Jennifer Lyon

Friday, March 24th, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF!! Let’s dive right into sharing five random things about our week.

  1. In super weird news, we had a tornado in Southern CA that tore the roof off a commercial building. Tornados are rare here. So is the crazy amount of rain we’re getting.
  2. Maggie and I took a LONG walk yesterday after the rain stopped. It was so pretty and we just kept going. We both enjoyed it, but about a half mile from our house, I noticed Maggie drooling a little bit. She never drools. They day was cool and perfect for walking so a part of me wanted to semi-freak out. The other part of me mentally slapped myself. Instead, I slowed down, gave her plenty of breaks and got her home. She was fine. I am clearly and over-protective pet parent!
  3. Thanks to the rain, getting any more work done in our back is slowwww.We (and by we I mean mostly Wizard, LOL) are trying get the hill irrigation done. We all the values installed, we just need to finish laying the drip line and connecting it to the values but it’s just too wet to get it done. This isn’t any kind of problem, just a little bit of a patience issue. I also want to get a planter box for my herbs but holding off on that too until we’re ready to buy the plants. But again, this don’t even qualify as a problem.
  4. I’ve had Rye-N, my sourdough starter, in the fridge for a week, then took him our to feed him twice and he definitely rose to the occasion. Sadly, this was exciting to me. I may be a little bit housebound, LOL! I will make more sourdough bread in another week or so, but for now, Rye-N is back resting in a dormant stage (meaning I’m not feeding him) in the fridge and continuing to mature.
  5. Today I’m getting out to meet Biker Witch for lunch. I’m so looking forward to that.

So that’s my five and now I’d love to hear yours. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    March 24th, 2023 at 6:48 am · Link

    Wow, tornadoes in CA. That must be super scary for you guys. (I mean, they can be scary here, but we’re kinda used to it.) Yay for getting to take a long walk. I’m glad Maggie’s okay. Bummer about the rain screwing up your projects. Yay for Rye-N! Yay for lunch with Biker Witch!

    1) Hubs ran errands in my car yesterday and I didn’t explode, so it’s all good. (I have control issues with my car.)
    2) We had hella storms and rain last night. It’ll be interesting to see what the ol’ rain gauge says for our total.
    3) There goes the bus. Our neighbor kid gets picked up at around 6:30 every morning and she doesn’t get dropped off until shortly after 4. That’s one long day. And she doesn’t even get paid. LOL
    4) They have a weekly training meeting at work and I don’t usually get invited (because someone has to man the phones). Yesterday, they pulled me into it. It was interesting and I learned some stuff. Yay.
    5) I’m torn between ‘I need more training’ and ‘I hate meetings’ I wish they could just record the training sessions and I’d transcribe them afterwards. It’d be a win-win. I’d get the training and they’d have a record of what was taught to hand out to future employees. :shrug:

  2. Silver James
    March 24th, 2023 at 9:59 am · Link

    What B.E. said. LOL I like it when she gets her first because I’m lazy. ;) Okay, my five:

    1. I have discovered that there is a state ranking system to determine who is best prepared when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. I have bad news for you, Jen. California is dead last. Wyoming is #1. Oklahoma came in at #24. That gives us a 50/50 chance of surviving. :lol:

    2. LG had a wreck yesterday. He’s fine. The truck? Not so much. However, he learned the cable barriers installed on the interstate do their job. Semi came into his lane and he swerved over, hit a puddle (raining here at the time) and spun out. We’re off in a few minutes to take it to the estimator place for the insurance company. The truck is driveable so there’s that. EDIT: We’ve marked this off this list for today. Waiting to see what the estimate is. :(

    3. Eye doc went well but he was pressed for time. Patients stacked up and he was due in surgery. He’s mostly happy. Pressure was down but I’m on light-weight drops once a day and they were $10 intead of $180 so big yay there. Waiting on my appt. date for the refraction and glasses prescription. Then I’ll be able to see again! Double yay!

    4. While at the eye clinic, we ran into a former governor–the one who appointed my dad as a state agency administrator and he was also governor when I became deputy marshal of the Court of Appeals. He looked good and was surprised when we complimented him on being inducted into the Oklahoma Historical Society Hall of Fame, along with Only’s archivist mentor. LG and Only went to the induction ceremony last night and it was like “old home week” for her. That internship at the Oklahoma History museum set her course in life and is one of the reasons she and Baseball Boy were married there. LOL

    5. And finally, Pete. I can always lean on Pete to get a 5th random thing for the week. He spent a few nights inside this week. I am now in the habit of opening the door to the garage at bedtime to see if he wants to come in or not. Sometimes he lays on his pillow and stares at me like, “WTH do you want? You’re disturbing my nap!” Other times, he’s standing at the door waiting for me. What can I say other than, “Cat!”

