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Thursday, May 12th, 2022
Friday Five

**I have to post this early on Thursday because my blog scheduler keeps timing out.

TGIF! Let’s all share five random things about our week!

  1. My scratched eye is much better. I’m leery about put in contacts though. I may wait another day as it’s still dry and easily annoyed. But that first day it swelled 3/4s shut, so this is a huge and welcomed improvement.
  2. Wizard and I are cleaning up as much as we can, getting the house as ready as it’s going to be for market. Yesterday we laid the new bark. It’s interesting to do it on a hill while trying to stay balanced. I’m happy to report, no one fell! While I pretty regularly walk into walls that have been there for twenty years, my balance is very good. The fresh bark looks fresh and clean. We do this every couple years, but not quite so much at once. Note to self: Maybe don’t do a mile walk plus yoga before big physical projects!
  3. When we had our old house on the market, I was insane trying to keep it perfectly clean with three boys. I don’t have the energy to do that again. Good enough will have to do. Plus Wizard picks up after himself and will help with the rest so it should work out.
  4. It’s going to be a bad fire year. We already had a fire in Laguna Nigel (not by us) that took out more than 20 homes. Wizard and I were watching it on breaking news. While the day wasn’t too hot, the winds kicked up and the fire raced up a hill right into a track of homes in less than a couple hours. The firefighters were doing all they could, but they couldn’t stop it. New Mexico is burning too. It’s all so terrible. What’s really frustrating is that some of these tragic fires are caused by either careless people or awful people who like causing destruction and death. Those are the ones that make me sick and furious. To end this on a bit of good news — a frantic woman told a firefighter her cat was in one of the houses being threatened, and the firefighter got the cat out for her.
  5. Let’s lighten up with a fun story: I have a stuffed Koala bear sitting on a chair in our exercise room. Maggie goes in there once in a while, grabs the bear and throws him down the stairs. Other times she just knocks him off the chair and leaves. It’s funny because she never gets into anything else. She just has it in for the Koala bear. Maybe he’s mean to her when I’m not looking? (Just an FYI, I don’t care if she wants to play with the bear or I’d have told her no.)

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone have a great weekend!


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  1. Silver James
    May 13th, 2022 at 7:40 am · Link

    So glad the eye is much better. I’d might give it a couple more days just to be sure. Your yard should be a big selling point! And yeah, easy to overdo the worky stuffs. We had friends who moved into an executive suite-type hotel (weekly rates, no lease) with kids and pets and paid someone to stage their house for an open house and all showings thereafter. It worked. They sold in a week, with a quick closing and all their stuff was already packed and in storage at the movers. The footage of the fires breaks my heart but yay for kitty rescue! I’m all for an Old Testament judicial system. If you’re an arsonist, you get burned at the stake. But I’m all bloodthirsty like that. Koalas are sneaky and Maggie is just letting it know that she is watching him. Okay, my five:

    1. I FINALLY have honeysuckle! In profusion. But it’s so hot, the AC is on so I can’t open my office window to let the scent waft in. The other day, I was trimming wild grape vine off my heritage rose bush and managed to snip some honeysuckle. Guess what’s now in a vase sitting on the window sill abobve my sink. Yup! And it smells so sweet when I do dishes now.

    2. Pete is now our official garage cat. I should not be surprised, except the decree came from LG. He’s now looking for a catdoor replacement for the one he sealed up after Miss Kitty (our last indoor/outdoor cat) passed years and years ago. Also, Pete gets gushy food in the mornings with his kibble. Pretty sure he’s a fixture now.

    3. Progress! I’m down to the last 13 pages of ASSASSIN’S MOON. I zipped through a bunch of chapters earlier this week but then I hit the “heavy lifting” part where the old characters were more involved and I’m having to “fix” that to delete them and include the Hard Target team. The good news is, more words! And a better, more in-depth story so win-win.

    4. Messenger message that Baseball Boy sent to Only yesterday: Really bad wreck at 164th and Western. It’s not me! After nearly 10 years in this family, he’s learning. LOL

    5. Lots of softball this week/weekend. The conference tournaments are in session. My OSU Cowgirls (#2 tournament seed) played yesterday and moved on to play Texas today. OU (#1 seed) had a bye. They take on Iowa State today (ISU beat Baylor). REALLY hoping that OU and OSU are in the finals and that maybe we can beat them. They already have the regular season Big 12 so it’d be REALLY wonderful if OSU could take the tournament title. We’ll see come tomorrw. Gotta get through Texas today, first. One game at a time.

