn’t. Partly life, partly stewing over how boring the current chapter is. Hope to work that out today. Real World should give me space today. We’ll see.

    5. See? Boring life. I cheated and I’m still wracking my brain for a fifth thing. 🤔 … OH! I bought 2 plastic “bins” (I think they’re supposed to be small, oval-shaped ice buckets) at Wallyworld for $1 each. One holds packages of extra sponges, scrubbers, rubber gloves and the roll of garbage bags. The other corrals the cleansers. I STILL have 2 laundry baskets full of junk in my office. I need to clean the pantry to make room for the stuff in the baskets that I don’t want to toss. Not today, though. Words. Unless I get frustrated… 🤣

    That’s my five. Have a great week, all! 🥰

  2. B.E. Sanderson
    April 30th, 2021 at 9:44 am · Link

    Yay for Maggie!! I totally understand not wanting to talk about the writing and yes, get out of your own way. Yay for exercising! I bet your swimsuit is super cute. And yay for cookies – even if they are the healthy kind. ;o)

    1) My container garden is growing right along. I have 16 zucchini plants, though. We’re going to be up to our ears in zukes.
    2) I’m dragging today. I really need to get off the computer and go run errands.
    3) It’s been a rainy-ful week here. But today is supposed to be beautiful. Might be a good day for a walk.
    4) May is my favorite month, so yay!
    5) I’ve been rolling right along on the writing this week. Not yesterday. I took it off. But otherwise, woohoo.

  3. Viki S.
    April 30th, 2021 at 3:12 pm · Link

    1. Good to know that Maggie is doing well after her teeth cleaning. I agree with controlling any other work she may need done. Anesthesia should be limited.
    2. No talking about reading.
    3. That’s great that you have continued with working out. Laughed at how you think you could get hurt because that would be me to a T.
    4. What color is the new swimsuit? I’m sure it will be fine. Why did you say you don’t know how long you’ll have the pool? It’s a big part of your family fun.
    5. Those cookies sounds so good and I’m with you – I’d use chocolate chips too.

    1a. Got bad news on two family members that aren’t related. Both are fighting bladder cancer.
    2a. I’m not taking reading – keep falling asleep.
    3a. We had 3 inches of rain yesterday. Hadn’t had any in weeks and then BAM! The ducks came over and were playing in our rapids of a ditch. They were having SO much fun but because it was raining quite hard there is no video.
    4a. This weekend we’re going to try and plan Mother’s Day / hub birthday / youngest birthday celebration. Harrison’s family won’t be included since they won’t go out and will have NO contact with youngest since he won’t get vaccinated. (I don’t blame youngest. There is no longer term data on the vaccine and he’s only going to be 29).
    5a. The guys are coming out this weekend and spraying for stinging insects and all ants. I am having it done before the critters come out and infest the house. Seems to work out best this way.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    6a. I bought a Portuguese (never had any) bottle of wine today and am about to go try it out :).

  4. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    April 30th, 2021 at 4:30 pm · Link

    Silver, I’d put pecans in for you :-)

    1) Impressive! I’d never get it!
    2) I haven’t read that one that I can recall, maybe I’ll check it out.
    3) Sounds like he just got a hold of something that didn’t agree with him. But man, I felt your pain both trying to get him home before the “event” and finding the piles. The joys of pet ownership, LOL. So glad he’s better!
    4) I get it with the “W” word. Mine isn’t working, like I stall out every time I hit a spot. Grrr.
    5) See you did have a fifth one! Hope the words kept you too busy to organize :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    April 30th, 2021 at 4:33 pm · Link

    B.E, I keep tripping trying to get out of my own way. It’s time to figure out the problem and rewrite.

    1) Whoa! 16 zucchini plants? Good think you’re creative!
    2) Hope you got all the errands done.
    3) Enjoy the pretty day tomorrow!
    4) May’s an awesome month :-)
    5) AWESOME, and good for you taking a day off!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    April 30th, 2021 at 4:43 pm · Link

    Viki, Here’s a link to the suit
    On the pool, I meant that we’ll eventually move into a one-story and I don’t plan on another pool.

    1) Oh no, I’m so sorry. And what a strange coincidence that both are fighting the same type of cancer.
    2) I’ve done that, so I understand the frustration.
    3) Ducks are so cute! But that’s a lot of rain.
    4) I hope your Mother’s Da/Hubs birthday party is fun! I’m sorry Harrison won’t be there though. It’s a tough situation.
    5) Smart getting ahead of the bugs!
    6) Let me know on the wine–sounds interesting!

    Have a great weekend!

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