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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
Holiday Hangover

We had a great Christmas, and I got a Kindle! I’ve only downloaded two books so far, and lots of sample chapters.

I also got a cold, a weird one. I had something all last week, kind of a sore throat and mild stuffiness. Then the day after Christmas, it exploded into a full-blown, miserable cold. My immune system apparently has been on vacation since about August.  I hope none of you are sick!

Wizard and I saw two movies; HOW DO YOU KNOW which I found boring. And LITTLE FOCKERS, which had some amusing parts but seemed a little slow. But I was pretty sick so that could have been me.

I read a couple books: I finished Eve Silver’s SINS OF THE HEART and really loved it.  Then I read Pamela Palmer’s RAPTURE UNTAMED. That one started out a bit slow for me, but once I caught onto her world (because of course, the book I read is  in the middle of the series) I liked it. After that I read Lynsay Sands HUNGRY FOR YOU.  People love, love, LOVE her. I’ve read a couple of her books now and don’t feel quite that level of passion :-)

Now don’t kill me, but I tried a Lee Child book GONE TOMORROW and gave up half way through. But I think that’s because I was getting sick, I was dead tired, and I got my new Kindle and wanted to play with it. I’ll go back and finish the book when I’m not distracted and I bet I enjoy it then. I generally like his writing.

On my Kindle, I read Shiloh Walker’s, BEG ME, an erotic novella with a not-for-everyone storyline. I was really curious about this book from a review I’d read on Smexy.  I read it straight through, found it enjoyable, but not quite as compelling as Smexy did.   Right now, I’m reading ROOM by Emma Donoghue. This book is really different, told from a five year old’s perspective, and so far, I’m very intrigued.

Wow, I’ve gone on enough! So how was your holiday? Seen any moives? Read any books?

I’ll be hit and miss this week, but will be back to regular posting next Tuesday at the latest.

3 comments to “Holiday Hangover”

  1. Silver James
    December 28th, 2010 at 4:13 pm · Link

    I got an Amazon GC for Christmas. My download of Allison’s LOVE ME TO DEATH killed it. I also got three rereleases from Jayne Ann Krentz/Castle: AMARYLLIS, ZINNIA, and ORCHID. That in turn led to the entire ARCANE SOCIETY series. (Which is what actually killed the GC. ;) ) In the process of reading it now, though I haven’t bought all the books yet. One at a time. :D

    The Only and Baseball Boy are slowly moving stuff to the new place. Landlord is repainting and doing some repairs. They’ll move in Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, all their stuff will at least be out of the guest room so I can get it ready for wedding guest. The Black Hole(tm) ie. The Only’s room? I’m just gonna bring in a bulldozer because that’s going to be my new office SOONER than later!

    Sorry you’re sick. I’ll whip up some magic Get Well Cookies(tm) and Miracle Appletinis(tm) for you. Guaranteed to make you all better! ;)

  2. Jenn
    December 28th, 2010 at 5:13 pm · Link

    Silver, are you exhausted yet? You have had soooo much going on! The wedding is almost here! But you’re getting your house back, so it’s all good :-)

    You can’t go wrong with Krentz (in any of her names) or Allison!

    I was trying to convince Wizard the he should keep buying me gift cards for my Kindle, but so far, he’s not on board.

    I will be a Very Grateful Witch if you send the Magic Cookies and Miracle Appletinis to kill this cold.

  3. B.E. Sanderson
    January 2nd, 2011 at 9:36 am · Link

    Sorry I’m late. I hope you’re feeling better by now. My husband had some kind of stomach bug and I’m fighting to not catch it.

    I had the same experience trying to read a Lee Child. :shrug: It’s not you. And Rapture Untamed was probably my least favorite of that series so far, so don’t feel bad about that either. Go back to the beginning – Passion Untamed is so much better.

    The holidays were pretty relaxed around here. Husband and I didn’t really get each other anything, but Daughter got a Nook, so we’re playing with that. I did get some good reading done. Allison’s Love Me To Death was awesome. Monica McCarty’s The Ranger was incredible (if you’re into hot historical Highlanders, Monica is the bomb). =o)

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