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Friday, June 9th, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF!! I would sure love to know where all the time goes! Okay, enough whining, let’s dive into sharing five random things about our week. Here’s mine:

  1. It’s Thursday afternoon as I write this, and Maggie is at the vets getting her teeth cleaned, her tummy mass removed (we are pretty sure it’s a harmless lipoma), and they’ll check her ears. This week she suddenly developed itching and misery in one ear, so we’ll see. Could be anything including allergies, AND she was a boarding just about two weeks ago so she could have picked up something or other.
  2. I’m sure Maggie will be fine, they’ll call me when she’s ready to come home. But I’ve kept myself crazy busy so I don’t have time to fret and worry :-) I cleaned the carpets in the front of the house, did the laundry, went to Trader Joes and did a ton of other tasks. Now I’m moving a bit more slowly, LOL.
  3. So in the front hard, we have the pretty stone planter with flowers which we love, but we’ve been stymied on what to do with the rest of the yard. It’s just dirt and bark right now (we ripped out the plants the housing track put it because, in our opinion, they looked like dying weeds). So I printed a picture of the front yard, and began searching. I lost three hours of my life looking at pictures and coming up with very little to show for it. I showed Wizard the picture of our house that I’d printed and told him I didn’t find many ideas. Then he printed five copies of the picture and drew up five designs. I tried to get away with just picking one of his designs, but he was all mean and bullied me into making five designs of my own. I whined for a day then grudgingly did it, and now we have two designs, one from each of us, that we both really like. I’m sort of annoyed that he was right to nag me into doing it. Soon we’ll get estimates but right now we’re just happy to have some solid ideas.
  4. Wizard’s back is improving but he’s on the bench until I say otherwise. He’s cooperating (with the pretty much the same attitude I had about the front yard designs, LOL) because while he’s healing, I can see he’s about one sudden sneeze away from reinjuring it. He flat out overdid things for a long time while ignoring warning twinges and aches. But he’s steadily improving so no worries. The fact that he’s only putting up a token fight tells me his back really needs the rest.
  5. While Wizard is dealing with the frustration of being sidelined, I keep outlining all my ideas like my secret container garden down the long narrow side of the house. This poor man! First, there’s no time for that this year, and I know it. Second, there’s no money. Third, we have to get rain gutters on that side because we didn’t do it when we should have (we were idiots!), and we’re having some minor soil erosion there. Then once the rain gutters are in, that area will need to be leveled and maybe more soil brought in, rake and prepared. It’s a next Spring (if ever!) project, but I’m researching it now and excitedly babbling to him, and he’s rolling his eyes so hard, LOL! Honestly, I’m just proud of developing a vision for an area that we though was relatively useless and I’m having fun. It really will be like a secret garden because no one will know it’s there unless we show them.

So that’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Silver James
    June 9th, 2023 at 7:19 am · Link

    Poor Maggie. Hope she is home, comfortable and happy to be here, ma’am. And poor Wiz. At least it’s only token protests and (insert sarcasm font) of course he drew up five plans and made you do the same. He’s a dude. It’s their superpower. And yay for the secret garden. Do I really have to come up with five things? (insert **whine** here) Okay…

    1. Shy Cat and BeeGee (Black Gato) didn’t show up for breakfast this morning. Oddly, Repeat did and sat calmly on the walk abour 4 feet away while I filled the bowls and dished out gushy food. He looks thin–comparted to fat-cat Pete so I’m happy he’s getting comfortable enough to show up for breakfast.

    2. Stormy has been around a bit. He did go to school with his dad for two days this week but was here for two and will be here today. Next week, we turn into a chauffeur service between VBS and some summer enrichment classes at Rose State College. It’s like STEM or something for kids. Not sure what all they’ve got him enrolled in. Details are sketchy at the moment and hopefully, Only will be her usual OCD self and give us the full schedule.

    3. Devastatingly sad news of the week–our favorite restaurant is closing on June 17, after 27 years. We were just there Saturday and no one said a word. We’re at a loss. That was our go-to Mex place, the food and staff are phenomenal and now… *sniffle* The Kids eat there at least once a week and they are just lost.

    4. OU three-peated for the NCAA D-1 softball National Championship. Crazy games and they came from behind twice to pull it off. Juggernaut. What can I say?