    That’s my five and yay! I actually had five without having to stretch too much. LOLOL Have a great weekend all. 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    May 13th, 2022 at 3:20 pm · Link

    1. Great news that your eye seems to have healed.
    2. Yes, doing all the prep work for selling the house should be done without the added yoga and Maggie walks. That can be just too much ;).
    3. When you sold your old house the kids were little and I’m sure you had more energy. Also, the market has really changed. Around here you don’t have to anything to make the house look better and there will still be a bidding war.
    4. Saw the fire on the news and thought of you right away. I sure hope the firefighters are able to keep a hold on the fires this year. How nice of the firemen to go safe the cat. Those are heroes in my eyes.
    5. Maggie :) :). She has something against the koala but if she really hated it, she would kill it.

    1a. It’s been VERY warm around here all week. Mid 80’s which is hot this time of year. The air kicked on and I’m glad. We know it works ;).
    2a. It’s youngest birthday this Sunday and hubs on Monday. We can’t celebrate until the following Saturday because schedules just don’t line up.
    3a. Hubs is headed to TN on Tuesday and Harrison can’t wait. He sent hubs luggage tags with his photo on them stating that they were his Paw Paws bags. It’s just too cute.
    4a. My best friend is now a grandma. Baby Sophia was born Thursday at 12:39am. I’m so surprised how alert she is. Every one is very happy and blessed.
    5a. My brother had the bone scan Tuesday and speaks with the Dr. Monday to set the plan of attack. I think he will have the surgery if it hasn’t spread into his bones. Most people I know who have had prostate cancer do the surgery and recover well.

    I hope you have a super weekend. Don’t do too much work and maybe wear safety glasses. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Jenn
    May 13th, 2022 at 5:43 pm · Link

    Silver, man it would be awesome to let someone else worry about selling the house like that! One of the issues we’ve had is that any kind of short term rental is hard to get right now, so we’re trying to avoid that scenario. But then the market is changing so who knows. One day at a time and see how it goes. And the kitty rescue made me happy too. I suspect that in situations where they are losing the battle to save homes — because for all the bad out there, I believe there’s a lot of good too. it probably made a firefighter’s day to rescue an animal. Now for you:

    1) Yay for your bounty of honeysuckle! The timing is wonky with you not being able to have the window open though. At least you have the bunch by your window to enjoy while doing dishes.
    2) Ha! I figured Pete would be yours. He kind of chose you :-) LG is a good guy!
    3) That is AMAZING news!! Congrats on getting the huge amount of work done on the book and now you’re heading into the home stretch!
    4) So glad BB was not in the terrible wreck. (And sorry for those who were involved). And yeah, he’s learning! It’s hard to see that on the news, and not know if someone we love is part of it.
    5) Going to be a tense softball weekend for you! Hope your Cowgirls win the title!

    LOL great job on coming up with your five! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Jenn
    May 13th, 2022 at 5:51 pm · Link

    Viki, you’re right on it being too much, but I don’t seem to learn, LOL! And I’ve been using yoga to free up the pinched nerve and it’s helping. But I need to moderate my exercise a bit…um starting tomorrow. Or the next day :-) And I totally agree, firefights in general are heroes, but going the extra mile to save and animal elevates them in my eyes too!

    1) It’s always a relief when the AC comes on in the first heat wave.
    2) Happy Birthday to youngest and hubs! Did you ever think of anything else to get hubs? Wizard and I struggle more so I get it. I also understand trying to sync schedules to celebrate — it gets harder every year for us.
    3) Harrison is just so darned cute, and smart!! I love the luggage tag!
    4) Congrats to your friend and her daughter!! Such exciting news. This is the one you went to the shower for a bit ago, right? I know she was having a girl. I’m so happy for them and for you–your best friends grandchild has to be special to you!
    5) I’ll be praying for the most positive news for your brother, and for you because it’s just hard to go through this with your brother and your mom. Hang in there.

    I hope you have a good weekend, and good idea on me wearing safety glasses!

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