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Monday, June 27th, 2022
Weekend Roundup

My weekend was good. Saturday morning we went out to see Middle Son and pick up the wine they bought for us on their trip. They travel more than us and will pick up whatever we request, then we pay them. So basically, we have a wine dealer, LOL!

Saturday night, I got to go visit Phoebe, one of my grand dogs. She’s the goofball golden retriever whom I’ve come to love very much. When I walked in the house, greeted me with typical golden retriever joy, and that is just priceless. I love that she knows and trusts me now. While I made her dinner, she sat right by my side making sure I did it right. Evidently I did because she wolfed it down. I spent, I don’t know, maybe 40 minutes with her and really enjoying hanging out with her.

Sunday, I didn’t do much. I had some plans but a cranky stomach overruled that. It’s my own fault for doing things like stressing and eating anything besides white rice and Jello :-) But I’m fine now. By yesterday afternoon I felt better and spent an hour in the pool while Maggie tried to coax a lizard out from it’s hiding place. The lizard refused to budge.

On the cookie front, I made the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last Friday and then when I baked them, I REMEMEBERED I DIDN’T LIKE THE RECIPE! I don’t like the texture or the way they bake. I purposely tossed out the recipe so I wouldn’t use it again, then when I got a craving, I forgot I disliked it and searched out the same freaking recipe on my go-to baking site. I’m shaking my head at myself. Why???? I guess I just don’t make oatmeal cookies much. Wizard likes them, and we eat them, but still…I’m mad about it. I have an oatmeal pumpkin recipe that I sometimes use when I looking for a healthier operation, and I REALLY wish I’d made those instead. They’d have been a much in my opinion.

So that was my weekend (well most of it, I’ll share more later this week), how was yours?

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    June 27th, 2022 at 6:37 am · Link

    Yay for a good weekend and time with the grandpup and pool time. Bummer about the stomach thing, but I get it. Yay for Maggie’s diligent lizard surveillance. Those lizards will get up to no good if they aren’t watched, doncha know. Boo for bad cookies.

    I spent most of the weekend decompressing from my first foray into working in 18 years. I also did some outside stuff which resulted in a slew of bug bites, so I really wish I’d just stayed inside. I made applesauce bread – one loaf to take to work and another for the neighbors. That poor gal still hasn’t gotten her appliances, her kitchen cabinets came in damaged and until those are fixed, they can’t install the counters. I feel for them, so I bake. I never did get to offer to watch their kids, but now it’s for the best since I have a full-time job. I love my job, by the way. Busy busy busy, which is good for me. =o)

  2. Silver James
    June 27th, 2022 at 7:04 am · Link

    Goldens are such sweet goofballs! Yay for pupper time and wine and is there a way to mark that recipe on the site so you don’t use it again? Yay for pool time and smart lizard. Sorry for the stress though. :(

    Was mostly a down weekend–as in we didn’t do anything. Saturday was too hot–heat advisory. Cool front came through on Sunday which made for a nice day but I was so worn out I went back to bed after feeding the ferals at 6 a.m. I dozed of and on until 10 a.m. I haven’t done that in ages. No significant work done. I really gotta get outta my head.

    Boring life. I do have to tell a funny on myself though. Jake and I made a Starbucks run yesterday, once I was actually up and moving. New barista at the window who didn’t understand why I asked for a “pup cup” in an oatmeal cup. Jake can’t get his muzzle into a regular cup. I tried to roll down the window to show how big he is when she balked a little. The window wouldn’t go down so I stabbed the childlock button. It still wouldn’t go down so I called Jake, he sat up and stuck his head between the seats so she could see. Lightbulb came on for her. We got his “correct” pup cup.

    On the way home, I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel. It suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t “pushing” the window buttons for them to go down, I was “pulling” them, which makes the windows go up. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Tha’s my senior moment for the month.

    Off to Wallywolrd, then laundry while the weather is relatively cool, relatively speaking. LOL Have a great week, all!

  3. Viki S.
    June 27th, 2022 at 2:26 pm · Link

    How nice to have your own private wine service :-D and you get to visit too.

    Oh I bet Phoebe loved you visiting her. Goldens are so crazy fun. I guessing you were rolled in :lol: .

