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Friday, May 26th, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF!! Every week, I experience the same thing — I wake up Monday and see a whole week in front of me, then I blink and it’s Friday! But that’s better than long boring days, right? Okay let’s get right to sharing five random things about our week:

  1. The patio ceiling fan is up and working! Wizard’s “fix” worked, then youngest came over (for the third time!) and finished installing it. We are all happy! The first problem was basically the wrong fan to hooked on the switch we had prewired when the house was built. That was annoying but fixable. It was the second problem of not being able to anchor the bracket securely that caused the headache. But that’s all done now! Both the guys worried that I might be upset that part of the bracket is showing — I’m like nope, as long as the fan is secure and safe, I’m happy! Wizard will paint the bracket to match the ceiling then we won’t notice it anyway.
  2. I made a stir fry that I loved and I’m more than thrilled :-)  I used this recipe and adjusted the spices to what we like and can tolerate. I’ve been doing well slowly and carefully adding some foods back into my diet, but some things like real garlic are not going to work. But I can use a little of the minced garlic in the jar and other spices, and we like it. I know a stir fry isn’t for everyone but I love them when done right!
  3. Wizard had his brother’s Mustang for a few days. The car had  to sit for awhile, so his brother had the battery replaced and had Wizard drive it a couple hundred miles, then they all crossed their fingers it was pass smog (required in CA). It did! But poor Wizard hurt his calf while weeding and stepping wrong off the wall, then drove that car with his racer clutch (a really hard clutch) and his calf is a mess. He barely noticed the injury when he first did it so he ignored it (like most of do, LOL), then aggravated the crap out of it with the car until I made him stay off it yesterday. Still he did get the car taken care of for his brother who is dealing with his own challenges and couldn’t do it. Plus Wizard enjoys driving the Mustang :-)
  4. Maggie went to boarding yesterday. I already miss her! She’ll be there two nights, and yesterday once she was gone, I tackled cleaning the carpet in the main areas of the house. I am wiped out! Wizard and I originally planned to both do it, but I insisted he not help due to his leg — this carpet cleaner I bought is powerful and heavy. But I got the hardest parts of the house done while Maggie’s gone. The other rooms are accessed by a hallway where we can put up a gate while it’s drying, so we can easily do those when Maggie’s home and Wizard’s leg is better.
  5. And today, finally, we’re going to Calico (a ghost town!) to see Middle and his awesome wife, and my two grandpuppies who are camping there. We are soooo looking forward to spending a day with them and doing fun stuff. We debated endlessly about taking Maggie with us (she’s usually good and the dogs all get along well), but decided to board her and get things done while she’s there. She will probably forgive me. Maybe :-) She usually has fun and loves the owner so fingers crossed!

So that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    May 26th, 2023 at 7:23 am · Link

    It sounds like everything is going well for you over there. Yay. Sorry to hear about Wizard’s leg, though. Ouchie.

    1) Sorry I’m an absentee friend. Between work and cats, I rarely have time to sit still let alone comment on blogs. :hugs:
    2) The boys are growing like weeds (as you saw on FB). It’s a good thing we’re not too worried about how the house looks and the carpet in the office was already scragged, because they discovered a place where it was threadbare and dug until they pulled a strand and unraveled a bunch. Silly kittens.
    3) Work is work.
    4) Hubs is leaving me for a few days while he visits his mom for her birthday. Later this summer, I’ll go visit mine. Traveling separately is strictly a financial decision. Plus, we don’t want to leave the cats alone or with a boarder.
    5) The deer are all so fat-pregnant. It hurts to watch them waddle around with their big bellies. But soon, we’ll have fawns. Yay!

  2. Silver James
    May 26th, 2023 at 7:44 am · Link

    How can it be Friday? *muppet flail* Glad the fan is A-OK! Yay for stir fry and Middle kids’ time–in a ghost town no less! Spooky! ;) 👻 Sorry for Wiz’s injury and I’m sure Maggie will just be happy to be with her people again. Just don’t tell her you saw the granddogs without her. LOL My five:

    1. Monday was follow-up with my opthamologist. He’s happy. Pressure in left eye was 12 and 11 in right. He’s hoping I eventually get to 10 which is optimum for him.

    2. Monday night, Boone crossed the rainbow bridge. We’ve been expecting it for nearly 2 years now. He was 17 and that’s ancient for a big dog breed. We miss him but even Loki and Jake knew his time was near.

    3. Stormy came over yesterday. His school ended Wednesday but Baseball Boy is still giving finals and shutting down his room. He got a bunch done yesterday and decided to take Stormy to school with him today.

    4. My Cowgirls won their first game against Oregon in the super regionals. They have to win 1 of 2 remaining games to go to the Women’s College World Series.

