Jennifer Lyon

Friday, September 2nd, 2022
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s jump into sharing 5 random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. The heat is on! It’s been around 110 degrees. On the upside, we had a couple dryer days, and my hair loved that. But the humidity is returning. Fire season is ramping up too, although thankfully, we haven’t had the Santa Ana winds yet. We had one bad fire this week pretty far north of us, and several firefighters ended up hospitalized for heat related problems. That’s a little scary.
  2. Early Thursday morning I saw a cricket in the house, but it disappeared before I could get it. I looked and looked. Then in the late afternoon, the cricket turned up nearly dead by the back door. I’m pretty sure a certain innocent looking puppy is responsible for his condition. Maggie loves things that hop…until they don’t hop anymore. But at least I don’t have to wonder where that cricket is now!
  3. It’s September and the house is supposed to be ready toward the end of the month! Wizard and I started working on an estimated budget for things like window coverings, some furniture we’ll need and doing the outside. We were using the SWAG Budgeting Method. SWAG stands for Scientific Wild Ass Guess :-) It was fun and we’re getting excited again, rather than feeling stuck in a holding pattern which is nice. I’m pretty sure at least half our list is a wish list, LOL. And yes, I know lists and budgets are weird to some people. But it helps us prioritize what we really need to do to make the house functional and comfortable, and the rest of the stuff can wait until we can do it.
  4. We went to Costco yesterday. Wizard NEVER EVER EVER wants me to go to Costco by myself.  And before anyone things Aw, he’s trying to help or he’s protective. You’d be right if you’re thinking about our budget :-) Once we get into Costco, he suddenly race walks like it’s an Olympic event. I mean, I blink and suddenly we’re standing in line to check out. Everywhere else we go, including the grocery store, I try to get him to move faster. But in Costco? The man can win the gold medal! I’m not sure why he thinks I’ll spend more $$ in Costco, but it’s become a family joke.
  5. Today I’m getting my eyes checked (boring) and I need to go check on Phoebe as her parents are working, and that’s fun for me. She’s so easy to take care of, and makes me feel like a hero for stopping by to see her.

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend and a fantastic labor day on Monday (for those in the U.S.)!

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  1. Silver James
    September 2nd, 2022 at 11:31 am · Link

    So sorry for your heat and fires! Been there, did that, have the T-shirt somewhere. Crickets are good luck. If you can catch them, put them outside before Maggie does her thing. ;) Here’s hoping for an EOM move. SWAG lists and budgets are a must! I stay out of COSTCO and Sam’s Club. Wiz is too funny! Hope the vision is fine and yay for Phoebe time! Okay, my five.

    1. Speaking of weather, we finally got a few days of clouds and rain. Not enough to bust the drought but every drop helps! Plus, the rain yesterday kept the temps in the 70s, which is totally fine with me.

    2. My body chemistry eats letters off keyboards long before the board itself crashes. I’d ordered some stickers that work for the letters most worn and they worked for a good while but suddenly, they started “sliding” around the keys they were own. I ordered a new set. They are BIG letters for old fogies like me who can’t see. I spent an hour putting them on this mornign. I love looking down and being able to read everything at a glance!

    3. I’ve actually worked some this week. I’ve finished off 10 chapters total and hope to have the final 6 done ASAP. I’d planned to revise at least a couple yesterday but stuff happened. Not good stuff or bad stuff or interesting stuff. Just boring stuff that kept away from the computer. Ah well.

    4. Tomorrow is “1st Saturday.” The Kids are heading up the turnpike to see Baseball Boy’s dad so they won’t be at siren test or lunch. Pretty sure we’ll do our usual lunch with just LG, me, and Jake. We’ll see.

    5. Since I have nothing else interesting and you asked, short version of Jake’s story as we know it. He was found running down a section line road (rural/ag area) by a Logan County Deputy. He stopped, Jake came, and hoped into his car. Much surprised, the deputy took him to the volunteer no-kill shelter. Things to know about Jake: separation anxiety, no crates, and anything that sounds like a gunshot sets him off in terror frenzy. We think some farmer shot at him to run him off. Shelter managed to locate original owner who said he didn’t want him back (and may be the one who shot at Jake). Next family were DINKS who left him in a crate whenever they weren’t home–which was often–so he “ate” the crate. Third family got upset because he knocked over the trash when they were gone. Fourth got upset because he tore up the blinds in a window trying to get outside. Fifth family (who we actually ran into at a 1st Saturday lunch and by Jake’s reaction to them, there was bad stuff happening!) brought him back because they couldn’t train him. WTH? Easiest dog I have EVER trained in my life. Anyway, they were supposedly “Newfie” people and adopted him the day before LG saw his picture and called. He was back a week later and the shelter called to see if we wanted him still, even after she explained all the “bad” stuff about him. We immediately drove the 30 miles, took one look and said we were taking him home. And this has been his home ever since. Even when he “channels” Stallone. 🤣

    Have a great and SAFE holiday weekend, all.

