Jennifer Lyon

Friday, July 22nd, 2022
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s jump right into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. The stress of this week got to me and I made cookies. Some people have a drinking problems, some have a gambling problems…I have a baking problem :-) It’s a real thing, LOL. So I ran to an outlet grocery store and got Belgium chocolate chunks in both semi sweet and dark chocolate. Then I make chocolate chunk cookies and I’m happy with the way they turned out. Hmm…wait do I have a problem and I’m bragging about it???? I may be too far gone to save!
  2. Yesterday Wizard’s out of state brother came with his girlfriend. It was awesome to him!! He also stopped and picked up Wizard’s mom and her husband. That was lovely. But the day had some glitches. We took them to the only sit down restaurant in town, had a waitress who, when we didn’t order in the way she preferred, snapped instructions like a drill sergeant. The food wasn’t great and I wasn’t impressed with the cleanliness. Then we took them to the models of our new house — and there was a note on the door that they were closed for the day. I’m sure the restaurant and model home are facing staffing issues and stresses, but it made for a lot of frustration. However everyone seemed to take it all in stride, we came back to our house and ate cookies.
  3. We took the beloved Mustang that is fast as heck but sucks gas at $12.00 a gallon, back to Wizard’s brother (another brother — he has 3 of them, LOL). The body work turned out great and the car looks amazing. Even more impressive, I managed to follow Wizard all the way there. Lets just say that Wizard can be a rather, um, aggressive, driver. It’s about 50 miles each way, so it’s quite a drive.
  4. While at Wizard’s brothers, I ran upstairs to use the restroom, and met their newish dog. Wizard had warned me that this dog bites if he doesn’t know you. My sister-in-law had the dog in her arms, I saw hello, did my thing, then came out and talked to my sister-in-law doing my best to ignore the dog. (Eye contact and aggressive movements will trigger a scared dog) It turned out my sister-in-law is working with a trainer, and when the dog growled and worry-barked a little bit, she corrected him, and he stopped. I love talking about dogs and training, so we kept chatting, when all of a sudden to two guys called up the stairs,  “Isn’t the dog barking or growing?” I said no, and Wizard was soooo annoyed. “He barks at me!” I laughed and told him that’s because we have different energies and I’m not afraid of the dog just to annoy him. The truth is a combination of the amazing work my sister-in-law has been putting into this with the trainer and the fact that the dog is really sweet at heart. He just doesn’t know what to do when new people show up, but he’s clearly willing to learn. But annoying Wizard and amazing his brother was fun :-) Although the real credit for the transformation goes to the dog and my sister-in-law and I had nothing to do with it. All this work they are putting into him will help him be more secure and confidant, giving him an even happier life. It also made me think about areas that I can do more work with Maggie.
  5. I think we’re going to try to see Turbo this weekend if they aren’t busy. Our week has been so chaotic with various things, that I haven’t even asked yet. Otherwise, I’ll find something to do that doesn’t involve baking :-)

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone stays cool, and has a fun weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    July 22nd, 2022 at 5:28 am · Link

    Stress-baking… it’s a thing, man. I’m glad Wizard got to see his family. Bummer about the restaurant and the model home thing, but at least you had cookies. Yep, fast cars are guzzlers. I’m glad the body work turned out nice. And I’m probably as bad as Wizard with the zooming around thing. Yay for the puptart making progress in his new home. Fingers crossed you get to see Turbo. :hugs:

    1) I really don’t have much to talk about these days that isn’t work related. And I thought I was boring before. ;o)
    2) Yesterday I got to deal with an irate customer while everyone else was in a meeting. I don’t do confrontation well, so I was a mental mess, but I held it together well with the customer, so it’s all good.
    3) Lesson from the above… if a company calls and emails you repeatedly, it’s best to deal with it then so you don’t get a certified letter telling you you’ll be headed for collections if you don’t respond.
    4) Something I learned a long time ago, when someone is in your face (in person or on the phone), it’s best to not react. Remain calm, keep an even tone, and do not engage. Most times it will diffuse the situation.
    5) We have a little bunny who;s been hanging around the yard. I think she’s using our log stacks as a base of operation. It’s cooler under there, and it’s safer from predators (especially since we got rid of the rat snake). Plus, it’s right near the food and the water. Smart bunny.

