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Friday, February 4th, 2022
Friday Five

Blooper Alert! I scheduled this for February 14th instead of the 4th. Too much on my mind, LOL! Sorry for the late post.

TGIF! Let’s dive right into sharing five random things about our week:

  1. I think I might have set a records for the length of time I haven’t baked while at the same time not writing.  But we have other stuff keeping my attention so that’s good for now. But I’m getting restless…so we’ll see.
  2. Right before the first of the year, it looked like I had a small split on my thumb. I assumed it was from all the baking and dishes I did at the holidays. Fast forward and a month later, there’s a little swollen knot and pain if I touch it exactly right, but it wasn’t progressing like an infection. I could not get this thing to break open because callouses had formed. Finally I solved the mystery–a splinter! It must have gone in vertically, and I couldn’t find it until my body pushed it up. It only took a month, LOL
  3. I was walking yesterday morning, when I spotted a strange guy loitering on the other side of the street who didn’t belong there. I was above the school where enough people were around to hear me, so I kept going. Once I got far enough up the street to be out of view, the guy crossed the street to start walking behind me into the stretch where no one would likely see me.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I’m like…oh hell no. I surprised myself here as I’m rarely physically aggressive unless I feel backed into a corner.  I stopped, letting Maggie smell to double check both our positions, and sure enough he’s following behind me in his zip up sweatshirt with the hood pulled half over his face. I told Maggie, let’s go and I started walking purposefully straight at him with full-on eye contact and my hand on the trigger of my pepper spray in my pocket. I don’t know his intentions, but I knew mine–he wasn’t catching me by surprise. The guy looked startled, then he hauled butt off the sidewalk back to the other side of the street and never looked my way again. I may have made an innocent man uncomfortable, but he was definitely setting off my alarm bells. And I believe in trusting our internal alarm bells. Being safe trumps being nice. Every single time.  Keep in mind, I walk this all the time and know most everyone at least by sight.
  4. We’ve had a lot of winds and some cooler temps, but nothing like the storms much of the country is suffering. I’m so sorry for all of you going through brutal streaks of Cranky Winter’s wrath. I want to gently remind Winter, that we could use a little more rain here and to give the rest of the regions some relief. Nothing too crazy, we don’t need mudslides, just a bit of rain here and there.
  5. My windows are so dirty. I know darn well if I clean them, it will rain. So maybe I should make a pan of brownies instead? That’s logical right???

That’s my kind of lame five (except #3, that one is not lame in my humble opinion). Now I really want to hear your five! I hope everyone has a warm, safe and good weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    February 4th, 2022 at 1:59 pm · Link

    Wow, that’s quite the hiatus for you! My money is on baking making a comeback first. ;) LG has one of those splinters in his foot and it hasn’t worked out enough to “retrieve.” I’m forseeing a trip to his primary care doc soon (it’s been OVER a month now.) HOLY CRAP! Good on you. I’ll lay odds that dude was NOT innocent. FYI, I hoped you alerted neighbors at least. Me? I’d have called him in just to make a report, with no need for the cops to actually come out–just a record that this dude with this description was acting suspeciously. If wash windows AND cars, I bet you get rain. Just sayin’… Okay, my five.

    1. Speaking of the weather. We are current at a whopping 22 degrees at noonish, which is a heat wave compared to the last two days. We got over 7″ of snow. It’s pretty to look at, sucky to be out in. 🥶

    2. Okay. Got interrupted. It is now one-ish and we’ve hit 26 which is our forcast high. At least the sun in shining and the wind isn’t sweeping down the plain!. They had to close a state highway due to a series of 7-foot PLUS snowdrifts. ❄

    3. I made chili the first night of the storm. It was hot, gooey, and yummy. There’s been a Frito shortage but I’d grabbed two backs the last time I saw some on the shelves so it was all good. (We do the whole Frito chili pie thing.) 😋

    4. Boone is still climbing on things to run into bookcases and walls. We can’t figure out why but LG is off to Petsmart to get an elevated bed to see if that will solve the problem at night. I have the feeling the local shelter will be getting a donation of an elevated bed sooner than later. 🐶

    5. I’ve given up Diet Coke after 30+ years for…reasons. Pepsi Zero Sugar isn’t bad and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. 🥤

    That’s my five. For those with winter weather, stay safe, warm and dry. For those with normal weather, enjoy and stay safe! Have a great weekend wherever you are! 🥰

  2. Viki S.
    February 4th, 2022 at 3:28 pm · Link

    1. It is surprising that you haven’t baked anything lately. I’m sure you will be back at it in a blink of an eye.
    2. Ouch! I glad you finally got the splinter removed. That can be so awful. When middle was 4 hubs took the two older boys to NC for a vacation while I stayed home with the baby. The night they got back I went to put middle in the bath and noticed a spike coming out of his finger nail. After pulling it out (it was 1/4 long) I was able to determine that he must have hit his hand on our huge cactus and the spike went into the nailbed and broke off. He never complained so we had no clue. Being in the ocean salt water must have made it surface. He had a hole in his nail for a couple months.
    3. Oh man, that must have been frightening. Sounds like you did the right thing and chased him off.
    4. I hope the winds aren’t too strong and that you are able to enjoy the cooler weather.
    5. Did you make brownies? It is so true that as soon as you clean the windows it rains. I hope you have better
    luck. My windows are terrible too but it’s too cold to clean mine.

