Jennifer Lyon

Friday, July 8th, 2022
Friday Five

TGIF! The weeks are whipping by so quickly! Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start. Now it’s time to dive into sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. It’s been a short week with the 4th on Monday, and it feels like it! It’s not like we have jobs, and yet, we always feel like we’re busy. But that’s better than being bored so no complaining here.
  2. Wednesday morning, one of Wizard’s dreams came true and he got a Mustang. Well, it’s his brothers very cool Mustang — a true muscle car. We went out to his brother’s house and brought it home so Wizard could get some minor work done on it (we have a good body shop). You had to see his brother giving Wizard instructions for like 15 minutes. I mean they’re both in the car, and his brother’s going over every little detail about driving it, and I’m trying so hard not to laugh. Both these men are retired but suddenly, they were 16 again. Too funny. FYI, I was following Wizard home, and I know I ruined his fun, LOL. He knew I was behind him, and that if he got a ticket, I would have videoed it and cheered the cop on while he or she wrote it. Seriously, I think that stopped him testing the car’s power and speed more than paying an actual traffic ticket and going to traffic school :-)
  3. Yesterday I spent sooooo long on the phone sorting out an issue with my expensive medication. But the good news is this: Two different people worked hard to help me so that I could continue on this medication. It’s a co-pay issue. The co-pay is not something anyone making less than the Bills, Jeffs and Elon’s of the world can afford monthly. But if this program works, I will be able to continue on the medication that has kept me stable for years. So while it’s not fun to be on the phone for these issues, I’m beyond grateful for the two people who worked hard to help me. So. Very. Grateful.
  4. I may try making Macarons (French cookie). I’ve been thinking about it, but I need to buy more cookie sheets, and somehow I always talk myself out of it, LOL. My first attempts will likely be failures or disappointments because, I’m told, it’s an art that takes time to learn. One day I will do it. Maybe soon.
  5. Biker Witch and I rescheduled our last Friday coffee date to today. Then this weekend, we will wait and see what comes our way.

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    July 8th, 2022 at 7:55 am · Link

    Yeah, holidays mess up the timing for everyone–LOL. Boys and their toys. :roll: I bet Wiz “tests” the ‘Stang when you aren’t with him. ;) Ugh on phone time but yay for helpful people and staying on the meds! Keeping fingers crossed. 🤞🏼 Macarons are not a fave but interesting that they are supposed to hard to make. I didn’t know that. And double yay for Biker Witch date! Okay, my five:

    1. It’s hot. I mean like 104 real temp (overnight lows in the upper 80s) and heat index in the 100 and teens. It’s bad and I fear what our electric bill will look like for July. Autumn can’t come fast enough!

    2. I found the photo I want to use for the cover of CROSSFIRE. Now all I have to do is…you know…WRITE the darn book! :roll:

    3. My Ring doorbell has been smokin’ something. It dings whenever someone walks down the street–with is about 50 feet away. It also dings and says there’s someone at my front door whenever the skunk visits at night. It does NOT ding for possums, raccoons, or cats. Must be the tail… :roll:

    4. Lots of “micro” food this week–stuff that can be cooked quick in the microwave that’s light. Last night was brats and hot links. We watched baseball and pretended we were at the ballpark. LOL

    5. Weekly Pete story. He’s figured out the cat door. To go out. Not to come in. I still have to “fix” the flap so it’s partially open for him to come inside the garage. Good news is, no more skunk smell out there so that’s a yay. He also likes to cheek rub ankles and feet–especially toes. (What is it with my cats and feet?!? Loki won’t let me pet him with my hand but if I use my foot? He’s ALL over that!) Anyway, Pete get’s so enthusiastic about it, he gets kinda dizzy and ends up falling over. We try not to laugh because being a cat, he meant to do that but…. :lol: What can I say? 😸😺🐈

    Stormy has soccer this weekend unless it’s too hot to play. The Kids leave after for their yearly baseball “pilgrimage” to St. Louis and this year, I get to keep Drover home because their Pathfinder is roadtrip worthy! And I’m giving blood Sunday. Then I’m hiding from the heat! Have a good one, witches. Stay cool!

