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Friday, October 12th, 2018
Friday Five

How can it be Friday??? Well to be fair, we didn’t get home from San Diego until Monday afternoon, so we sort of lost a day :-) So I’ll accept that it’s Friday, and time to share five random things around our week. Here’s mine:

  1. When Wizard and I got home Monday and got out of the car, guess who was here to greet us??? THE SNAKE!!! HE CAME BACK! We got everything in the house, and Wizard chased him into the street, and then we lost him again. We figured he had of made his way back to the front hill but weren’t sure where.
  2. Two days later, I took Maggie out with me to get the mail, and jokingly told her to “Your job is to find that snake.” Honest to God, she found him! He’d slithered to the trunk of a plant, curled around it and died (probably from a car, but we’re not sure). Wizard and I had looked for that snake and couldn’t find him. It took Maggie less than two minutes, LOL! I know it was coincidence, but it was freaky.
  3. Wednesday I did all my pre-op tests. Luckily the doctor visit, blood work and x-ray were all in the same building, so I got it all finished in a couple hours.  Then Wizard and I bought our new phones. Now my kids, sister and the rest of the universe can stop teasing us for  while :-)
  4. How many coyotes does it take to make a pack? I saw four yesterday morning when Maggie and I were walking. I spotted them, and they saw us too. I put Maggie in a stop/sit (it’s a quick command that drops her wherever she is) and I stopped, staying still. All four coyotes headed back up into the hills to where the wild life preservation was before the fire. Once they were far enough away for me to feel safe, I moved to the trail the farthest away from them and headed to the street. We were fortunate. I know they’re hungry and hunting, but they aren’t desperate enough to attack a full grown human with a dog. Maggie was really good, doing exactly what I told her too. She doesn’t always do that, but I’m assuming she sensed either my caution or the danger of the coyotes.
  5. Thursday, we went to see Baby Slayer. He’s cute as ever! We always have fun with him! Plus Special K helped Wizard with his new phone. Umm…Wizard doesn’t adapt well to change :-)

That’s my five. Today, Maggie goes to the vet for the remainder of her shots. Keep your fingers crossed for her, we believe she had a reaction to her rabies shot almost two weeks ago. Because Maggie’s Vet Tech is also my future daughter in law, she’s already talked to the vet about Maggie’s reaction to the rabies shot last time, and they advised me how to pre-treat her to, hopefully, lessen any reaction. Either way, these shots are important, so we’re going to do it and get her through it.

Now it’s your turn to share your Friday 5! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    October 12th, 2018 at 6:18 am · Link

    Ugh. Where did the week go? I like snakes, for the most part, but I don’t want them in my yard. Yay for Maggie! I’m glad the bloodwork is done and that you got new phones. Not sure how many coyotes are in an average pack, but I’m glad it worked out for you and Maggie. They’re usually pretty reclusive, but with the fire and the limited resources, they may not be acting like themselves. Yay for Baby Slayer. So cute!

    1) I’ve been doing landscaping/gardening work this week. Man, I am feeling it this morning. Lucky for me, it’s raining this morning so I can put off more work.
    2) I dug up the iris bed so I can put fresh dirt in. So many bulbs! 2 white garbage bags and a bucket worth. Just from that one bed. Now I have to figure out how many will go back in and how many I have to find new homes for.
    3) I’m supposed to get Unequal back from the editor this weekend. Fingers crossed it isn’t too awful.
    4) Fall finally arrived here. Dropped in like a rock. One day it was 85, the next day started out at 65 and dropped from there. We woke up the next day to 45. That should make the trees turn, if nothing else.
    5) I’m waiting for the bald eagles to return. They’re winter residents here. Should be any time now.

  2. Silver James
    October 12th, 2018 at 10:25 am · Link

    Maggie’s such a good dog! I’m with Wiz. I don’t do technological change well, either. Snakes are snakes and coyotes are coyotes, so long as they stay where they belong. So glad the wedding was wonderful and yay for the tests. It’ll all be good. Best of all, though, is Baby Slayer time! Yippee! Okay, my five.

    1) We’ve had lots of rain and a few storms. Boone (Fraidy Dog) gets in the master closet and often sleeps in there. Cooper (Idiot Dog) wants to go play in the rain. He also loves harassing his brother. During one of the storms, Coop stretched out in front of the door so Coop couldn’t get it open and get inside. During the next storm, Coop was laying against the door waiting for me to get up and let him out. I realised the door was shut all the way–and there was no sign of Boone. I shooed Coop, opened the door, and Boone almost knocked me down!

    2) I love my library. Most of the time. When there are books I want to read/listen to but don’t want to buy, I check there first. I can usually find them, even in audio.

    3) Like B.E., we went pretty much from summer to late fall and this weekend will feel more like winter. I’m glad. I’m ready for hot, gooey food.

    4) Flipped on the back patio light the other night, walked to the door (our house has weird wiring and light switch placement), started to open the door to let Idiot Dog out but caught some eye shine near the bird feeders. Two small skunks. Yeah, that was a close one! They did skitter on down the fence row and out after I banged on the windows. Now we always check to make sure there are no critters. The coons and possums I can deal with. Skunks? Not so much.

