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Friday, December 6th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Can you believe we’re 6 days into December? It seems like it should be about March :-) Okay, let’s jump into our Friday Five, where we share five random things about our week.

  1. Although I normally don’t get into the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, this year, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m as healed as I’m going to get, and I want to focus on exercise and writing.
  2. This week, Biker Witch and I went out and had a girl’s day out together. Then she had the nerve to go on a trip without me. Rude! :-)
  3. We’ve decorated the house, ordered and picked up my Christmas cards, updated and printed the labels for the cards, and I got a small start on Christmas shopping. One thing I love this year is our family–Wizard, myself, our sons and wives, are doing a secret santa thing. We each get one name to buy for so everyone gets a gift, but since it’s just one person to focus on instead of eight, it’s a lot less stress and expense. Special K set it up, including a way to post gift suggestions. I’m already hoping this is our new  tradition.
  4. I got my new glasses, and I’m really happy with the frames. I chose them so fast, I was worried if I’d like them or not. And glasses aren’t cheap! But I was super happy when I picked them up. Wizard really likes them too. It was hilarious when he tried on my glasses, and for the gazillionth time, told me my vision is bad. No kidding. But my contacts make my life much easier, and my glasses do the job when I take my contacts out, so that’s something to be very grateful for. Many people have it much worse.
  5. Maggie’s Christmas gift is coming tomorrow, but I’m worried I won’t have the self-control to wait until Christmas to give it to her. I’m already planning to get her something else too, LOL!

That’s my five random things, and now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    December 6th, 2019 at 7:18 am · Link

    Good for you on the resolutions! Yay for girls’ day out! (Shame on Biker Witch for not taking you on her trip.) The Secret Santa thing sounds fun. Christmas can be hard when all the kids grow up and get spouses and double the number of people to buy for. Yay for finding a solution to that! Yay for pretty new glasses! LOL, I think waiting to give gifts is harder than waiting to get gifts. Yay for Maggie’s prezzies!

    1) Speaking of glasses, yesterday we were clearing dead limbs off the property and I did something stupid. I stomped on a limb to get it to break in the middle and it flipped back up and hit me in the face. Right across the bridge of the nose. I’m not horribly disfigured or anything. Just a scratch, but it made wearing my reading glasses uncomfortable last night.
    2) I got two batches of bread baked and ready to go in the mail as prezzies. Now I’m debating on making oatmeal cookies to send along, too. Or granola bars to send to the Kid. I’m a baking fool. ;o)
    3) Speaking of granola bars, I learned the hard way not to use rolled oats in the recipe. Instead of bars, I got granola crumbles. Hubs still likes them, but they’re kinda messy.
    4) The book I was trying to read last night before my nose said nope is chock full of description at the beginning like the author was drunk on his own words. I’m trying to forge ahead to see if it gets any better, but right now, wading through all that to get to the action (it’s billed as a paranormal thriller) is more effort than I want in a book. We’ll see how it goes today (if I can wear my glasses later).
    5) I really need to start doing Christmas cards so they have time to get all over the country before Christmas. I can’t believe I’m so behind on stuff this year.

  2. Silver James
    December 6th, 2019 at 9:38 am · Link

    Those aren’t resolutions, they’re goals. :) Yay for Biker Witch time but you need to leave her behind on your next trip. ;) We should do the Secret Santa thing for the adults. Stormy always gets presents from everyone! Yay for new glasses! And yeah, you’ll give it when it comes and get more Maggie prezzies. 😂

    Okay, my five:

    1. My tree is up. Of course, it never came down. 🤣 I may (or may not) get the decorations up in the dining room and porch today.

    2. I thought I’d be finished with my February book by now. Real Life and the characters intervened. RL took time out of my day too often to focus for any length of time and when I did have time, the characters would throw me a curve ball and I’d end up adding a chapter. Not a bad thing but still… :roll:

    3. Mother Nature can’t decide which season she wants to be. Yesterday, the temps were in the high 60s and very Spring-like. Today? Yeah, not so much.

    4. Loki is getting more dog-like. Sort of. His new trick is to flop down in the floor in front of LG or I, stretching and exposing his belly for rubs. Boone does this, except he doesn’t flop down, he’s already laying in the traffic pattern, but he goes belly-up to get pets. Jake just rolls his eyes then sits pretty and offers a paw for attention. Ah, furry kids.

