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Friday, August 21st, 2020
Friday Five

TGIF! Time to share five random things about our week:

  1. The book and I are in a duel. I just cut two scenes. One is useless so no loss there, the other one I think is more important but not in the right place…or something. I’m letting the voices in my head argue about it while I work on the next scene :-)  And drink wine.
  2. I don’t remember much about this week. Probably because this revision has confused and confounded my brain cells into mush.
  3. I hit my elbow funny bone on a cupboard the other night. The shock of pain was so stunning, I danced around the kitchen, unable to say anything. It was swelling so fast, both Wizard and I were like: Is it even possible to break an elbow putting away a wine glass? Long story short, after 30 minutes of ice and elevation, it dramatically improved and we breathed a sigh of relief. A day later, it’s just another bruise in my collection. The moral of this story is don’t hit your funny bone that hard. Trust me. But if you do, drink more wine first and you won’t care :-)
  4. The heat and humidity are brual, and fires are burning all over California. We are fine, but I worry for all the firefighters and people who are in the path of the flames. In case anyone is wondering, lightning has caused a lot of these fires. Weather and the terrain feeds them, and make them both difficult and dangerous to fight.
  5. Today I’m making Copycat Nothing Bundt Red Velvet Cake cupcakes to take over to CPA Boy’s house for dinner. I’ve made them before and they turned out good, so hopefully they will again. I also bought ingredients to make bread, but it’s too hot to do that right now. I’ll bake these cupcakes early in the morning.

This weekend I’ll yell at the book and drink more wine. And try hard NOT to hit my funny bone. Now I’d love to hear five random things about your week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    August 21st, 2020 at 9:06 am · Link

    OUCH! I hate when that happens–not-so-funny bones AND character arguments. I always worry during fire season. Glad y’all are safe. And yay for wine and red velvet cupcakes. Hrm…someone needs to make a red velvet cupcake wine. Just sayin’…

    My five:

    1. For once, my characters are nice and pre-written snippets are finding homes in the natural flow of the story. Not a whole lot of new words but progress.

    2. I made buffalo chicken parmesan chicken strips for dinner last night. With steak fries and fruit. Easy and tasty. (Yay for Shake-n-Bake!)

    3. I need to refill my hummingbird feeder but every time I think about it, it’s during the time when they’re around. I need to just go out there, snatch it, wash it and refill all quick like so they don’t miss it.

    4. Our weather cooled a little this week but heating back up for the weekend. We’ve suffered summers like California is having. My sympathies!

    5. I gave myself a haircut yesterday. This is not new. I’ve been cutting my own hair off and on since high school but especially since the one hairdress I had as an adult ran off to Florida with her sugarhoney. I took it short but not as short as I really want it. Soooo tempted to get out the clippers, put the longest guard on it and just shave away. I swear the short I cut it, the faster it grows. Ah well.

    And that’s my very unexciting, uninspiring five for the week. Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay cool, safe, and sane!

  2. Viki S.
    August 21st, 2020 at 3:18 pm · Link

    1. Sorry you and the book at duking it out. I really wish it would behave. Maybe if you gave the characters some of those chocolates you just made :)?
    2. I have had many weeks like that – have no idea what happened :lol: .
    3. Your poor elbow! I think we are all banging ourselves up even more than normal due to being trapped all the time with this stupid virus.
    4. Those fires are just awful. How I wish it would cool down and give those poor firefighters a break. Good to know that you are all safe. I pray constantly for everyone dealing with the fires.
    5. Good mom. Have a great time at CPA boy’s house for dinner. Those cupcakes will certainly be a hit.