  2. Viki S.
    July 8th, 2022 at 3:12 pm · Link

    1. I agree, weeks like this speed by. There never seems to be enough time to get things done.
    2. How cool for Wizard! I can hear BIL giving instructions. When I married my hubs he had a red Corvette. He was very nice about letting me drive it but I always was “schooled” first :lol: .
    3. The price of medication is crazy. I’m glad you had a couple nice people to help you. I hope it all works out so that you can keep your meds.
    4. I have never had a Macaron. They look good and I wish you baking success if you do try to make them this weekend.
    5. Sure hope you and Biker Witch got together for coffee today. And I hope yo have a fantastic weekend!

    1a. My brother called me yesterday. The urologist told him that the surgeon had misspoke to my brother and they did not get clear margins. They were too close to another part of his body that they were left with positive margins. The worse thing is the cancer is so aggressive that it had broken the wall within 2 weeks of the original biopsy. Once he’s healed from the surgery they will plan the attack.
    2a. Harrison gave his mom the Vid and she gave it to eldest. So Harrison is better and the parents are not. The parents are 4 times vaccinated too. I won’t get on my soap box but you can imagine what I’d say.
    3a. Hubs saw the doctor and the pop and pain in his abdomen where the hernia surgery was is Not a hernia. He’s to monitor the pain and if it hasn’t gone in 2 weeks he’s in for a CT and MRI.
    4a. I ordered a Blendjet off QVC two days ago and it has shipped. I thought it would be fun to make a smoothie for dinner whenever hubs goes to TN.
    5a. Youngest has been working so hard on the house. I still haven’t been there. I’ve never seen it except from the street. I think I’ll go over tomorrow if he’ll let me :-D .

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jenn
    July 8th, 2022 at 5:53 pm · Link

    Silver, I’m sure he’ll test the speed of the Mustang if he can. He’s brought it home a couple before to help his brother out with some stuff (really, he is helping his brother even if he’s enjoying it, LOL).

    1) I truly sympathize with the electric bill misery. But that kind of heat is dangerous, so run the a/c!
    2) What??? You mean finding the photo isn’t enough? Now you have to spit our words in a pattern that tells a story?? That doesn’t seem fair :-) But yay on finding the photo!
    3) Huh. I guess your ring doorbell has a quirky personality :-) Otherwise, the tail is as good an explanation as any. I know my neighbor can adjust his, but I don’t know if you guys have the same system so I’m no help at all.
    4) In that heat, you do what works! I laughed at pretending you were at the ballpark. I mean if the food is “right” it’s almost like being there! And as a bonus — there’s no traffic trying to get out of the parking lot for the drive home.
    5) I’d laugh too! Pete is such a character! Theoretically if he can go out the pet door, he should be able to come back in…but cats make their own rules. He’s making more progress each week. I swear he chose you guys. He’s a smart cat!

    Hope Stormy has a great game if they play, and you be extra careful giving blood with the heat. Lots of extra water and maybe some juice. Or sports drinks (I don’t care for them but do what works for you). Have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    July 8th, 2022 at 6:02 pm · Link

    Viki, that’s funny about your husband’s corvette :-) I did see Biker Witch today and totally lost track of time. We met at 10:30 then I looked at my watch and it was almost 3pm. I was so shocked, I made her check the the time too.

    1) Oh no, I’m really shocked about your brother. It clearly wasn’t as early stage as they originally believed. I’m sorry he’s facing more treatment. I was really hoping the surgery would get it all. I hope your brother is staying positive, there’s so much they can do now. I know this from a loved one of ours.
    2) Covids all over. All I can say is the vaccine booster protected us when we marinated in Covid at oldest’s house for a day. We were the only ones that didn’t get it. So I guess everyone’s milage varies. And viruses are wicked adaptable. They are actually fascinating if they’re aren’t out there disrupting lives and worse. Hope oldest and his wife get well quickly! Really good thing they knew Harrison had it before they came to see you too.
    3) Poor Hubs. I mean I’m glad it’s not his hernia, but I hate not knowing exactly what something is, and I’m guess you do too. I hope it goes away on it’s own.
    4) Sounds perfect! Hope you like the Blendjet when you get it! I frozen some ripe bananas to make smoothies that and keep forgetting, LOL.
    5) I’m sure youngest will be thrilled to have you come over! I can’t wait to hear about how it looks. I’m so impressed with all the hard work he’s put into it!

    I really hope you have a great weekend! I’m keeping your brother in my thoughts (and your mom too).

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