    5. I made patty melts for dinner last night. Made them last week and we remembered how much we enjoy them. Texas toast, cheese, grilled onions, and hamburger patty. Total yummers! After onions and square burgers are cooked, I do the bread on a griddle, grilled in butter with a piece of cheese on each slice. Onions go on one half, followed by meat, then topped with the second slice and flipped when it goes on the plate. Totally not healthy but oh-so-good!

    Yeah, been a quiet week, but hey! I made it through 5 things without having to stop and think of something, so there’s that. Now it’s time to write. I gotta get this WIP done so I can edit (gotta add in some sexy bits) and get it to my editor.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Viki S.
    December 6th, 2019 at 3:39 pm · Link

    1. I don’t make resolutions either but good job being pro-active.
    2. Glad you got out with Biker Witch before she abandoned you for her trip.
    3. Good job decorating and planning. Great idea on the secret Santa one gift. That really will be a stress reliever.
    4. That’s fantastic that you really like your new glasses. Even when spending a great deal of time picking out frames I can hate them when I get them. Good thing is I only wear them to drive. Wizard is so funny. In all honesty, I used to do the same thing to John.
    5. Betting 60/40 that Maggie gets her present ;).

    1a. My new phone arrived. Waiting for the case and screen protector to get here before we do anything with it. It’s a pretty purple ;).
    2a. Harrison got a Thomas train set to go around the tree. It is the sweetest thing to see his face light up watching the train go around the tracks.
    3a. Today middle is 31 – but I’m still 26 :lol: . How can that be? Ha ha.
    4a. I only have to pick up gift cards and something for hubs and then I’m done shopping!
    5a. Will start writing out Christmas cards on Sunday. I really hate doing them because my hands just can’t take it anymore :(.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Jenn
    December 6th, 2019 at 5:14 pm · Link

    B.E., waiting is hard! Maggie will likely get her present early, LOL.

    1) On no!!! That had to hurt. Just glad it’s not worse, and hope you heal quickly.
    2) I vote for oatmeal cookies! No reason, I just thought maybe I should vote :-)
    3) I’d eat those granola crumbles on my breakfast yogurt. But that’s good to know if I ever decide to make granola bars. I look at recipes, but never do it for some reason.
    4) Ugh, but I find fantasy books often are big on description. I guess it’s the world building. Although I’ve just started one that seems to have a good balance so far. (The book is Eragon by Christopher Paolini)
    5) Christmas cards are tough if you handwrite them all. Because of my RA, I order cards now and use labels. I just finished mine. Hope you get yours done soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jenn
    December 6th, 2019 at 5:27 pm · Link

    Silver, yep they’re goals. My resolution is to give some priority to myself and my goals this year :-)

    1) You’re ahead of all of us by leaving your tree up!
    2) RL and characters have obviously colluded to make this book a challenge for you.
    3) Mother’s Nature doesn’t like to be predictable, LOL! FYI, high 60s is cold fall weather here.
    4) Loki must love attention! How cute is that? And Jake with his paw would melt my heart. But then, I pretty much love all animals.
    5) I has a sad about your patty melts. We are having plain old hamburger patties tonight…I’d much rather have your amazing Patty Melts. My mouth is totally begging, but my stomach swears it will make my pay if I try it. Glad you enjoyed them so much!!

    Hope you had the Writing Zoomies today! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Jenn
    December 6th, 2019 at 5:36 pm · Link

    Viki, glasses are tough to choose, and like you, I’ve hated mine when I pick them up. I usually only wear mine at night, but I want decent ones in case I can’t wear my contacts. My glasses are a grayscale and bigger than my usual, but I’m happy enough.

    1) Is the waiting killing you on your phone? Purple is always a good color (and Biker Witch’s favorite)
    2) Harrison is always cute! But I can see why he’d love watching Thomas the Train circling the tree.
    3) It’s possible because you look 26 in the pictures I’ve seen of you! Happy Birthday to Middle! I believe you guys went out to dinner already to celebrate, but I hope he’s had a great day.
    4) Wow!! You’re always so far ahead of me with Christmas. I do nothing until Thanksgiving.
    5) I’m so sorry writing out the cards causes you so much pain. I had to stop doing it that way for the same reason, plus my neck. Wizard set up the labels, and I have cards printed. It’s not as personal, but pain just isn’t worth it. Hope you don’t suffer too much!

    Have a great weekend!

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