    Soccer tomorrow. Stormy’s birthday was this week (he’s 9 now) but no party due to the Irish trip. The family will gather at some point to give him more presents but this week was crazy with stuff happening on their end. Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. Viki S.
    March 24th, 2023 at 2:48 pm · Link

    1. That was so strange seeing you guys get tornadoes. I just don’t think of them out there.
    2. Glad you and Maggie had the nice long walk. Don’t kick yourself, I think I would have worried about her too since drool is not normal for your walks. Hydrating her must have made her feel darn good.
    3. It’s understandable to be a bit bummed that you’re not able to finish up the backyard because of the rain delays. It’s not a major problem but it is annoying that you can’t do what you want to do.
    4. Rye-N is doing well and you are taking very good care of him.
    5. YES! Getting out for lunch with Biker Witch is a win win 🥰. I hope you two have a great time.

    1a. I took Spunk to the Vet yesterday for his yearly. He saw the carrier had been taken out two days before hand and boy was I getting the stink eye. All in all it went well. Extremely expensive but all good news. It costs much more now that he has to have blood tests every 6 months to ensure that the steroid isn’t hurting his kidneys.
    2. Spunk let us know how unhappy he was with us and hid on his (the spare bedroom) bed all evening. I didn’t see him until I got up to lift weights. We’re forgiven now.
    3. This Hungarian restaurant we used to go to in Cleveland closed because it moved into our tiny village. It opened a couple weeks ago and I called to get reservations for us and the youngest/Courtney. Tomorow was the soonest we could get in, a three week call ahead. It’s much smaller than the old place. Youngest loved the place so I hope it’s still good food.
    4. Bestie is up from NC. She is having a blast with the baby 🥰. We should be getting together Monday for lunch.
    5. I keep checking on the downdraft stove I need and it keeps going out of stock. Fingers are crossed that when I get a chance tomorrow it will be on Kitchen Aids site and I can order it. It’s very expensive but it’s the only electric downdraft available.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Jenn
    March 24th, 2023 at 4:12 pm · Link

    B.E, agreed on Tornados! But I don’t think anyone knew it was coming as we just don’t have them (usually) so we don’t have any warnings. But weather does happen here occassionally :-)

    1) I’m glad you survived! Isn’t it funny how we get anxious about certain things? For me, it’s when anyone else picks up my phone, and I don’t know why, there’s nothing interesting on it. Just boring texts, lots of photos and a few phone numbers. We all have our “issues” like that.
    2) You guys must have had a soaker! Hope it didn’t cause you an problems.
    3) That is a long day for a kid. Thankfully, kids are pretty adaptable.
    4) Learning is good!
    5) I can so relate to this, and I don’t think you’re alone. You have a good idea about transcribing the meetings, maybe one day they’ll be open to it.

    Hope you guys have a nice, relaxing weekend.

  5. Jenn
    March 24th, 2023 at 4:22 pm · Link

    Silver, thanks! I really was weirdly happy that Rye-N is doing so well. I know how strange I am so I guess that’s okay :-)

    1) I read this comment during breakfast, and cracked up! I had to tell Wizard! You had to see him trying to get his head around why anyone would worry about a zombie apocalypse and then go to the trouble to rank states. So I could two laughs out of this! But both of us agree, CA probably deserves to be last on that list, LOLOL!
    2) YIKES!! I’m so glad LG is okay! And from your description, he could have been hurt. I’m sorry about the truck and the aggravation that will come with it. But so relieved LG is okay.
    3) It’s all progress and good news that you could get cheaper drops. Meds now — yeah, lets not talk about it. I hope your appointment comes through quickly, but like all of us, you’re at the mercy of a system.
    4) That’s wonderful that you ran into an old friend, and I bet he not only surprised, but touched that you knew about his induction to the historical society! And I can see why it means so much to Only!
    5) LOL on Pete! I bet he’d be pretty bent out of shape if you didn’t open the door and check on his wishes! He’s such a cool cat!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STORMY! Hard to believe he’s 9 now! I hope all of you have a great weekend!

  6. Jenn
    March 24th, 2023 at 4:34 pm · Link

    Viki, I had a great time with Biker Witch today, thanks!

    1) Yay on Spunk’s checkup! But heck yeah, it’s expensive. Maggie’s stuff all adds up. Her food is crazy expensive. But once we see them suffer, we’ll spend a lot to prevent it from happening again if at all possible!
    2) Glad you guys were able to earn Spunk’s forgiveness :-) If I was a cat, I think I’d have been mad too since they don’t understand we do these things to keep them healthy.
    3) If I understood that right the place is closer now which is good. The wait for your reservation suggests the food is good! Hope you guys have a great meal and conversation!
    4) I bet she’s enjoying every minute with her granddaughter! (I think I remember that correctly). And I hope you and she are able to get together and hang out.
    5) That sounds like a really popular stove! I hope you can get it soon! I would love to get a downdraft stove one day if possible. I only have the microwave vent and that’s not really sufficient.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful dinner tomorrow night and an overall good weekend!

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