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Friday, December 1st, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF!! Is time going faster? This week just blew by! Okay time to share five random things about out week. Here’s mine:

  1. I have a chunk of Christmas shopping done! I still have one major person to buy for, and odds and ends. It’s a good start. However my brain is nagging the crap out of me to get it all done. I need to plan what holiday baking I can manage. I still haven’t found the magic elixir for energy I want to do.
  2. My walking app recorded over 49 miles for dedicated walking this month. That does not include six days when I either forgot to turn the app on, or we were traveling. Even if I do dedicated walks while traveling, I don’t turn on the app. So I’m happy with those numbers as long as my joints are tolerating it.
  3. For Cyber Monday, I bought Maggie a new uber fluffy sherpa blanket. She loves it! I really wanted to get a picture but this week has been a whirlwind. But it was so cool to see her so happy. Now if I could just get time to wash it and tame the fuzzies coming off it.
  4. Our neighbor brought us over some lemons off his lemon tree. They are the first crop from the trees he planted last Spring so it’s really cool. I made some gluten and dairy free lemon cookies I’m happy with using those lemons! Oh and I roll them in lemon sugar before baking (I made it using white sugar and fresh lemon zest pulsed it in my blender.). I like the effect though next time I’ll use less of the lemon sugar, I think I piled it on a bit thick :-)
  5. Yesterday I saw my sister for coffee and some shopping (I got some Christmas plates I’m using for gifts), and Sunday I’m finally seeing a friend for lunch. Both my friend and I had to cancel for illnesses and then deaths in the family a few times now, so fingers crossed this lunch happens!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a great weekend and isn’t too overwhelmed by the looming holiday and the crazy expectations we sometimes put on ourselves!

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  1. Silver James
    December 1st, 2023 at 12:31 pm · Link

    Yes. Time is speeding up. What is this Christmas shopping of which you speak? ;) Yay for walkies. Yay for Maggie’s love of her new blankie. Awesome on the lemons and sorry, but there is NEVER too much lemon sugar on a cookie. Just sayin’… Yippee for sisterhood coffee and friendly lunches. Hope it happens come Sunday. Okay, my boring five:

    1. Time is all screwed up. I did NOT go to Wallyworld on Monday, I went on Tuesday. Therefore, Tuesday should have felt like Monday. It did not. It felt like Wednesday and Wednesday felt like Thursday. Thursday felt like Friday and I kept thinking I needed to get the trash bin to the curb. Except due to the holiday, our previous Friday trash was picked up on Wednesday this week. And now it IS Friday and I did put the other trash bin out (it wasn’t full on Wednesday). And it sorta feels like Friday, I guess because the trash truck is in the neighborhood. Are you confused yet? I certainly am…

    2. Stormy had a soccer match Tuesday night. He played goalie second half and made an incredible stop on a penalty kick that kept the score tied. (The other team scored on our 1st half goalie.) Obviously, since the game was tied at the end, no one else scored on Stormy during the second half.

    3. I got the lighted evergreen swag up on the front porch, with the few strings of “yard” lights put out on Wednesday. Sadly, 1/2 of the swag lights are out. I have to find the fuse container–AND a fuse 8-O –to fix them. Or just buy a second, shorter string to drape on that one side. :lol:

    4. Jake and I went to the vet’s yesterday to pick up his flea and heartworm meds. They were waiting for their next patient to arrive (who was running late) so we had time to visit. The subject of books came up and yeah, I got up the nerve to mention that I write. They seemed enthusiastic so hopefully, I’ve picked up 3 new readers. We’ll see. LOLOL Jake also got extra treats while we stood there talking. The vet thinks he has the most soulful eyes she’s ever seen. I agree. 👀