    I’m sorry that your belly was upset yesterday. Stress is a big trigger. Spending time in the pool watching Maggie trying to play with Mr. Lizard sounds nice and relaxing.

    Oh no on the cookie front. We love oatmeal cookies and make them quiet a bit in the cooler months. I like mine with tons of raisins and soft/chewy. You best delete the recipe from your favorite recipe site.

    It was hot and humid here all weekend. The grass pollen count was super high. Yes, I stayed inside most of the time.

    Saturday morning getting out of the shower, hubs heard a pop and his lower belly ached. It looks like one of the hernia surgeries sites (he had both sides done about 7 yrs ago) has let go. Now trying to get him to contact the doctor is not working.
    Harrison and family are coming up this Friday and hubs is going back with them on Monday the 4th. I told him that I’d be VERY ticked off if he doesn’t have something set up with Dr.’s before he left. Knowing that he has an appointment to be seen will give me a little better feeling with him going to TN for a few days with a crazy 4 yr old.

    Youngest is having a hard time laying the floor in his house. He has to have it all done by Thursday and he’s working full time. They are supposed to move his and his girlfriend in Thursday night. Her house is being rented to someone Friday morning.

    Middle came over for a bit yesterday with DIL. It was a nice visit.

    I have to go to Walmart tomorrow to buy all kinds of stuff eldest can’t get in TN like his UTZ pretzel sticks. I guess there is a local company in Nashville and the stores will only carry that brand. I kind of like that they are supporting local business but also understand having favorite food brands too.

    I sure hope you have a great afternoon!

  4. Jenn
    June 27th, 2022 at 4:12 pm · Link

    B.E., Congratulations on your new job!! That’s exiting and probably exhausting, LOL! But you’ll adjust in no time. Being busy is better than being bored, for sure. I’m really happy for you!

    Sorry for the bug bites :-( Those suck.

    I feel for your neighbor too. It’s so frustrating. And we may be living the same problems with our house so I’m even more sympathetic. I bet they really appreciate you baking for them!

    It’s soo hot here, but Maggie’s on the job with the lizards!

  5. Jenn
    June 27th, 2022 at 4:23 pm · Link

    Silver, Goldens are goofballs and its hard not to love them. She’s older now, so her antics have toned down, but her happiness at seeing me made my day. The stress was all normal, and I think we had less stress than some, so I can’t complain. Oh and I’ll check to see if I can mark that recipe. I keep a binder of recipes that I’ve tested and like, usually with my notes. I’m surprised I went back twice for the same one, LOL.

    The heat is rough. We’re having it here, but probably with less humidity. Still it’s HOT, so I can see why you slept on the cooler day.

    I’m glad Jake finally got the right cup! But on your experience with the window — I’ve done similar things! I rarely roll down the windows, so half the time, I’m confused. It’s annoying as I’ve had the car for years now. Don’t feel bad! We all do stuff like that!

    By the way, if it feels better. Susan Elizabeth Phillips put a story out of falling for a credit card fishing scam. that’s a mistake with real consequences so your window snafu was nothing! SEP realized she’d done it quickly and called her credit card company BEFORE anything was fraudulently charged so all is fine. But we all do those “what was I thinking things.

    Hope you got your errands done before the serious heat hit!

  6. Jenn
    June 27th, 2022 at 4:33 pm · Link

    Viki, it’s pretty nice to have our own wine service, LOL! I’m with you on the cookies, I love soft and chewy too. This was so my fault though. But Wizard is happy enough so that’s good.

    Stress triggers so many things! But sometimes, I don’t even know what does it. I try to roll with it as much as I can though.

    Wow, poor Hubs! I’d be worried too. Wizard is good about calling the doctor, but I can imagine your frustration at your husband procrastinating. Telling him he has to get the appt before going back with Harrison and family is a great incentive. That would motivate Wizard!

    Laying floors is hard work, precise and time consuming. I bet he’s really feeing the stress. I hope he gets it all done, or at least the main areas done before they have to move in. On the other hand, it’s really exciting they’re going to be moving in soon!

    Glad you got to visit with Middle and daughter in law.

    They are going to love you getting them their favorite snacks and other items that they can’t get in TN. Some things vary by region like that. And it is nice that they support local businesses.

    I hope the heat lets up for you soon! Have a great evening!

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