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Monday, December 26th, 2016
Holiday Roundup

And…we’re back! Christmas was a wild ride of joyous, exhausting chaos with the people I love most in the world. Today I feel a little like I got run over by a reindeer, LOL! I doubt I’ll get to the gym as I originally planned.

Can I just say that I did NOT ask Santa for these extra pounds? I never gain weight during the holidays, but this year, I’m sure I did. Time to get a little more health conscious :-) But in my defense…look at this beautiful cake that was a gift from my daughter-in-law’s sister:



Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a rolled cake, and I really wish I’d I remembered to take a picture of the inside but trust me it was a work of art. Everyone loved it. So see? How can I be blamed for gaining a little weight?

I had so many wonderful moments over the holiday weekend–we had Biker Witch (my sister) and her Biker Hubby over for Christmas Eve and we made a turkey dinner with a side of wine :-) It was a blast. We had a fun Christmas morning breakfast with two of our sons, Special K and her nieces. And in the afternoon we had a tamale dinner with Wizard’s family.

Today I’m back to work!  After all the socializing, my introvert side is longing for quiet writing time. Plus deadlines are looming and kind of (totally!) terrifying me.

One last thing, one of the gifts from CPA Boy and Speical K was the Amazon Echo named Alexa. Wizard now spends his days asking Alexa a million questions. It’s cute…until I’m trying to concentrate and I hear:

“Alexa, who is the greatest fighter of all time?”

“Alexa, how many calories in a slice of pizza?”

“Alexa, what is the temperature in Big Bear California?”

“Alexa, who won the NASCAR championship?”

And on it goes…LOLOL!! I may have to put a lock on Alexa to get a little peace to work :-)

How was your holiday weekend?


6 comments to “Holiday Roundup”

  1. B.E. Sanderson
    December 26th, 2016 at 7:33 am · Link

    Welcome back! LOL about the Christmas pounds. You look awesome, so if you did put on pounds, I wouldn’t know where you’re hiding them. But I understand how you could think you gained after looking at that cake. Gorgeous. I’m so glad you had a nice holiday weekend with your family. Too funny about Wizard and his new friend, Alexa.

    It was quiet here. As expected. I made a ham and a black forest cake. We ate loads. The temperatures were gorgeous, so we got out for a walk yesterday after dinner. (Which we both needed, trust me.) Then we watched John Wayne movies because AMC decided Christmas was a good day to do a cowboy movie marathon. And they were right. LOL

  2. Jenn
    December 26th, 2016 at 12:05 pm · Link

    B.E., thanks :-) I was so impressed with that cake.

    Wizard drove me insane with Alexa last night, LOL! He’s outside today so now I have her playing music.

    Black forest cake sounds yummy! Did you guys ever get snow there? Just wondering. Really glad you had a nice Christmas and got your John Wayne.

  3. Silver James
    December 26th, 2016 at 1:01 pm · Link

    What an amazing cake! She’s so talented. And I won’t talk about pounds if you won’t… Sounds like y’all had a wonderful time. And I think Alexa needs to develop batteryitis. ;)

    We were busy but in a laid-back way. Lots of nice family visit time, good food, and now trying to get back into the swing of things today. Have the “working” day is gone and I haven’t opened the WIP yet. I need to get on that. Deadlines wait for no writer!

  4. Viki S.
    December 26th, 2016 at 4:05 pm · Link

    I love the cake, it’s cute. I bet it was hard eating it. Sure would be bummed destroying it but I’m sure it tasted fantastic!

    You had a very busy holiday. Sounds like you were able to see most of the family over the weekend. You also had a wide variety of yummy food too. Sorry you think you gained some. Maybe you just think you did. I’m sure you’ll work it off soon either way.

    We did quite a bit too. We took Julie out to dinner Friday. It’s always going to be hard for her without her hubby. And our niece is a pain. She hadn’t talked to Julie for 2 1/2 weeks and she only lives 20 minutes away :(.

    Saturday hubs and I went to Mass and youngest was to order pizza. I checked their site and they were supposed to be open until 10 PM (this was 4 PM). They were closed so we had to work it out while sitting in church since all the kids and gals were showing up at our place at 5:15 ;). It all worked out :).

    Sunday morning I learned I will never be an alcoholic. I tried having Kringlecream in my coffee. It tasted great but I did not like the fumes of the alcohol in the morning ;).

    Wizard must have been having the time of his life questioning Alexa. Nice that you’re using her today :). What are you listening to? Middle son got me The Two Cellos. I love these two guys – they really jam on the cello :).

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  5. Jenn
    December 26th, 2016 at 5:36 pm · Link

    Silver, I’m glad you had a good Christmas! You needed a break, but getting back into it is a pain isn’t it? I started writing this morning then remembered I had to get a bunch of stuff to a formatter. I blink and the day’s gone.

    Wizard’s giving Alexa a break now, LOL! Hope you made some headway on your deadline today :-)

  6. Jenn
    December 26th, 2016 at 5:50 pm · Link

    Viki, sorry about Julie’s daughter. Unfortunately, the holidays seem to breed this kind of thing. I hope having dinner with you guys on Friday night helped her.

    I’d have been frustrated with the pizza place. It’s fine if they post it, I can understand they want time off too. But you were relying on their posted hours–that’s beyond frustrating. I guess it worked out but Mass isn’t the place you want to have to problem solve dinner.

    LOL on the alcoholic thing. I can’t do alcohol in the morning either. About once a year I have a Kaluha and coffee–but only in the afternoon.

    Sounds like you love the gift of The Two Cellos from middle son! This morning I was washing new dishes I got for Christmas and just had Alexa play a soft rock station from my Amazon Prime account. It was generic but worked for me while washing some new dishes and reorganizing a cupboard.

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