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Monday, November 21st, 2022
The So Very Late Edition of Weekend Roundup

Hey! Sorry for the late blog! We had a later than usual night on Sunday, and the blog slipped my mind until the morning when I looked at my phone to see if the blog posted. That’s when I remembered I never wrote it, LOL! Then the morning made Monday-like demands, and here I am. Finally!

So it was a good weekend. Friday night, I got the good news that my CT scan was clear other than a partially distended stomach which is not a big deal right now and not a surprise given all my symptoms. That news is a relief and pretty much tells us what the pain is likely from — which is a functional problem not an illness or something else more worrisome.

Saturday was chores and errands. Part of those errands was feeding my grand dog, Phoebe, her dinner while her parents were out. Boy did I get an earful when I went in the house. She met me at the door and told me exactly how her parents had left her alone! If I hadn’t showed up, she might have starved to death or had some other equally dramatic misfortune. This dog is 100% goofball Golden Retriever. She cracks me up. She’s also perfectly fine by herself. When I left, I am confident she slept until her parents got home then told them a story of how she’d had to fight off scary villains or forage for her own food like the abandoned dogs she once saw on a TV show. The one thing I’d love her to tell me is how she knows it’s me at the door??? She doesn’t even bark when I come over anymore, yet I’ve seen her bark fiercely when a “stranger” comes to the door. Can she smell me? Does she recognize my footsteps? She’s not at the window, so how does she know????

Sunday we got to see Turbo!! They came out late in the day and we had a great time. I took Turbo on a walk on a group of empty lots that have piles of dirt. His dad and I were trying to take him to a parked tractor, but Turbo was way too distracted by the piles of dirt. We did eventually make it to the tractor which he also enjoyed. When we finally got back to the house, grandpa took him out back for more playing in the dirt. But grandpa one-upped us by building a ramp down our hill for his monster trucks :-) I had no clue grandpa had saved wood for this project! I was highly amused.

And…guys…they brought us a housewarming gift! Wizard and I were beyond thrilled! This is like a dream come true. A Roomba!!! I know, I know. Other people dream of vacations or whatnot, but we have a robot vacuum! We would definitely not have bought it for ourselves and certainly never asked anyone else too, but they did it and we LOVE it! We hugely appreciate it too. Of course we’ll still vacuum and sweep, but this will help so much.

So it was a good weekend for us, how was yours?

Can you all believe it’s Thanksgiving weekend (if you’re here in the U.S.)???

4 comments to “The So Very Late Edition of Weekend Roundup”

  1. Silver James
    November 21st, 2022 at 2:14 pm · Link

    Yay for the CT scan! Sorry about the tummy, though. Still, good to have answers! Goldies are all kinds of dramatic awesome and to answer your questions, yes and yes. They have excellent noses and ears and memory of scents and sounds. Also, her parents probably told her that Grandma was coming over to feed her. ;) TurboTime™ for the win! And yay for dirt, tractors and grandpas who make cool stuff from scratch. Also, I love the Roomba *Command Center* commercials. Sadly, between the clumps of long dog hair and leaves, we’d kill a Roomba in a week or less. How does Maggie react to it?

    Okay. My weekend. I did some stuff. My team lost. Stormy came for Sunday afternoon while his parents went to a play one of Baseball Boy’s students was in. I am the Queen of Duct Tape and Saved Boxes. Stormy made a bow and a sword out of his plastic train tracks. I duct-taped the seams, found jute string for the bow (and taught him how to tie a scuare knot), and then made him a sword sheath and an arrow quiver with a box, a cardboard mailing envelops and the magical duct tape.

    I also wrote almost 2K words on the WIP. In fact, when I stopped, I needed a transitional scene between that chapter and the next (which is partially written–or least it’s the next important stuff that happens in the timeline). I woke up at 3:45 a.m. (granted I fell asleep before 9pm, last night) and while laying there trying to go back to sleep, I figured out what to do. This morning, when I sat down at the computer (while waiting for LG to clear the bathroom so I could get ready for Wallyword), it was the WIP that popped up instead of my browser. No checking mail for me. Nope, I wrote almost 500 words on that scene, found a good spot to stop where I knew where I was going next and then got ready. I’m taking a short break now and then back to work. I’d love to hit 2500K total for the day. We’ll see. It just feels good to be back in writing routine.

    Happy Thanksgiving week! I have all the stuff I need to “cook” for Thursday and will do so on Wednesday. We’re headed to Uncle Fix-It’s house and I just have two pies and the hot yeast rolls. Easy peasy.

    Enjoy your Roomba!

  2. Viki S.
    November 21st, 2022 at 4:14 pm · Link

    I can just picture Phoebe giving you that story. Goldens are SO dramatic. How can anyone not love them to bits :). They are also very sweet dogs with children.

    Sounds like Turbo and the guys had a ball yesterday. Getting him away from the dirt piles had to have been a challenge – boys and their dirt :). Wizard is a really fun grandpa too. The ramp for the monster trucks is even fun for us grown people.

    Our weekend came and went. Yesterday l found out late n the day that youngest truck batteries died (super cold may have had something to do with it but they never died when parked here) and the new junker car he bought (because diesel is so expensive) had a flat. So he was stuck in his driveway for a long time. I don’t know why he didn’t call me. I’m only 15 minutes away.

    Eldest grandmother (his bio-mom’s mom) is in the hospital and not expected to survive. Massive brain bleed. They are supposed to be coming up for Thanksgiving. Don’t know what is happening now. DIL has a terrible cold and to be honest I don’t want to get sick from her. Things are crazy.

    I have to start doing prep for dinner tomorrow and make the pie on Wednesday.

    I hope your afternoon is a good one.

  3. Jenn
    November 21st, 2022 at 9:29 pm · Link

    Silver, it helps to know what the pain is and that it’s not serious for sure. Maggie smells Roomba, and when he annoys her, she just goes to a bed in another room. She just kind of accepted him.

    Sorry about your team, but YAY for duck tape and cardboard creativity with Stormy! That is seriously cool and I bet he loved his bow and his sword! I love that!

    That not a writing routine, that’s a major roll! Keep going! It’s an amazing feeling and you need to go with it!

    Yay for having everything you need. I’m doing my last shopping in the morning. I planned to be all super organized, but today was an unexpectedly busy day. But I’ll take a super busy day over a bad day anytime!

    Keep writing! I’m exciting that the words are flowing for you!

  4. Jenn
    November 21st, 2022 at 9:43 pm · Link

    Viki, Goldens are special. They are smarter than we often give them credit for due to their silliness. But then all pets are special.

    Yep, boys and their dirt! His dad was super patient, so it wasn’t a problem.

    Poor Youngest! And he should have called you! Kids. I’m sure it all made sense to him at the time though. My middle son has a big diesel truck (to pull their 5th wheel), so he also bought a “beater” car — I get that. But what crappy timing for the truck to have a dead battery and his beater car a flat.

    I’m so very sorry to hear about Eldest’s grandmother. It’s so sad and a terrible time of year for this to happen (not that there’s ever a good time). I really hope a miracle happens.

    You really don’t want DIL’s cold if its the same one going around here. I’m being unusually paranoid because people are so sick and it takes forever to get well. DIL probably shouldn’t push it anyway. I’m really sorry everything is so crazy and worrisome right now. Hope things get better, hugs.

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