    5) I missed trash pickup both times this week. It was raining and I always feel bad for the guys on the truck when the weather’s bad. Good thing we didn’t generate much trash this week!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Silver James
    October 12th, 2018 at 10:27 am · Link

    Re: #1. I should have added that Boone was trapped INSIDE the closet by Coop. :lol:

  4. Jenn
    October 12th, 2018 at 12:48 pm · Link

    B.E., the coyotes startled, but didn’t terrify me. They were too skittish and didn’t want anything to do with us. I just wasn’t going to turn my back on them. Like you said, they have limited resources right now, and they could try to snatch Maggie. Although she’s 19 pounds, so she’s not tiny. Snakes are fine as long as they aren’t at my house, and I don’t want Maggie thinking they are fun like lizards and crickets. But now let’s talk about you!

    1) I bet you’re feeling the pain from all that work! A rainy day is the perfect time to take a break from it. But it’s going to all be worth it when you’re finished.
    2) You’ll find the perfect home for all the Iris’s!
    3) You and your editor are very experienced at this now and work well together, I predict a pretty easy set of edits :-)
    4) Wow Fall isn’t messing around with you! It’s been cooler here and nice, but you are having Real Weather!
    5) Maybe the bald eagles will show up this weekend.

    Have a great weekend and hope your soreness eases up.

  5. Jenn
    October 12th, 2018 at 12:59 pm · Link

    Silver, I get that, and it’s partly why I procrastinated new phones too. I knew I was going to switch from iPhone to Android, but poor Wizard took a big leap to a smartphone, and his frustration level was high for two days. He wants to master everything right away, while I’m a learn as I go kind of gal :-) And you’re so right about Baby Slayer! I’m trying to see him as much as possible before my surgery! But I want to talk about you!

    1) Hmmm….first off ROTFL at Cooper’s antics. You sure he’s an idiot? I mean he’s really tormenting his brother! It sounds a bit like my sons when they were young :-) But poor Boone. That terror is real. Maggie is scared of fireworks mostly because of the idiots up the street, so I get it. Boone needs his safe place.
    2) Kudos to your library!!! I’m back to using the romance package through my surgery and recovery. I’m thinking audio books will keep me sane those first few days and weeks.
    3) Winter is cozy! We are having coldish nights, brisk mornings and warm afternoons. But I’m breaking out stew, enchiladas and other cold weather foods too. Enjoy!!!
    4) SKUNK!!!! I like skunks, but not in my backyard. I sure don’t want them spraying my dog or yours!! Hopefully they’ll move on.
    5) Oops! Sorry you missed the trash pickup twice. I feel for those guys too, but we don’t get the deluge rain you guys get.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Viki S.
    October 12th, 2018 at 2:42 pm · Link

    1. Sorry the snake came back since you don’t like them. They eat nasty bugs.
    2. Good job Maggie on finding the snake. Sad that the snake was killed :(.
    3. Glad you got the pre-tests all done and congrats on the new phones. I hope you both learn them quick.
    4. Coyotes are not fun to deal with. Happy to hear that you and Maggie handled it well and that they went on their way. Do you carry one of those siren cans? They use them for bears and stuff. It might help with the coyotes too. They are in my woods and make the eeriest sounds in the early morning.
    5. Yes – Baby Slayer. He’s so cute. I show hubs his pictures and he can’t get over all that hair :).

    1a. Hubs and I just made “pigs” his mother’s stuff cabbage. Full of garlic and jalapenos :). They cook all day, so the house kind of stinks.
    2a. Harrison’s party is Sunday, his actual birthday. Can’t wait to see him open presents.
    3a. It got real cool here. It was near 90 on Wed and 50 today. Fighting hubs NOT to turn on the furnace. Maybe we’ll have a fire.
    4a. Got my hair done early. Cassie had a 25% off coupon that was expiring so she had me come in 2 weeks early :).
    5a. Saw a pumpkin roll at the store and bought a 1/2 sized one. I made them way back when I first got married but it’s easier to just buy it. Tastes really good.

    I hope you have a really great weekend.

  7. Jenn
    October 12th, 2018 at 5:12 pm · Link

    Viki, I don’t carry spray, although youngest son wants me to carry pepper spray. I do carry a piece of PVC pipe that Wizard cut for me. It’s lightweight enough, and i know how to do damage to a human with it, although I hope I never have to (One of my brothers was a black belt and owned a karate studio when I was growing up). It wouldn’t do much against a pack of coyotes though. Since I saw them, I’m sticking to the trail next to the school that’s more populated. They rarely go after a human target, but a pack might try to grab Maggie. Now we’ll talk about you!

    1) I loved cabbage that’s cooked right! Not sure I could do jalapeno peppers though, LOL! And yep, the scent of cabbage does linger.
    2) First birthdays are so special! Take lots of pictures of Harrison! How cool that his birthday fell on a weekend, so he can have his part on the actual day. He’ll have so much fun, and so will you!
    3) That’s a huge drop in a day or two!
    4) I’d do it early for that discount too! And you’ll look pretty at Harrison’s party with your freshly done hair :-)
    5) Sometimes it’s so much easier to just buy it! Enjoy your half-sized pumpkin roll.

    Hope you have a great weekend and tell Harrison Happy Birthday for me!

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