  2. Silver James
    July 22nd, 2022 at 8:44 am · Link

    What B.E. said about your 5, though I’m surprised there’s only one sit-down restaurant where you live. Wow. Okay, my 5.

    1. I pulled into the garage Monday after Jake and I went to Wallyworld. I “freed” him and was off-loading groceries when I heard this loud squawking. Blue jays are ferociously loud and they gather around my feeders and the dog food I throw out in the driveway. Then I caught movement. Yup. A juvenile jay managed to get into the garage. I opened the door and hoped he fly out, as he was perched on the rails of the other garage door. Nope. He flew to the rails of the open door. I tried to shoo him out but then he headed for the window back in the workshop area. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I got gloves (those suckers bite!), a broom, and managed to climb up to snag him off the top shelf, then climb down with one hand, all without killing either of us. Pete, hearing the commotion, came to help. (Or to snag a snack.) I put the jay on one of the thick wisteria trunks that winds around one of my oak trees out in the island and off he flew.

    2. Speakin of Pete, I do believe he is the recipient of the one brain cell the internet accuses ginger/orange cats of sharing between them. He has figured out the cat door. I saw him come in this morning before I realised it wasn’t propped open. He butted it with his head and then butted it again and ran inside. He also brings me dead birds to 1) show that he is a great hunter or 2) to show that I’m a lousy hunter. 🤣

    3. I discovered a cool thing. Literally. Our AC guy has said for years that people need to hose off the sides of their AC unit–you know the waffly/screenish metal sides? Anyway, especially during cottonwood season or if it’s dry and dusty, washing down the coils (or whatever they’re actually called) helps the transfer of air and keeps the pump working better, without so much strain. He suggests once a week, or as we notice stuff clogging. I’ve been doing it daily, or more often, because our yard is sand and south wind blows it into the unit. I’ve been doing this for years. This week, I discovered that by doing this, I can actually REDUCE the temperature of the hot air blowing off the fan blades through the top. I mean SUBSTANTIALLY. From hot enough to thaw frozen hamburger in under 10 minutes (don’t ask why I know this) to air that feels like it is blowing out of the AC vents inside the house. Who knew!?!?! So now, when it’s REALLY bad hot outside, I go hose down the AC and give it a breather.

    4. My name finally came up on the library’s wait list for BOOK LOVERS. 1st person present isn’t my thing but the book was entertaining enough I stuck with it. The narrator was perfect for the character. Thanks for recommending it!

    5. And…once again, I come to #5 and I’m racking my brain for something to add. No Stormy time. No good food made or eaten (just run-of-the-mill summer fare). No great writing accomplishments. No awesome TV or movies watched. Dog days of summer, what can I say?

    Anyway, hope everyone had a good week and have a great weekened to look forward to! 🥰

  3. Viki S.
    July 22nd, 2022 at 3:21 pm · Link

    1. I have no problem with stress baking especially if it has Belgian chocolate 😍.
    2. How nice that you got together with Wizard brother and the family. Sorry to hear the restaurant was a bust. Dirty makes me upset too and it seems your server was having a “bad” day. Or let’s just say she was and that isn’t her normal way of life. Good thing you did that stress baking so all could enjoy the cookies 💖.
    3. Oh that Mustang must have been fun. And how can you not be an overly enthused driver when you’re behind the wheel of a muscle car. But 12/gal for gas – OMG!
    4. You certainly do know how to read a dog and proceed accordingly. That’s funny how the guys reacted to you not being barked at.
    5. I hope you guys get to see Turbo this weekend. I bet he misses seeing you too.

