Jennifer Lyon

Friday, January 21st, 2022
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s dive head first into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. I wish had more exciting things to talk about. Unfortunately Wizard and I are in this holding pattern as we wait on some things.
  2. In the meantime we are cleaning and decluttering because we have set that as a goal for the year. It’s going to be a long process. See still boring, LOL. I only hit my head about three times pulling boxes out from the under the stairs closet :-) One would think I would know better after 20 some years of living here.
  3. A tiny bird got into our garage. This turned into a day long struggle to get this poor terrified creature to fly out. We tried everything we could think of, but he was so scared, he only flew in the top rafters and didn’t recognized the huge opened doors below him. I even tried the long pool net to catch him, but kept missing him, mainly because the rim of the net is heavy plastic designed for the bottom of a six foot pool and I didn’t want to hurt him. Anyhow, after hours and hours, we’d left the garage closed and dark, except for the man door to the side yard and (we believe) he finally flew out. I hope he goes on to live a full life free of the terror he must have felt in our garage.
  4. My freezer is not big enough. It didn’t bother me when I had three teenaged boys at home. How is it we have MORE in our freezer than ever? I guess it’s because I don’t use as much food now with just two of us, so things like extra hamburger buns and cuts of chicken go in the freezer. Also I double some meals and freeze half for quick meals later. Still it seems illogical to me.
  5. I’ve begun reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and love it so far. I’m extremely late to this party as it was first published in 2003, but my daughter-in-law’s mother recommended it when I saw her the other night, so I bought it for my kindle. I love recommended books like that! This book isn’t a romance, it’s literary historical fiction which happens to be something I enjoy.

Didn’t I warn you all? Boring! Okay your turn to show me up with your much more interesting lives! Have a great weekend!

4 comments to “Friday Five”

  1. Silver James
    January 21st, 2022 at 12:49 pm · Link

    Hey, nothing wrong with boring! Yay for good books, the mysterious quantum physics of freezer space, free bird, and bummer on the whole head thing. My five:

    1. Plumbers. They came before it got cold, were here less than a hour (helps that I know precisely where to dig!), cleared the clog, and only charged us for a service charge. 🤑

    2. We now have a Ring doorbell on the front porch and a Ring camera over the garage. The camera is battery powered so we don’t get as much footage as we’d like. Considering buying a light/camera combo so it’ll be hardwired and continuous coverage. 📷

    3. Speaing of Ring, we’ve had a fat raccoon, the stray Papillon pup that I’d like to catch for the shelter, and various feral cats. Also, there’s way more car traffic at night than I realized. 🦝 🐶 🐱

    4. Writing went. Not many new words but I wrangled some problems and roped them into some semblance of order. I’ve managed to move on two whole chapters this week. Progress! 💻

    5. And, once again, I get to the last item and am searching for something to add. My life is so boring and predictable. :roll: I’ll end with this. We’re supposed to get above frezzing for the first time since very early Wednesday morning. I’m ready. Not a fan of cold weather! 🥶

    Have a great weekend, all! 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    January 21st, 2022 at 4:08 pm · Link

    1. I think we all understand being in a holding pattern.
    2. Good for you two in the decluttering. I need to do more of that too. Hey, I say good job in hitting your head only three times. I would have done that and more.
    3. I’m sure the bird got free. We get them stuck in our garage every summer. I never smell “that odor” so I figure they always get out.
    4. So true about the freezer. I think you’re right, we’re freezing more leftovers and buns and stuff now that it’s the two of us. Also, with the stupid virus, we’re stocking up when we can actually find the foods we like to eat.
    5. Glad you’re enjoying The Secret Life of Bees.

    1a. It’s very cold here today but the sun is shinning for the first time in days. So it’s deceiving. We have flower boxes on the deck rails that we stick pine branches in during the winter. Yesterday while it was snowing, these two tiny birds were making their way under the snow and into the branches. I figured they were making a nice little place to hold up during the cold spell. It was fun to watch. Spunk did NOT like them.
    2a. One of youngest’s best friends mom died Wednesday night from Covid complications. She had it for three weeks and the dr. told her to stay home. Well it brought on a stroke and then pneumonia. If they had treated her in the beginning she may be alive.
    3a. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow :).
    4a. Hubs, eldest and Harrison were playing in the snow today. They were supposed to come in every 30 minutes per DIL but they stayed out for 2 hours. I know a son who is in trouble with his wife when Harrison tells.
    5a. This is going to sound stupid but I’m really sad about Meat Loaf dying. He was a good guy and wrote some really excellent ballads.

    Sure hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Jennifer L Apodaca
    January 21st, 2022 at 6:05 pm · Link

    Silver, I have a special place in my hear when I love a book I found by word of mouth. Okay now for you:

    1) You hit Plumber Gold for sure!
    2) It might be worth investing for the continuous coverage if you need it.
    3) LOL! Yep I hear the stories from my son on nightlife. I hope you can catch the pup if he’s still out there. It’s possible someone else picked him up too, lots of good people out there helping stray animals.
    4) Two whole chapters is very good work and progress!
    5) Freezing and below is so cold! Hope you get some warmer days.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jennifer L Apodaca
    January 21st, 2022 at 6:16 pm · Link

    Viki, I’m actively trying to stop stocking up so much. But the pandemic has really put me in that mindset. And you’re so right on freezer space. Plus inflation is motivating me to be more frugal too.

    1) I love the birds making a home in those pine branches. They are such clever creatures (unless they are stuck in my garage, LOL) But poor Spunk is probably seriously annoyed.
    2) I’m so sorry. She’s not the first person I’ve heard of that died in that manner. It’s so sad how stretched and understaffed many hospitals are right now. I know a few doctors and nurses. I’m truly sorry for all of you and her family.
    3) Enjoy getting your hair done and hope you love it!
    4) Well if Harrison’s dad was there, then it was his call :-) I bet Harrison had a blast!
    5) It’s not stupid to be sad about Meat Loaf. He was iconic to our generation. We all have those famous people that feel kind of immortal to us, and I guess in a way Meat Loaf is through his music. FYI I felt that way about Betty White. To me, she seemed so genuine and I want to grow old with the same authentic grace as I saw in her. We all have those people we feel a connection to.

    Hope you have a nice weekend and get a break from the frigid weather!

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