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Friday, August 9th, 2019
Friday Five

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week! Here’s five random things about my week.

  1. I wrote five pages yesterday. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m happy I could do that. I know many people think I should start something new, but I can’t knowing I didn’t finish this trilogy. But I’ll never again publish before I finish or at least drafted. Life has too many curveballs ready to throw off our plans!
  2. A lizard lost the game of chase to Maggie :-( I had to dispose of said lizard because Wizard was off helping Youngest with his pool. The poor creature was totally intact and looked unharmed, just…not alive. Maggie really does like the chase part, and I guess she loses interest after that. It’s possible the little guy just died on its own too, since I didn’t see it to know for sure. Possible, but unlikely, given Maggie’s history of chasing lizards. Oh well, I love her anyway.
  3. Replacing the garage door opener turned into a major day and a half project. The biggest snafu was a wiring problem–caused by Wizards getting a staple through the wire. Shh…don’t tell him I told you :-) He knew it, but we both of us spent hours trying every other possible solution to avoid him having to rewire. The next day, he rewired it, and now the new opener is working great. He’s soooo much more patient with this stuff now that he’s retired and not under constant time pressures.
  4. Having only one car is inconvenient. In the scale of life problems, this is a minute one, but I’ll sure be glad to get our car back next week. I hope it’s ready as promised!
  5. Youngest and Fiance are in the process of moving into their new home, and should finish the bulk of it this weekend. Exciting times for them! I think I’ll bake youngest cookies too celebrate. You’re never too old for homemade cookies from your mom, right?

This weekend, I hope to see Turbo, but I also want to see my sister since it’s hard, boring and frustrating to recover from major surgery. The one-car situation, Youngest moving, and life in general has made it tricky, but I’ll work it out :-) Now I’d really like to hear five things about your week! If I don’t answer on Friday, I will sometime during the weekend, we may be coming and going a lot.

Have a safe and fun weekend!


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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    August 9th, 2019 at 5:43 am · Link

    Yay for pages! Aw, poor Maggie lost her toy. She probably accidentally broke its little neck. Bummer about the garage door issues, but yay for it being done. Fingers crossed your car is done on time. Yay for Youngest moving into his new home. And of course, you’re never too old for cookies from mom. I hope you get to do all the things you want to this weekend. =o)

    1) I fed the cat early this morning. I went into the kitchen for more coffee and she hit me with her patheticness – the mournful meow, the ‘I’m too weak from lack of food’ boneless way she lays. I’m such a sucker.
    2) I didn’t get any pages down this week, but I got a scene rewritten and I’m about halfway through changing one of the character’s voice and personality to make him more unique.
    3) The skies opened up and dumped a bucket on us last night. It’ll be interesting to find out how much rain we got. I’m predicting at least an inch.
    4) We were walking the other day and out in one of the fields, I spotted a doe trotting away from us. Then I saw a pair of ears poking up through the tall grasses in front of a bush. Mommy deer was leading the big bad predator people away from her fawn. So cute.
    5) Somebody in the neighborhood has guinea hens that they let wander free. They range all over the place, making little clucking noises for the most part. Except every once in a while, they make the most godawful racket – like someone is coming after them with an axe. They did that to me on my walk last night. And I’m all like ‘guys, chill out’, but it was no help. So loud. On my way back, they had settled down into the woods and ii was like they were whispering their clucks to each other. Such funny little things.

  2. Silver James
    August 9th, 2019 at 9:47 am · Link

    What B.E. said about your five, Jen. I like it when she makes that easy on me. 😂 Here’s my five:

    1. Finished editing RDR#9 (Cooper) and sent it off to NYC. I came in at 49,745 words. Hopefully, I don’t have to add anything because I’m nudging that 50K word limit. :roll:

    2. I’m taking my Nightrider books of Kindle Unlimited and going wide with them. That means taking all mention of Amazon out of them before I upload them to D2D for wide distribution. I’m down to the last 2. Next is getting the 2 books not in print formatted for print and uploaded to KDP. Not putting the novella in print.

    3. After weeks of extremely hot and dry weather, thunderstorms moved in over night. I sleep light when there’s thunder. At 2:15 am, when a huge crash sounded and thudded on the roof, I knew this morning would be fun. Not. A HUGE branch (I mean like the size of a tree) came down on the roof. The tree it split from is at least 60 years old and the trunk is about 8′ in diameter. It didn’t hit the utilities, the chimney, or any of the vent pipes but now we have a tree on our roof. And it’s still pouring. At least I’ll be able to find any leaks. 8-O

    4. Loki had another set of feline booster shots yesterday. He didn’t feel good and just wanted to hide and sleep. After the branch crashed, he got all snuggly. And wanted to play. I may need a nap.

