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Monday, May 16th, 2011
Weekend Roundup

Saturday was awesome! I went to my local RWA Chapter meeting. Got to sign NIGHT MAGIC and chat with readers.  One lady bought the book for her mom, her 89 year old mom who loves hot, sexy paranromals.

How cool is that?

And Leanne Banks gave a brainstorming talk. I hung out with Laura Wright and had the pleasure of meeting Wendy, a FB friend, in person. Just a fun day.

But Sunday–ugh. Wizard had a fun day planned with his friends and that was canceled by rain. I was stuck home writing blogs–and I could not figure out a Murder She Writes blog. Wizard felt sorry for me and took me to see THOR.

But we got to the theater and found out the projection machine broke and the movie was cancelled. I was so freaking bummed.

We came home and I forced out the blog. You really don’t want to read it.  Just one of those days.

But I am sure today will be better!

How was your weekend?

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  1. B.E Sanderson
    May 16th, 2011 at 7:45 am · Link

    I just finished reading your post over at MSW, and I thought it was a good post. You’re too hard on yourself. =op

    Sorry your trip to see Thor was a bust, but Yay for your good meeting.

    My weekend was more of the same ol’ same ol’ – read, watch TV, crochet, think about writing, think about editing, eat. I thought Max was ready to go back outside (because, like, if he’s healthy enough to trash his room, he must be good enough to go outside), but after an hour, he overdid it and I brought him back in. Baby steps for the convalescing kitty.

  2. Ashlynn
    May 16th, 2011 at 9:51 am · Link

    So glad you had such a great meeting. I love my chapter meetings as well…even though I don’t get to go as often.

    I want to see Thor too! Hubster said he thought it would be corny. I said, what! Are you kidding? Thor looks HOT! hahaha

    No worries you will get to see it soon. And I have never read a bad blog by you. :-P Like BE said, you’re to hard on yourself.

  3. Silver James
    May 16th, 2011 at 10:06 am · Link

    You’re much better at pulling blogs out of your….witch’s hat than I am! It was a good post over at MSW.

    Weekend…Saturday, Lawyer Guy and I ran errands. I got a new power cord for my iPhone and hoped to get a silicon keyboard cover for my new MacBook Air. Nope. I have the smaller version. The Apple Store only carries them for the bigger Airs. Say what!?! Grrrr. The mall was so crazy, people were parking on the green spaces. We got some used bricks to fix a planter in the front yard (it’s only been…two(?) years since it was damaged by a tree). I’m not holding my breath but he also tells me he might have someone to fix his…work on the master shower. I’ve only been waiting…four(?) years to have that up and running again.

    Sunday, I caught up on DVR’d shows and downloaded Drop Box to both computers. I think I’m liking the “cloud” so far but we’ll see. Yeah, I’m slow to adopt technology. LOL

    And now it’s Monday again. All day. *sigh* :-P

  4. Jen Lyon
    May 16th, 2011 at 11:12 am · Link

    B.E., thanks, but I still didn’t love the post. I just had a blank day.

    Poor Max! And Poor You! He sounds like he’s at the cranky stage of healing. Really hope he’s 100 percent soon!

    I laughed at your “think about writing…thing about editing” comment. I do a lot of that myself :-)

  5. Jen Lyon
    May 16th, 2011 at 11:14 am · Link

    Ashlynn, you guys crack me up. I think I’m not hard enough on myself, or disciplined enough…or something.

    I hope your chapter meetings are close by. The support you get from there must be very helpful!

    I’m afraid now that I’m going to build up THOR in my head and be disappointed. That’s actually TWICE we tried to see it and couldn’t. But the first time was due to my son needed something so that doesn’t really count. Hope you get to see it!

  6. Jen Lyon
    May 16th, 2011 at 11:18 am · Link

    Silver, LOL! I will pull of post out of any place I can–I’m usually that desperate. But thanks for the kind words. I seriously wasn’t fishing, I was expressing frustration! I like fun posts better than craft posts.

    REALLY? Lawyer guy has someone to fix the shower? Seems to me he had someone once before…and that didn’t go so well? You are the QUEEN of Patience!!!

    I’m crossing my fingers for your planter.

    So if you can’t get it at the MAC store, what do you do?

    I’m slower than you on technology. I don’t have Cloud, I’m not sure what drop box is, and I don’t have a smart phone. And now, I haz a sad :-)

  7. Viki S.
    May 16th, 2011 at 11:28 am · Link

    Am really sorry that you didn’t get to see THOR. I hope you still have plans to go see it in the future.

    That’s fantastic about the 89 yr old mom. Just goes to show we’re never too old ;).

    Other than all the rain the weekend went well. My “baby” turned 19 yesterday and hubs turns 59 today so Saturday we took the family out to a Brazilian place for dinner. They have this huge salad bar and then they come around with meat on skewers and slice it off onto your plate. They have 15 different meats. The food was great but WAY over priced.

    I hope this week goes well for all of us.

  8. Jen Lyon
    May 16th, 2011 at 5:23 pm · Link

    Viki, I loved the 89 year old mom too! I think I’d want to hang out with her :-)

    Congrats on your baby’s birthday! But, ugh, 19 makes us feel old, doesn’t it? Or maybe that’s just me!

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