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Friday, March 26th, 2021
Friday Five

Sorry for the late post! I had it set up correctly, but it glitched and didn’t post

TGIF! Let’s jump into sharing 5 random things about our week.

  1. Yesterday Turbo and Special K came over and spent the day here. It turns out that when Turbo says, “Grandma will you play with me?” I will crawl all over the house playing cars. My car is the bad guy trying to escape and Turbo’s car is the police. I may be crippled when I try to get out of bed this morning, but when Turbo says, “Grandma…” I melt and do whatever he wants. That laughter you hear in the background is Special K cracking up because Grandma will do anything Turbo wants :-) (I love her so much! And she’s awesome to drive all the way out here and spend the day with us.)
  2. This whole week has been a game of Catch Up and I’m losing :-( It’s nothing bad, just one of those weeks where life is happening faster than I’m moving, LOL.
  3. I took Maggie in for her recheck after the bladder stones, and her PH is still high enough to be concerning. I’m a little surprised, but we’re going to try a round of meds and see if that helps. I’ll start her on the meds today and give it 30 days. I’m also going to be more diligent about giving her distilled or filtered water.
  4. Maggie got pounced on by another off leash dog this week. In this case, it was a silly young German shepherd. He didn’t mean harm, but he’s twice Maggie’s size (Maggie’s fine). I’m just over it. We’ve had a very serious dog attack in our family just about two weeks ago (I can’t talk about it because authorities are involved) but I’m too angry to even deal with irresponsible owners.
  5. This weekend, we are going to see Middle Son and his wife for her birthday. And I get to visit my two grandpups, I’m so looking forward to spending time with all them!

That’s my week, now I’d love to hear about yours! I hope you all have a great weekend!

4 comments to “Friday Five”

  1. Silver James
    March 26th, 2021 at 12:12 pm · Link

    Boo glitches. Yay Turbo Time and family. Boo bad pupper parent. Poor Maggie. Hope this round of meds works. Also hope whoever was attacked is recovering. My five:

    1. I glitched my blog on Tuesday. Had the autopost time set for PM instead of AM. Oops. Luckily, I was awake enough to figure it out, reset and was only an hour late.

    2. Jake got to see all his friends at Wallyworld today. One said he’s her favorite dog to come into the store. Then he got his puppercino at Starbucks. He’s currently snoring in the middle of my office.

    3. Writing has been slow. Progress but not huge strides. Some new words but mostly some figuring out of finer plot points and deciding this one might not have a “real” antagonist. I think I’m okay with that. We’ll see once I type The End.

    4. After a chilly start, the week is ending on a hummer of a day. Blue skies, bright sunshine, and going up to the mid-70s. I am soooo ready.

    5. Discovered new leaves on my honeysuckle bush! 🤞 it’ll come back enough to bud and bloom this year. After the deep freeze, it looked dead with only a handful of dead leaves. I was afraid it was dead. When I went out to clean the bird bath and fill the feeder, I saw new leaves. I’m heartened! Also, while I didn’t get a daffodil on my birthday, the daffodils made up for it late. Every clump has multiple blooms.

    That’s my springy report. Have a great weekend, everyone! 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    March 26th, 2021 at 3:04 pm · Link

    1. I can SO see you crawling around on the floor playing with Turbo :). I sure hope you were able to move later, I know that crippled feeling.
    2. Catch up weeks are good but like you implied, it often seems as if we’re moving backwards and never getting al we planned accomplished ;).
    3. Poor Maggie. I hope the meds work. Making sure to give her filtered water should help a great deal too.
    4. Again, poor Maggie! People that don’t leash their dogs are beyond irresponsible. They are cruel, and not only to the other animals but to their own as well. Happy to know that Maggie wasn’t hurt.
    5. Happy Birthday to middle’s wife! You should have a great time!

    1a. We have a robin that has been smacking into our house windows. We cover a window and it moves on to another one. We have too damn many to cover them all and I kind of like being able to look outside. Anyone have a BB gun ( I only have guns that contain bullets).
    2a. Leave it to me to be the odd ball. Yesterday my arm started itching like crazy where I had my first shot last Wednesday. Seems I’m one of the 5% of Moderna people that developed “Covid arm.” It’s a raised red itchy hard rash at the injection area. They say it’s proof that my immune system is working. Oh goody :).
    3a. Harrison’s mom has laid down the law for all of us fully vaccinated. I don’t buy have the stuff the CDC and the powers at be say but I’m going along to keep peace. My problem with her “new” mandate is that she isn’t even following their guidance. She’s much more strict.
    4a. We’re still limping along getting the furnace to run some times and some times not. Hopefully our guy can get here early next week. Let’s hope it’s a simple fix too.
    5a. Took Spunk to the vet Tuesday and they told me to give him a 1/4 Pepcid AC every evening with dinner for 14 days to see if that will help with the burp sound he’s been making. We’ve done two days and no success yet. She said I may have to go to 1/4 pill twice a day. We’ll see.

    I sure hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Jenn
    March 26th, 2021 at 3:31 pm · Link

    Silver, thanks on all. We’ll do all we can to help prevent Maggie getting more stones, but I’m also aware that sometimes we don’t really have as much control as we think :-). The person is recovering, thank you.

    1) I’ve had that am/pm glitch happen too :-)
    2) Jake has a fan club!
    3) Hm, but “real” antagonist, I’m wondering if you mean it’s not a person but a situation or a cause? Or something else? I’m curious, but I can also wait until the book comes out. I’d definitely rather talk about your writing than mine!
    4) Love 70 degree days! Hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!
    5) I’m impressed your honeysuckle survived that deep freeze! I’m also glad the daffodils are making up for not giving you your birthday bloom.

    I loved your springy report, and hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    March 26th, 2021 at 3:47 pm · Link

    Viki, I was less sore than I expected, so that’s a win :-) I suspect some of my annoying fatigue my me the shot triggering my immune system, which is good to develop antibodies, but not ideal for my RA. However it will level out in time. Thanks on Maggie too.

    1) That must be incredibly annoying to have that bird repeating hitting windows. I wish I had a solution.
    2) So sorry you have to deal with the rash. I don’t think I’d heard of that side effect :-(
    3) The CDC is much less concerned about kids with Covid, so I’m a little surprised, but Harrison’s mom must have her reasons. I’m really sorry for you and hubs, and Harrison’s uncles. This has been such a tough time for parents to balance keep kids well while making sure they are getting the family circle that is so vital to their emotional development. But Harrison sure sounds like he’s thriving.
    5) I feel for Spunk. If he’s burping like that, he must have having some digestion discomfort. I hope the Pepcid begins to calm it down for him.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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