  2. Viki S.
    September 2nd, 2022 at 3:25 pm · Link

    1. I keep watching the weather out your way and that heat is terrible. Always praying that the firefighters stay safe and nothing is lost to the blazes.
    2. Now I’m just shocked that the cricket was a little worse for wear. Glad you finally found it and removed it from your house, though they are supposed to bring good luck.
    3. You two must be getting very excited now that September is here. Sure hope all continues on smooth. SWAG is great.
    4. Did you get all that you were after at Costco? Wizard is funny about you shopping there. When I go, I stick to my list. I’ve never really bought anything I didn’t have a plan for.
    5. I hope all went well with your eye exam. Phoebe must be in heaven with you coming over again. She looks like such a nice dog.

    1a. Hubs left yesterday for TN and seems to be having a wonderful time.

    2a. Yesterday, middle took me to Pittsburg. He decided that since I had only ever been around, through, or at the airport, I needed to go. So we went to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. We had a great time. On the way home we went deep into Amish country to my favorite chocolate store and spent money ;). Didn’t get home until after 5 and Spunk was not amused. He did NOT like being home alone all day.

    3a. Since I’m on my own I’ve decided to make an omelet for dinner. I figure I will put cheese in it and give Spunk some cheese too.

    4a. I’m packing up more Easter Seals stuff this weekend. I have them coming on the 7th.

    5a. So the ants got behind the stucco because of a crack. The guy sprayed last Friday and they have gone away but now I have to find someone that will remove the stucco and put up new. Most contractors will only do new construction. I am having a hard time :(.

    Sure hope you all have a really wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  3. Jenn
    September 2nd, 2022 at 4:53 pm · Link

    Silver, my eye exam went well, I need new glasses but that’s okay. I’m just grateful we can correct them to a reasonable point! Phoebe was hilarious today. She insisted she had to carry two babies (toys), and she did it :-0

    1) The cooler weather is a win! Glad you got even a little bit of rain. I know your area really needs it too.
    2) I do the same to my keyboard. I just don’t notice it, but Wizard does. He’s like you and wants to be able to see it. I never thought of stick on letters. That’s kind of genius.
    3) That sounds like you’re working a lot! I always loved how fast you write too. It’s something you work hard at doing, and I know it’s not easy. But you get your butt in the chair and do it!
    4) I hope you LG and Jake do go to lunch. You’ll miss the kids but you both enjoy the food so much you should do it for yourselves.
    5) It’s official, Jakes former owners had to be lazy or mean. You’ve trained a lot of dogs so I believe you when you say Jake is easy. Most dogs respond really well to structure and consistency. I’m so happy Jake and you two found one another. It’s the right fit and great for all of you! He’s a very special dog.

    Hope the Siren test goes well and you guys enjoy a lunch out!

  4. Jenn
    September 2nd, 2022 at 5:01 pm · Link

    Viki, crickets might be lucky but I don’t want to deal with them chirping at night and making me insane :-) Oh at Costco I got everything on my list and that’s all. It’s all I ever do. Wizard is just funny, and I love teasing him.

    1) I’m glad Hubs gets to go to TN and see Harrison!
    2) That sounds like a great day with Middle, and any money spent in that chocolate store is well spent! If I ever get out that way, I’m going there for sure. I’m so glad you and Middle had a good day together. Even if Spunk was peeved that you were gone so long.
    3) Spunk will love the cheese! And he deserves it for having to be on his own earlier in the week. Omelets are always a good choice.
    4) Easter Seal will appreciate whatever you can donate to them.
    5) Wow I had no idea it’d be so hard to have the stucco replaced. Isn’t it frustrating how what we think should be easy, turns out to be a big challenge to find someone to do it? I hope your search turns up a good candidate soon.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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