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Friday, May 3rd, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Okay here are five random things about my week:

  1. I’ve been making my gym goal every week, but today I have to skip because my arm and shoulder are cranky. Some of it is tendonitis that flared up in my elbow. I knew Monday I should make the doctor’s appointment to get the shot I need, and I didn’t follow through. Then yesterday afternoon I tried to get an appointment, but they were booked. Totally my fault for ignoring and procrastinating. I’ll take care of it after our vacation. It really won’t bother me much in Hawaii because I won’t be doing the repetitive motions, or lifting weights, that irritate it so I’m not worried about that.
  2. This weekend, Turbo should be coming over to visit!
  3. I’m so tired of not writing, or writing and not getting anywhere. But I’m focusing on Hawaii, then the book. I’m going to have to make some work-rules too, so that (1) I actually work, and (2) don’t get interrupted when I’m on a roll. I’m pretty sure Wizard will cooperate once I tell him, but Maggie…not so much, LOL! And I have to admit for the first time in my life, Writer’s Block is a thing. It’s a thing I’m conquering, but still–it’s a thing. There I said it.
  4. Maggie looks so cute and peaceful sleeping while I write this quick blog after dinner on Thursday night. She’s been lizard-hunting all day in the backyard and worn herself out.
  5. Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday. My rose-bush that my sister-in-law gave me when my mother passed many years ago is blooming, and it always makes me smile and think of my mom.  That single rose-bush has brought me years of memory-smiles. Interestingly, I went to my mom’s gravesite a couple of times but felt nothing. I look at a single bloom on that rose-bush and feel everything.

That’s my Friday Five, now I’d love to hear 5 random things about your week. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    May 3rd, 2019 at 5:09 am · Link

    Yay for hitting your gym goals, but boo for achy stuff that keeps you home. Yay for Turbo! Ugh, writer’s block – it sucks. Yay for Maggie the Lizard Hunter! And I think your rose bush is awesome.

    1) Blerg. I’m not sure if this is writer’s block or just a set of circumstances that I’m allowing to keep me from writing or editing or anything writerly. Sort of ‘I’ll write when I finish this edit… I’ll finish this edit once this and this and this fall into place…” and so nothing gets done.
    2) The house is super quiet right now. Just white noise – the computer humming, the fridge humming, the cat snoring, the coffee maker gurgling. The birds aren’t even up yet. It’s kind of peaceful and a little bit unnerving.
    3) With all the rain we’ve gotten so far this week, the lake has risen just under 4 feet. It should be creeping into the parking areas of two of my fishing spots right now, but not officially flooding anything else yet. As long as we don’t get any additional torrential stuff, we should be fine.
    4) The deer are looking fat-pregnant and uncomfortable. We should have babies within the month. :fingers crossed:
    5) My one surviving azalea bush is a riot of red right now. When I pulled the other bushes last year, I told it that it better prove that it wants to live or it’s getting yanked, too. I guess it showed me. ;o)

  2. Silver James
    May 3rd, 2019 at 10:50 am · Link

    *shakes “mother” finger* You promised you’d look after yourself. That means calling the doctor WHEN stuff happens, not put it off. As soon as you’re back from Hawaii. Which will be an awesome trip. Yes, WB is thing. Dagnabbit. Yay for Turbo Time(tm) and awww. Roses! Now for my five:

    1. Rain. We’ve had buckets of it and more due today. All the severe stuff has stayed away. *knocks on wood*

    2. I’m still sore from my collusion and fall with Boone-doggle. I ended up wrenching my left knee (opposite of side I fell on), with a slight muscle pull in both calf and thigh. Ice, ibuprofen, and heat are my BFFs.

    3. I want to figure out how to market like Starbucks. I have lots of reward stars. Do I spend them? No. I’m a sucker for the Star Streaks they run, buying stuff (instead of using rewards) just to get more stars. :roll: Wish I could market books like that.

    4. All the buds on my peony look like they might actually bloom. Normally, something–bugs or blight–gets them and they don’t get to full bloom. Maybe all the rain has helped. Also, my rose bush is putting out lots of blooms. Usually, I only get a few.

