Jennifer Lyon

Friday, April 24th, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF!! It’s time to share five random things about our week:

  1. It’s HOT here. In the 90s! Last week was cold and rainy. Crazy. The upside is everything is green and pretty.
  2. I’ve been able to get a little writing done this week. It’s been a fight to carve a path for the last quarter (maybe a third) of this book. But one step at a time. I’ve tried varying things to find ways to write with my physical issues, and some things have helped!
  3. Speaking of changes. At the beginning of the year, I tried some different things with my diet to help my stomach, and to my utter surprise, it’s improved probably 30 or 40%. It’s unlikely my stomach will ever be “perfect” for…well…reasons. But three things helped, cutting way down on artificial sweeteners (diet coke :-( ) and dairy, and increasing whole grains. My own opinion is that this is a highly individual thing, and this is what works for me at this time in my life :-)  FYI, this isn’t weight loss, LOL! I’ve gained which I think is age and Wizard being around more and eating more :-)
  4. I ordered a new inexpensive chair from Target for Maggie. The old chair is literally disintegrating. We ignored it for weeks, but last Friday I was fed up and ordered the chair. We’re still waiting for delivery… LOL! Who knows when/if it’ll show up these days.
  5.  This is me surviving CoronaVirus. I’m just embracing the low maintenance vibe.

So that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope you have a great and healthy weekend.

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    April 24th, 2020 at 7:58 am · Link

    Hello, pretty lady! Looking good. Low maintenance is awesome. Go you with the writing and the figuring ways around the ouchies. And go you for finding new ways to eat that help offset the stuffs. Oh, man, new chair for Maggie? That chair is going to be missed. But yay for a new and better place to sleep!

    1) I keep telling myself I’m going to cut my hair, which I always do before I shower, and then I find myself standing under the spray cursing the fact that I forgot to cut my hair again.
    2) My irises are starting to bloom. And my anemones. And my columbines. I love Spring.
    3) The newly annexed part of the yard is starting to fill in with green things and we’re at the point where we can see what all those little trees actually are. Sometime between now and fall, I’ll decide which trees get to stay and which ones have to go.
    4) I got to watch two pairs of ospreys out at the lake the other day. I love watching them dive into the water after fish. They didn’t come out with anything this time, but it’s cool when they lift off with a big ol’ fish in their talons.
    5) I feel the need to bake something again today. Not sure what, but something. Too bad I’m out of ice cream, or it’d be a cake. Can’t have cake without ice creams.

  2. Silver James
    April 24th, 2020 at 8:55 am · Link

    Hey, we all gotta figure out what works for us, no matter what we’re “fixing.” Go you! Yay for a new Maggie chair. I hope she loves it as much as the old one. And you’re lookin’ good there! Okay. My five…

    1. Don’t get me started on bureacracy and the IRS. FIVE DAYS! It took FIVE FRIGGIN’ DAYS to do something that should have taken FIVE MINUTES if they had designed their portal correctly. Grrrrrr

    2. We managed to miss all the severe storms this week. Got rain and some thunder but the bad stuff hit other parts of the state. Sorry for them but have to admit, glad it wasn’t us.

    3. Looks like my honeysuckle isn’t going to bloom this year. This makes me sad. It’s a HUGE bush right outside my office window and I love having the window open and the scent of honeysuckle drifting in. Since it isn’t going to cooperate, Imma gonna cut that sucker waaaay back because it is huge and blocks my view of the street.

    4. Boone, after almost a year, is starting to not freak out when Loki gets close. A month ago, if Loki flopped beside him and snuck up on his paws or tail to “play,” Boone freaked, struggled to his feet (OLD dog with arthritis) and move away. Now he just moves his feet and stares at the cat. Which Loki is okay with because all he wants is a reaction. Cats!

    5. Had a Zoom meeting yesterday with the other authors in the Tarpley VFD series. Our next set of books will come out February 16,2021 and instead of first, I’ll be last. I’m okay with that. It does mean that I’ll get to finish up the over-all plot arc so yay! Also, I’ll have at least five scenes written “for me.” I’ll be including one key scene from each previous book in mine, but as seen through the eyes of my charactesr. That will be fun! No, really. It will. Seriously! :D

    And that’s it for me. Remember, we’re #AloneTogether. Stay safe, sane, and healthy! And have a great weekend.

  3. Viki S.
    April 24th, 2020 at 3:17 pm · Link

    1. Sorry it’s so hot already. The weather has just been crazy with all the ups and downs. Wednesday afternoon we had snow – go figure.
    2. Nice news on the writing front. Sure hope you are able to get around the physical restraints.
    3. That’s fantastic news on the change in diet. You are so right in that each person is different. So happy you found a regime that works. Sorry about the weight gain but you’re probably right – getting older really sinks ;).
    4. Maggie is one fortunate pup :). I hope her new chair arrives soon and that she loves it.
    5. I love low maintenance. You look great!

    1a. The mask my girlfriend sent arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly :).
    2a. All the trees are budding and my allergies are not happy.
    3a. I’m really getting tired of the virus stuff. Wish they’d all shut up and let people practice being grown -ups.
    4a. I’ve been having hot poker like pain going through my thumbs all day for the past two days. Driving me nuts!
    5. I think I have 3/4 inch roots. It’s been 8 weeks and my hair looks like it. If it had gone white like my great grandfather I would not be coloring it at all. Too bad it went from blond the silver :(. Can’t wait to high the precious metal ;).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Jenn
    April 24th, 2020 at 6:10 pm · Link

    B.E, thanks on all :-)

    1) I do that kind of stuff too! Although I sure don’t want to try to cut my own hair. Not my skill set.
    2) Enjoy the beauty.
    3) That must be tough to decide which trees to thin out.
    4) It’s amazing to watch birds fish like that!
    5) Hope you found something to bake.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jenn
    April 24th, 2020 at 6:15 pm · Link

    Silver, let’s jump to your five:

    1) The IRS is a mess right now. So sorry you had to deal with it.
    2) Man I’m glad you guys didn’t get hit with the full brunt. I heard there were some deaths :-(
    3) That Honeysuckle is going to wish it had bloomed. Although cutting it back might help it to bloom next year.
    4) I saw the video with Loki, Boone and Jake! So cute. Loki is actually a good kitten, he backed off before REALLY annoying Boone or Jake. They are all so cute!
    5) I believe you that it will be fun! And congrats on doing more books with the group!

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  6. Jenn
    April 24th, 2020 at 6:26 pm · Link

    Viki, thanks for all. I had to email Target today trying to find out where Maggie’s chair it. I understand if it’s delayed, but I’m not getting any communication. Anyway on to you:

    1) That is so awesome on the mask your girlfriend sent you.
    2) Ugh on allergies! I’m sorry. It’s causing me mega headaches at night after I lay down, so I can sympathise.
    3) I hear you. I wish people would act like grown ups all around.
    4) Yikes Viki, that’s pretty bad pain. I hate that you’re suffering.
    5) It sucks doesn’t it? I have six week roots, which I was trying to show in the pic, plus washing out brassy color. But in the scheme of things, I’ll deal with this until it’s safe for my hairdresser.

    Hope your thumb improves and you have a nice weekend.

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