    1a. It has snowed like crazy the past couple days. We have over 3 feet on the deck. Yesterday was an utter mess. We were not able to go to a memorial service because the roads were so bad. Youngest went.
    2a. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the other day and they turned out crispy. I think my butter may have been too warm. Hubs took some to Harrison and he liked them :).
    3a. Ever go through those freak out moments when you can’t remember when a CD comes due? Happened to me today. I finally tracked it down. I never got the certificate because the bank printer wasn’t working and they never sent it to me. Needless to say, I have plenty of time ;). It comes due in August.
    4a. I keep trying to talk hubs into having butternut squash soup for dinner. It’s 14F and dropping so I thought it was a great idea. He’s not going for it. He wants pizza. We’ll see ;).
    5a. I picked up our free N95 masks from CVS the other day. They let me pick up for each member of the household (that was nice). They offered me either 3 masks per person or a gift bag with three masks within per person. I took the gift bags and am happy I did. They put all kinds of very useful health and cold items in the bags. There was also a coupon book of all the items. Even youngest was impressed.

    I hope you have a very nice weekend!

  3. B.E. Sanderson
    February 4th, 2022 at 6:42 pm · Link

    Doooood. You absolutely rock. If he was looking for an easy mark, he definitely did not want to go after you. I hope when you got home you wrote down everything you could remember about him so that if you hear of crimes in that area, you can give the details to the police. (I watch a lot of crime shows.) =oO

    1) We got about 8 inches of snow. We dug out the driveway yesterday, but they still haven’t plowed our road. Turds.
    2) I have no place to go and nowhere to be, so I only want the roads cleared so we can get mail. And so the bus can get in to pick up the little girl next door.
    3) It’s nice having the new house next door occupied with a young family. For a while there, I was the youngest person back here LOL. Now we have a couple in their thirties with two kids. And they have a dog. Maybe they’ll let me play with the dog.
    4) I think you already saw my big excitement for the week – a broad-winged hawk caught another bird in our yard. I think it was a Brewer’s blackbird, but I only had leftover bits and feathers to go off of. Nature’s cool, but gross.
    5) It’s supposed to be cold cold tonight, but tomorrow it’ll get into the 40s, so that should take care of a lot of the white stuff. Yay.

  4. Jenn
    February 4th, 2022 at 10:15 pm · Link

    Silver, I hope LG’s splinter comes out so you don’t have to make the trip. It’s really frustrating when you can’t get them.

    I should have called to make a report on the guy. I was more focused on looking for other dog walkers to warn them. We tend to warn each others and just didn’t think of reporting it when I got home. I regret that now and next time I will.

    1) I’ve seen the crazy cold and snow in the weather reports. I hope you’re all staying warm and safe inside! Hope the ferals are okay too.
    2) Wow! Those are some impressive snowdrifts!
    3) Chili sounds perfect! Smart to stock up on Fritos. I have a few things I stock up on when I find it too.
    4) Hmm, Boone’s not doing it in the day? I hope the elevated bed works, but I’m thinking you’re right. Poor Boone, and poor you guys not getting much sleep.
    5) You’re a better woman than me to give up Diet Coke. I do like Dr. Pepper Zero, but Pepsi makes me sad. Hope you and Pepsi Zero Sugar become good friends!

    I hope you guys warm up and get a break from the winter craziness! I feel guilty that our weather is mild. Hope you have a great weekend! Oh and let me know how Boone’s doing, I’m a little worried about him.

  5. Jenn
    February 4th, 2022 at 10:38 pm · Link

    Viki, you’re poor son! That was a pretty long cactus needle. I bet you’re right though, and the salt water helped.

    I did make brownies, but they’re just from a box so nothing fancy. I might just do the two windows in my kitchen that are bugging me the most, and save the rest for later :-)

    1) I’m sorry you had to miss the memorial service. It’s hard enough to grieve, and missing that just adds to it. The weather really is brutal for you.
    2) Of course Harrison loved the cookies Grandma made! And if he’s happy that’s what really matters :-) I’d bet butter was the culprit too.
    3) I hate those moments! So glad you found the paperwork and have plenty of time.
    4) I had to laugh at hubs wanting pizza. Wizard would too! I’d go for the soup. Hope you get your wish!
    5) Wow I’m impressed too! And surprised. Those gift bags sound very useful. Even better to be stocked up during the ugly weather you guys are having.

    Hope you guys have a good weekend and stay warm!

  6. Jenn
    February 4th, 2022 at 10:50 pm · Link

    B.E., you guys are making great suggestions and I will do that next time. I’ve had a few weird things happen, but this is the first time I thought could mean harm. I really should have wrote down the details and called the non-emergency number to the sheriff to let them know he was loitering (skulking is a more accurate word) by the elementary school. I watch crime shows sometimes too :-) And thanks, although I was operating more on instinct than thinking things out so I can’t take real credit. I grew up with a much older brother who taught karate and self defense. It’s weird what comes back to you when you’re in a fear situation.

    1) Man you all are getting pounded.
    2) I’d want to be able to get out if I had too, so you sound reasonable to me. I hope the little girl was able to get on your bus (if it was safe for the bus to be on the road) and you got your mail.
    3) They sound like a nice family. I’d want to play with the dog too :-) The neighbors girls always come out if they see Maggie to play with her. I like it, and hopefully your neighbor will feel the same.
    4) I feel the same, cool but gross! Those hawks are pretty amazing hunters. You have your own nature channel in your back yard, and that’s cool too.
    5) The 40’s still sounds cold to me, LOL. But it’s an improvement over your current temps.

    Enjoy the “warmer” weather and have a great weekend!

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