    5. I thought revising and re-releasing a book would get me off high center. Nope. I didn’t realize how incomplete this book turned out to be. I was under deadlined and used a different editor. Won’t do that again. Good news is, should be a better book when I get it finished. Today. That’s my goal. I have ten pages to edit, revise, update, add to, fix. I may have to add another chapter, but that’s okay. Book will be better. After a busy tomorrow, I’ll get back on the RDR book on Sunday. Yup. That’s what I’ma gonna do.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Viki S.
    May 3rd, 2019 at 3:02 pm · Link

    1. Naughty Jenn. I can’t yell at you because I would have put off calling the doc too. But you have been so good that I was surprised that you let it go.
    2. Turbo will be excellent medicine.
    3. Stay focused on your trip right now. Maggie will most likely try to get your attention when you’re back and writing but I’m sure Wizard will be glad to distract her.
    4. I know :) – when they’re sleeping they are SO cute. I bet Maggie had a blast tiring herself out chasing lizards.
    5. Very happy to hear that the rose bush is blooming and bringing up great memories of your mom.

    1a. There is a local junk discount store here that started 30 yrs ago. They have 30 stores around the area now from the 1 I started shopping at 30 yrs ago. Well they are celebrating and having 11 weekly giveaways. To my shock I won week 4. Can’t wait to see what I get other than give certs to various eateries in the Cleveland area.
    2a. Wednesday morning I slipped on the wet tile floor in the sun room and crashed big time. I still ache, but to look at me you wouldn’t know it. The bruising is limited. I thought my entire arm and hip would be black and blue.
    3a. Hubs rearranged his plants and racks in the sun room and now Spunk can climb them – NOT A GOOD THING. After his 3:30 am escaped I informed hubs he had to move things again. Currently he is doing this.
    4a. It’s warm and humid- yuck.
    5a. No big plans for the weekend. Hubs is watching Harrison Sunday so his parents can go see Avengers. I have to figure out when I can go. I know I can’t make 3 hrs and 5 mins without a potty break ;).

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    May 3rd, 2019 at 3:42 pm · Link

    B.E, thanks on all :-) Now for you:

    1) That could be writer’s block, or a form of creative procrastination. I vote for creative procrastination :-)
    2) You’re up early! And that is one of my favorite times of the day.
    3) Wow you guys really don’t need anymore rain if the lake is rising into the parking lot and your favorite fishing spots.
    4) Baby deer!! How cute! Although I bet the pregnant mom’s aren’t feeling very cute right now.
    5) You’re azalea bush definitely proved her will to live!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jenn
    May 3rd, 2019 at 3:50 pm · Link

    Silver…but…I meant to call the doctor, LOL!!! In my weak defense, it sometimes calms down on it’s own. Okay let’s talk about you:

    1) You, B.E., and I think Viki, are all getting a lot of rain! Fingers crossed nothing major comes your way.
    2) You must have twisted on that other knee when the collision happened. Twisting a knee truly hurts. Keep an eye on it, okay? You could have torn something, which is the last thing you need right now, but just watch it. I hope the overall soreness eases up soon!
    3) Starbucks had a genius marketing plan! And continues to do well so I’m right there on that!
    4) May your peony bloom! My one single rose bush is doing the same–I was just outside dead-heading and trimming it back before answering comments.
    5) Well at least you have a plan!!! You can do it!

    Although I think you might need to flat out rest up this weekend and recover from you Boone-collision. Hope you and LG have a good weekend!

  6. Jenn
    May 3rd, 2019 at 4:01 pm · Link

    Viki, I usually do stay on top of medical-type stuff, but this tendonitis is easy to ignore. I only feel it doing some things but not others. Semi-resting it will help, then I’ll get the shot. I need to go in to the doctor to get some routine wellness crap scheduled anyway. Now lets talk about you:

    1) How exciting! I never win, so I’m impressed that you do!
    2) Oh my gosh, Viki, that sounds awful! Falling on tile rarely ends well. Bruising can sometimes take away to show so keep an eye out. I feel badly for both you and Silver!
    3) Spunk!!! I’m pretty sure that’s funnier for me to read about than you dealing with it at 3:30 am!!!
    4) Humidity is always a Yuck for me.
    5) That movie is crazy long movie! My sister saw it and liked it, but said it was long. Hope Harrison and Grandpa have a great time together, and Harrison’s parents enjoy the Avengers.

    I really hope you heal quickly and you have a good weekend despite being sore from your fall.

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