    1a. We’re finally going to celebrate middle DIL’s birthday this Saturday. Her birthday was on the 14th but had plans since it was her 30th.
    2a. This just angers me. We have a delivery box outside our garage yet the delivery people REFUSE to put stuff in the box. Instead they put it on top, throw it along the drive (185 ft long) or put at the front door. Well, when it rains, like it poured last night for 10 minutes, it all gets soaked. Just bugs me!
    3. It’s still hot and humid. Tomorrow it’s going to be really bad again. I’m getting tired of it and since I hate the heat I feel free to say it 🤣.
    4. I know it’s hot but I want to make chili. Does that sound stupid? My chili is HOT too. I’ll let you know Monday if I made it on Sunday or not.
    5. I picked up some more treats for Youngest/girlfriends dogs. I’m thinking that if I buy treats it gives me an excuse to visit 😄.

    Thanks Silver for the hint on the AC.

    I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather cools soon!

  4. Jenn
    July 22nd, 2022 at 5:08 pm · Link

    B.E., I drive fast too. But not as fast as Wizard. I will add he’s a good driver. But the Mustang thing is fun to teasing him about because of how much he loves that car. And it was great to see his out of state brother. We really need to go visit him too.

    1) I get that! I worried that I wouldn’t have much to talk about since I’m not writing, but we just do the best we can, right? And you’re doing great!
    2) I’m with you on confrontation, so I get it. And because I understand, I’m doubly proud of you for handling it so well!
    3) Excellent advice!
    4) I hope that technique worked yesterday. I’ll add to that with sometimes they just want to be heard too. I learned that when I was the co-president of a large RWA chapter. But I’m still sorry you had to deal with that.
    5) She is a smart bunny! I hope she stays safe from all the predators.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend, rest and recharge, so you’re ready to deal with the public (if needed) again next week!

  5. Jenn
    July 22nd, 2022 at 5:22 pm · Link

    Silver, yeah, I exaggerated that statement on sit down restaurants. I’ll revise to “There’s very VERY limited choices of sit down and order restaurants. And this was the only one that had potential :-) Once I read your comment, I realized I definitely exaggerated. Sorry! The dining options in our town frustrated us immensely.

    1) Blue Jays are noisy and can be a bit aggressive. Growing up, we had one that would torment my dog (a very smart Boxer). Bummer on him getting stuck in the garage and then the workshop area! But yay you for getting him out! And definitely smart to wear gloves! LOL on Pete. I’m thinking he was gonna help himself to a snack :-)
    2) Yay Pete! He figured out the door! I bet he’s showing off to you when he brings you his dead prey.
    3) That’s excellent advice on the AC unit. I’ll mention it to Wizard.
    4) I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I don’t usually go for first person narrator, but this one just worked for me. Or maybe I needed that kind of light fun right then, who knows.
    5) Dog days of summer are a real malady and I’m suffering it here. I feel your frustration as far as trying to come up with things to talk about. I think you did great!

    Make it a great weekend!

  6. Jenn
    July 22nd, 2022 at 5:34 pm · Link

    Viki, it’s true on muscle cars! They are fast and fun, and so is teasing Wizard, LOL. And yep, we’re going to see Turbo tomorrow. I talked to his parents today and arranged it. Oh and thank you on the me reading dogs. Honestly, I just love dogs. And I’ve learned so much for my kids and their dogs too.

    1) I hope your DIL has a great belated birthday celebration! Late celebrations aren’t uncommon in our family. Life gets in the way sometimes.
    2) That would bug me too! It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to put the package in the box.
    3) I’m sorry the weather sucks. It’s just not letting up.
    4) If you want chili, you should have chili. You could always have a cool beverage with it, or ice cream for dessert to balance out the heat in your chili.
    5) Heck yeah! Dog treats or toys are an excuse I use to go by Youngest’s house. You and the dogs are going to be a amazing friends!

    Hope you have a great weekend and your DIL’s birthday celebration turns out wonderful!

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