    5. Pete is spending more time inside. He and Jake have “booped” noses a time or two when they come upon each other at a corner. They both freeze then cautiously stretch out their noses at the same time to get a sniff. Then they just pass each other by. :roll: Pete’s started spending time in my office enjoying Loki’s “Bird-o-Vision” out the window. Loki has taken to napping on the twin bed in the guest room–which was Jake’s. We moved the second big dog bed from my office to Jake’s “room” and now he sleeps on it instead of laying in the middle of the floor staring sadly at “his” bed with Loki curled up napping in the middle. Ah, critters! LOL

    Mostly a “down-side” week with little going on and mostly mellow at that. More softball today and over the weekend. I 💖 this time of year! Happy Memorial Day, all! Stay safe out there.

  3. Viki S.
    May 26th, 2023 at 3:01 pm · Link

    1.💖💖💖On the fan being up and functioning. I wouldn’t care about the mounting bracket either. Just to be able to sit outside and enjoy your self must be wonderful.
    2. That looks like a great stir fry. I’m glad you could adjust it so that you can eat it without any side effects.
    We love stir fry but I am a big spice nut so we always have tons of garlic and ginger in ours.
    3/4. It’s so nice that Wizard was able to enjoy the Mustang again. We know he loves driving it. It really stinks that he hurt his leg and then aggravated even more with the sports clutch. You are a very nice wife, doing the carpets so Wizard’s leg could heal 🤗.
    5. Lucky Maggie is getting a SPA vacation, right? She gets to see friends and I bet you are having her all prettied up too. I sure hope you have a fantastic time with Middle, DIL, and grand pups.

    1a. C&C are having a cookout Sunday for Memorial Day. All of her family is invited. We’ve never met them. A&A won’t be going because he’s training for another triathlon.
    2a. Harrison graduated from Pre-school today. Now all the summer craziness will begin.
    3a. Took hubs to Kohl’s today and bought him a couple shirts and light weight slacks.
    4a. Hubs broke his left hearing aid AGAIN. C is coming over after work to see if he has to call the company and have a new wire sent out AGAIN. It’s really hard dealing with a 71 yr old 3 yr old.
    5a. It was a little on the cool side so I made chicken soup for dinner. I figured that I should move out as much oven stuff from the freezer as I could before it gets too hot and humid.

    I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Jenn
    May 27th, 2023 at 12:01 pm · Link

    B.E., by the time we got home last night, I was too wiped out to answer.

    1) I know how busy you are with work, two kittens and real life, so no worries as long as your okay!
    2) They are growing and so cute!! They must make you smile all day with their antics! Being an experienced pet owner, I’m sure you factored in the “wear and tear” they bring to our households (although every single pet is different). Enjoy your darling kitties now and worry about the house later!
    3) I hope work isn’t tiring you out too much.
    4) I totally understand about not wanting to leave the kittens just yet. And boarding is expensive, along with the worry that they can get sick (they’re still young) and if you aren’t sure about the place, I’d worry about their care. We just lucked out with Maggie’s place but we are still aware something could happen to her there.
    5) It makes me wince a bit to remember being that pregnant so I feel for the deer too :-) But you get to see the fawns! I hope you get pictures (from afar of course).

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  5. Jenn
    May 27th, 2023 at 12:17 pm · Link

    Silver, and here it is Saturday already! I keep thinking time is playing tricks on me lately, LOL.

    1) I’m so happy to hear your eyes are going in the right direction. This whole thing had to feel overwhelming for you at times. But you and your amazing doc are doing everything in your power to preserve and protect your vision.
    2) Oh Silver, I’m so sorry for losing Boone. I get that it was his time, but it still hurts (even if there’s some relief in there because he’d been struggling for awhile). Hugs to you all. And I have to say it — you guys gave Boone and amazing life!
    3) Yay for Stormy time! And his dad is awesome to take him to work with him since he was just finishing up details for the end of the year. Stormy has great parents and grandparents! All kids should be so lucky.
    4) Go Cowgirls!!
    5) Both Pete and Jake are being so good when they encounter each other — I’m impressed. The shifting around of “places” in the house now is funny, but also smart of you guys to help them all adjust into a routine of living together. And you can’t let Jake do the doggy sad face, LOL!! Glad you found the right spot for him!

    I hope you’re have a good weekend!

  6. Jenn
    May 27th, 2023 at 12:31 pm · Link

    Viki, I wish I could eat more garlic! Maybe one day, and I like ginger too, I could add it. I like to micro plane fresh if I have it. And on Wizard, I just wanted his leg to heal enough for Calico, so I didn’t mind doing the carpets. There a ton of stuff he does for me — it all works out :-) And yep, Maggie’s getting a bath and her nails done too — and I should get a job to pay for it, LOL.

    1) The triathlon caught my attention first! Those are not easy! I hope you all have a good time at the cookout!
    2) Yay for Harrison! Is he going to Kindergarten or first grade next year? How are he and Turbo growing so fast!
    3) Hope that was an easy trip. Sounds like you got things accomplished which is always a good feeling for me.
    4) I’m so sorry for the continued frustration with the hearing aids. I hope C was able to find a quick and inexpensive solution.
    5) Smart to use up the chicken soup, plus I love it most anytime (if the A/C is on in the summer). I bet yours is delicious! I need to try to make my own too.

    Hope you’re having fun and have a great time at the Memorial Day BBQ!

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