    1a. Heard from one of my very best friends from HS on Monday. We haven’t seen each other in 29 years. She and her hubs bought a cottage 2 hours from here (they live full time in NY). We’re going to get together Sunday around noon and have a few hours walking in the local parks.
    2a. Cassie is doing my hair tomorrow for the last time unless she goes to a new salon closer to here. Because her salon is closing they offered her a position at another 30 minutes even farther west from here. With the nerve pain in my legs, I can’t do that drive.
    3a. I made a purchase online via Walmart and realized I used hubs credit card instead of mine. So I canceled it 12 minutes later. Walmart said all was good but the seller set me an email saying they had already shipped the item. I wrote a nastygram telling them there was no way they shipped in 12 mins and they were pulling a fast one. They could just contact the shipper and call the package back. Lo and behold, the next day I get an email from them saying the order was canceled :).
    4a. My eyes are changing. I used to need mild distance glasses to see signs clearly while driving. The past couple months I noticed that with the glasses things were blurry. I’ve gone to plain old sunglasses and all is good. Still need 150 for reading ;).
    5a. It’s a Malbec night tonight :). Don’t really need it but I want it.

    Sure hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Jenn
    August 21st, 2020 at 6:24 pm · Link

    Silver, judging by the amount of people who like red velvet cupcakes, I’m sure that wine would be a hit!

    1) I’m impressed! And jealous :-)
    2) Sounds yummy. I haven’t used Shake-n-bake in years, but it used to be a staple.
    3) The hummingbirds will appreciate the refill.
    4) Ugh, sorry you guys are suffering too. I’m just grateful the air is working.
    5) That was rude of your hairdresser! But, hey, you have skills! I can’t cut hair at all. I have to fork out money and time for mine, sigh.

    Hope you have a great weekend! And FYI, your number 1 was inspiring :-)

  4. Jenn
    August 21st, 2020 at 6:30 pm · Link

    Viki, good idea, I’ll throw some chocolates at them tomorrow…except I’m taking them all tonight :-)

    1) How wonderful that she’s bought a place closer, and you get to spend a chunk of time with her this weekend.
    2) That’s good news/bad news. Good for Cassie to have a new position, but bad for you since you can’t do the drive. It’s hard to find a new hairdresser, especially now :-(
    3) I’ve had JC Penny insist they couldn’t cancel after a few minutes like that. Frustrating. But it sounds like you got yours fully cancelled. Good for you!
    4) Those eye changes happen, but it sure seems weird, doesn’t it?
    5) Hope you enjoyed the Malbec!

    Have a great weekend and have fun with your friend!

  5. B.E. Sanderson
    August 22nd, 2020 at 6:20 am · Link

    Wow. I can’t believe I missed the Friday Five. Weird. But then again life is weird these days. Sorry your book is giving you fits. Oh, ouch for your elbow. I hate doing that. Positive thoughts winging their way west against those damn fires. Yay for cake!

    1) This is the last week for Owl in Missouri. She moves into her dorm next Saturday (assigned time for move-in and all that).
    2) Today, I’m making un-stuffed peppers, which is basically stuffed peppers except you chop up the peppers and mix them with the stuffing then bake.
    3) I’m on day 22 of writing every day. Today, I should finish this book I started earlier in the year. :fingers crossed: The first draft will top out around 60K with about 40% of that written this month.
    4) I’m worried I totally rushed the end of this thing, throwing things at the wall all willy-nilly to wrap up all the threads. Thank goodness for edits.
    5) Gah, I feel like I’m so behind on stuff. I mean, other than the book. I’ll spend some time today catching up, if I can.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Jenn
    August 23rd, 2020 at 6:44 pm · Link

    B.E., I was convinced Sunday was Monday…we all do it!

    1) It’s going to be strange with her gone again.
    2) Hope your unstuffed peppers were good!
    3) I saw you finished your first draft! Congrats! What an amazing thing to write it so fast!
    4) That’s what edits are for. They aren’t fun, but they are necessary to make the book flow, get the pacing write and get the characters all shiny and ready for their closeup!
    5) You’ll catch up, but we can’t always do it all. Getting that book written is HUGE!!! Enjoy the moment!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

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