    5. Critter story of the week: Jake went out first thing. I fixed cat breakfasts, fed Pete and Loki, then took the feral’s their food. Repeat was on the porch but not Smudge, so I called Smudge, who was sauntering up the front walk. Then I called generic “Here, kitty-kitty” louder because who knows what random “house” cat is hanging around ready to mooch. All the sudden, this huge dog appears out of the dark (this is a little after 6 am, mind you) and gallops toward us. Repeat and Smudge freeze. The dog barrels between them and slides to a stop in front of me. Yes, it IS Jake. I let him in, feed the cats, and go in to find out how the heck he got out of our fenced back yard! Turns out, the yard crew didn’t close the south gate (which leads to the front yard. They also hadn’t dropped the latch or the chain on the side gate (by the driveway). Why Jake hadn’t escaped earlier is a miracle and the fact he came running when I called for the cats is a second miracle. Yes, he got one of his BIG treats for being such a good boy.

    Tomorrow is First Saturday so siren test and lunch with the Kids. OSU plays Texas at 11:00 am so we’ll have to listen to the game on the radio until we get to lunch sometime after noon and hope that wherever the kids pick has TVs on. LOL Considering I’m a jinx, this may not be a bad thing. :roll: Have a great weekend, all!

  2. Viki S.
    December 1st, 2023 at 3:52 pm · Link

    1. WOW! Good job getting so much shopping done. I wish I had it done too.
    2. Another WOW! That’s a great job on walking.
    3. I bet Maggie loves her new blanket. It must be nice and cozy.
    4. Oh those lemon cookies sound so good 😋.
    5. Biker Witch, coffee, and shopping – that’s a really great day!

    1a. I bought a cast iron braiser pan at Aldi for $25. I love it. It’s just like the super expensive ones. I think it will become my everyday pan.
    2a. The downdraft oven is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Wish me luck that it does and that installation goes well.
    3a. I have no shopping done except Harrison. It’s bugging me because I usually have done 90% by now. No one has told me what they want. As I said before, they may all get gift cards.
    4a. Decorating will have to wait until next week. I don’t want stuff around when the oven is delivered. Things may be in the way.
    5a. Tomorrow I may write the few cards I send. While waiting for the delivery, that should be a good thing to do.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Jenn
    December 1st, 2023 at 4:23 pm · Link


    1) Yes I’m confused, LOLOL!!! But I’ve had weeks like that so I can relate. This week, my days were correct but they all seemed like two hours long instead of twenty four. Weird.
    2) Great job Stormy! He getting really good at the goalie position (along with the others he plays)
    3) Buy the shorter string! And you’re ahead of me in decorating. We did bring the tree box in side. Progress.
    4) First, great job dropping the author info :-) But also good to just create that relationship with the vet office. That relationship really is helpful when you need help or advice. And for the record, I bet you picked up new readers!
    5) Jake is a very good boy! But dang, that’s scary when you realize a gate isn’t closed or property latched. Our yard is smaller and much easier to control access or egress, but I had a huge yard in my first house, and a rabbit who escaped and came running home like that — well he was being chased by a dog so…still I was taking trash cans out and he ran right to me and jumped in my arms. You and I both got lucky! Tell Jake I’m proud of him and will give him treats if I ever meet him!

    Have a good siren test and lunch. I’ll cross my fingers for your team!!!

  4. Jenn
    December 1st, 2023 at 4:33 pm · Link

    iki, thanks on my day with Biker Witch — it was even better to get something practical done while having fun :-)

    1) Great find! I don’t get to Aldi enough!
    2) I hope the delivery and installation goes smoothly! It’ll be so nice for you to have the done and off your mind.
    3) At least you got Harrison done! Christmas is for the kids. This year I got lucky getting a bit ahead on shopping. I’ve been where you are, and I know how stressful it feels. I’m sorry! But since you have a lot on your plates, I still think gift cards might be the best option.
    4) That’s a smart plan to put off decorating until after the install is done.
    5) You’re better than me on the cards. I just haven’t gotten to it, and don’t have the energy to care at the moment :-) Sometimes I suck. Don’t write too much and get sore!

    I hope your weekend goes well and that your downdraft is delivered on time, and there and not complications with the installation.

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