    5. It’s National Book Lovers Day. It’s raining. I just want to curl up and listen to a good book and…nap. Of course I do!

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

  3. Viki S.
    August 10th, 2019 at 10:26 am · Link

    1. Good news even writing. Every little bit is a plus.
    2. Poor lizard. He may have had a heart attack. It happens with mice. I’m guessing Maggie was bummed too.
    3. What a pain with the garage door. I won’t tell on Wizard ;).
    4. Having only one car is a real pain. I think back to when we were kids and most families only had one car and got along fine. That just won’t fly anymore. We’re a spread out society.
    5. I think BLB will LOVE cookies. Good luck to BLB and fiance on the move.

    I hope you are able to see Biker Witch. She will love to see you. Are you taking Maggie along? She’d want to go.

    1a. Middle son took me out for the entire day. We went to the downtown Market and then to Asian town. I was looking for Thai chili pepper. Could get any, so I bought the pepper and will dry and grind them myself. We went to the Lake (Erie) and then to his place. Played with their cat and then went to the locally sourced restaurant in his building for lunch. After that we bought the cats grass and finally out to Amish country to a chocolate house and bought chocolate :). We had a great day.
    2a. Tonight we’re having my birthday dinner. We’re going to a little family owned Italian place where Harrison won’t be confined. Inexpensive and good :).
    3a. Had my second blood draw Thursday. Hope the results are better this time around. I hate drinking “sweat” water.
    4a. The generator people called wanting to install next week but we can’t commit because of the drive. They haven’t called yet. They were supposed to call by Friday if they were coming next week. Can’t postpone the drive like the generator.
    5a. Twisted my ankle on the machine yesterday. Not a good thing can’t put much pressure on it right now. Hope it straightens out by Monday.

    Sure hope you get to see Turbo! Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    August 11th, 2019 at 11:29 am · Link

    B.E., it’s a marathon weekend, but it looks like I’m getting to do all the things I want to do :-) Okay let’s talk about you:

    1) I know that powerful look our animals can give us to inspire us to feed them!
    2) That’s all part of writing!
    3) If you did get an inch, that’s a lot of rain in a short time, especially in summer (yeah, I know, summer storms are a thing).
    4) Good Mommy Deer! I love that story.
    5) When I first read your #5 on my phone, I read guinea pigs, not guinea hens, and I was like, whoa, I had no idea they made that noise. And I wondered why a bunch of pet guinea pigs were outside on your walk. Then I reread it on the computer screen and it make more sense :-) Guess “chill out” isn’t part of their vocab, LOL!

    Hope your weekend is going well!

  5. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    August 11th, 2019 at 11:37 am · Link

    Silver, glad B.E. makes answering easy for you, LOL!

    1) You’re amazing for getting the book done and off to NY, and for coming in under that 50k word count!
    2) Going wide can be a lot of work, but it should be worth it.
    3) YIKES Silver! First, I hope there’s no leaks or damage to the roof. But how do you get that massive tree branch off? Now that is a real problem (unlike my whining about the car being in the shop). I’m sorry that happened, but very relieved it didn’t hit power lines and start a fire, and any other worse case scenarios.
    4) Hopefully Loki has recovered from his shot, and you got some rest.
    5) Doesn’t everyone want to curl up and listen (or read) a good book????

    Really hope your weekend was better than Thursday night when the branch fell!

  6. Jennifer Lyon Apodaca
    August 11th, 2019 at 11:50 am · Link

    Viki, it’s possible the lizard had a heart attack. I felt bad for the little guy :-( Being down to one car made me realize how much of life Wizard and I “divide and conquer” because we have the convenience of two cars. We’ve had to recalibrate to adjust for the two weeks without it. Fingers crossed we get it back Tuesday afternoon, or at least Wednesday. Now for you:

    1) Sounds like you and Middle Son had a fabulous and really busy day! Special days with one kid is priceless, isn’t it? I’d have loved seeing Amish Chocolate House! I’d have come out 10 pounds heavier, LOL!
    2) HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIKI!! I think your birthday is actually this week though, right? I love those inexpensive but good (I think of them as relaxed and homey) restaurants. Hope you had a great dinner, and Harrison had fun too!
    3) Hmm, not sure what the blood draw is for, but crossing my fingers the second time gives you the results you want.
    4) Cordianting things like delivering the generator around getting the driveway redone is a headache. Hope it gets sorted out quickly.
    5) Oh no on your ankle! I’m sorry. Really hope it’s not too bad a twist and it heals quickly.

    Hope your weekend is going well!

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