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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023
Wednesday Rant — Just Because I Feel Like It

You all probably heard Martha Stewart is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. (If you haven’t see it, you can look here) And since absolutely no one asked my opinion on that cover, here it is:


Personally, I hate it. But if it makes Martha Stewart happy, then I say good for her.

But to all the outraged people who think I don’t get to have an opinion unless it’s their opinion? You know the type that jump on social media and lecture the haters like me who think that cover looks a bit silly? Bite me. My opinion is mine and by the way, it’s no reflection on Martha Stewart personally. I have never met her. Professionally, she’s done plenty I do admire, including building an empire out of being a lifestyle guru. But that cover makes me roll my eyes and wish Martha Steward had represented grown ass women who are done pretending to be 23 year old sex goddesses. Again, that’s just me. If others feel differently, believe she represented in a big way and validated something important to them, I respect that. It doesn’t upset me, nor would I want to change their opinion. I like that people have different views, it makes us all interesting, and one would hope, less narrow-minded.

I mean, I also don’t care for mayo, but I never get mad when I see it on the grocery shelves. Instead, I just buy my preference of mustard and go on about my day. That’s how most opinions should be treated. As opinions and not declarations of war.

And my opinion is simple: I don’t like the cover almost as much as I don’t like mayo. But both Mayo and Martha still have the perfect right to live and thrive and I have the right to keep having opinions no matter how riled up the social media crowd gets :-)

Also I hate to point out he obvious, but when something is published, then their will be opinions. Not all of them will be good. I know this from my own career as an author. I didn’t always love it, but it was part of the job and I tried hard to be publicly gracious. And I’m positive that Martha Stewart is much more experienced at this than me!

Anyway that’s my Wednesday Rant. By the way, this rant was brought to you by a random FB post I saw lecturing the world about why they had to love the Martha Stewart cover. (I could probably find it if I tried, but I don’t want to support those kinds of posts and besides, we’ve all seen different variations of those posts).

Do you have a rant or opinion you’d like to share today?

4 comments to “Wednesday Rant — Just Because I Feel Like It”

  1. Silver James
    May 24th, 2023 at 7:17 am · Link

    OMG! I am soooo tired of the preaching, lectures, and chastisements (and downright hate) because someone has the audacity to hold a differing opinion than some special snowflake who thinks the world revolves around them and their beliefs. One side is particularly prone to this though the other side is not immune.

    Personally, I agree with you and I wonder how much AI “airbrushing” went into the finished product. Martha isn’t a particular favorite but she deserves respect for all she’s done.

    FYI, feel free to rant whenever you like. There are soooo many times I want to take to the tweet-beat or the face-place and let loose. Then I remember I am a grown-@$$ adult and not some angsty special snowflake so I refrain. Poor critters–and sometimes LG–get the occational earful though. :lol:

  2. Viki S.
    May 24th, 2023 at 2:51 pm · Link

    You had me laughing out loud this morning at 3am when I read your RANT. I am in total agreement with everything in the rant.

    I too find no need to love Martha on the cover of SI. In fact, I’m sure I said out loud yesterday to hubs dismay, “I don’t give a rats A** about Martha on the stupid cover.”

    It has become so annoying how we are ALWAYS being told how we should react or feel. If we don’t we are horrible people. Guess I’m the worst of the worst.

    Oh, and like Silver, Spunk sometimes gets an earful. It’s usually when there is a White House press briefing. The fact that KJP can’t speak a word unless she’s reading her lecture to us drives me nuts.

    Also, I HATE beets. Just thought I’d throw that out 🤣.

    I sure hope you have a wonderful stress free day 🥰.

  3. Jenn
    May 24th, 2023 at 4:15 pm · Link

    Silver, that picture reminds me of the 1980’s glamour shots. Not sure anyone else remembers those but I thought they were silly then. And I’m sure their was airbrushing, but it’s Sports Illustrated so I’d expect that. And I’m not sure how much control Martha had over the final version. But in my view, I didn’t see how the pictures represented what I thought of as her “brand.”

    I try not to ever get into political debates (for a lot of reasons), but I figure I’m not writing now, so I can get into fun rants :-) But I understand why you’d be more careful. It’s amazing what can trigger someone into making you a target. You are very wise :-)

    I rant in the house too, and Wizard rants all the time. But these days, I’ve learned to ignore a lot of stuff that I can’t change, and in general, remind myself that humans are messy, chaotic creatures, and we always have been LOL. Or I have fun with it on the blog!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Jenn
    May 24th, 2023 at 4:31 pm · Link

    Viki, I’m glad you laughed! I always worry people will take me too seriously. I have to admit, in general, I don’t care about Sports Illustrated covers no matter who is on it. It’s just not my area of interest. But I stumbled onto this one.

    I was surprised though — how did Martha Stewart end up on the cover? She seems like an odd pick for their brand. But I guess it got attention???

    WHAT?? How can you hate beets??? Actually I suspect you’re in good company on that one. I can take or leave them myself. And the good news is beets aren’t included in most dishes when ordering out like mayo can be. I always have to ask about mayo — especially in salad dressings or sauces. I’ll happily eat the salad without dressing rather than have mayo in it.

    So far, my day has been pretty good! Hope yours is too!

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