    5. Pete and Loki played tag last night. Since Loki was *It* I think he was probably the “agressor” to get the game started. They zoomed around the kitchen and bedroom, leaping up on and running across the bed a couple of times while also ducking under the bed and low-crawling to the other side. Poor Jake was lying in middle of their path and they’d dodge around him, often skidding and “drifting” around him. Until Loki decided to cut Pete off at the pass and go over Jake’s back. LG had come to check out the noise and was about to fall down he was laughing so hard. Poor Jake got double treats at bedtime.

    That’s my five. Guess I should go put on real clothes for the kiddo. Have a great weekend all!

  2. Viki S.
    June 9th, 2023 at 10:27 am · Link

    1. I hope Maggie is doing well after her visit with the Vet. I hope her ear is nothing major and maybe just allergies that can be treated with a topical. It’s so hard on us when our fur babies are not comfortable.
    2. You got quite a bit accomplished while waiting to go pick up Maggie. I bet she was VERY happy to see you.
    3. That’s so cute and also a great idea to have both of you draw up plans for the bed. I wish I were that smart when we put our plants in 28 years ago.
    4. Poor Wizard. I think we all tend to do what he did and ignore little triggers that something is up. Then one little thing will cause a total breakdown. It’s good that you are keeping him in check and not letting him do too much until he’s better. With the troubles he has had in the past, he really doesn’t want to have a major injury.
    5. I like that you’re planning ahead. You know that things aren’t going to get done for awhile, so outlining your thoughts is great. You have months to keep changing things until they are exactly how you want them – smart!

    1a. The smoke from the Canadian fires has been awful the past couple days. I haven’t left the house, yet I’ve been coughing like crazy and you can smell smoke in here too. Today is not as bad but they’re saying tomorrow may get bad again. I can’t imagine living in NYC. They have it really bad.
    2. Harrison is having the time of his life. Hubs is driving me crazy 😜.
    3. My brother went the the Dr. for a gout flare up and he asked her about his chronic bronchitis. After listening to his chest and heart she told him that he needed and EKG. He has now been diagnosed Atrial fibrillation and will be seeing a cardiologist on July 5th. It’s never a dull moment.
    4. I’m still not getting much reading done. The moment I finally get away from hubs and pull out a book I fall asleep.
    5. Next Friday the two younger boys are planning on driving hubs down to TN so all three boys and Harrison can have a Father’s Day weekend. I hope nothing happens and that they go. I know hubs will make them leave early Sunday morning so they won’t actually be together on Father’s Day but it should still be real nice.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Jenn
    June 9th, 2023 at 1:22 pm · Link

    Silver, Maggie is home and recovering. It turned out that her mass was a hernia, so it’s a good thing we did the surgery. She’s all fixed up and should be fine in a couple weeks. Wizard is getting better too, he just wishes it was faster.

    1) I bet Repeat was hungry, and nice that he showed some manners. Hope the other two show up soon.
    2) LOLOL! I laughed at Only’s OCD self! I’m pretty sure she will because moms are like that, and I hope Stormy had a great time at whatever he’s enrolled in. You guys are awesome and involved grandparents!
    3) Oh NO!!!! I’m really surprised, my impression was that it was a bustling restaurant. But that said, most restaurant operate on a razer thin profit margin and it doesn’t take much to put them over the edge (I had a cousin in the biz, so I learned a bit). I’m so sorry!
    4) Yay!!!
    5) Jake is such a cool dog!! Loki and Pete are lucky he’s such a tolerate, laid back dude. But it sure sounds like the cats were having fun and putting a show at the same time!

    Hope you have fun with Stormy and a great weekend!

  4. Jenn
    June 9th, 2023 at 1:33 pm · Link

    Viki, Maggie’s ears look good so it’s probably allergies. They gave us drops to see if that helps. Otherwise, her mass was a hernia and they took care of that. She’s home, eating and already looks a bit better today.

    I’m not sure Wizard and I are “smart” but this is our third house that we’ve bought new, so we’ve learned the hard way on some things, and continue to learn the hard way on others :-) And you’re so right about Wizard’s back, fortunately, he knows he needs to let it heal. Now for you:

    1) I had no idea the smoke from the Canadian fires had reached you! It’s just awful, and sadly, this is happening more and more. I worry about all the people who have breathing problems too.
    2) Yay for Harrison, but sorry for hubs (and you!).
    3) OMGosh your poor brother! This is the same brother who recently had cancer too? Unreal!
    4) That’s so frustrating! You probably really miss it. I struggle with it too so I get it.
    5) Your sons are awesome to do that! I really hope the trip works out and they all have a good, stress free time.

    Have a good weekend!

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