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Monday, December 4th, 2023
Weekend Roundup

So…this weekend happened. I can’t remember the exact order, but it went something like this:

— File boxes arrive. We’d ordered one set of four, and two of them came without latches. Sigh…but stuff happens, so we exchanged them and the company sent us a new set of four with NO latches. I’m done with them. One time is irritating but also understandable. But twice? Nope.

— In positive news: We got our Christmas tree up, I made sourdough bread, went for a hike in my new hiking boots and went to lunch with my friend which was awesome. I also got more shopping done, Christmas cards ordered, and I set up a wrapping station in one of our bedrooms to make it easier for Wizard and me.

–Two of my kids are in a “Who has the best outdoor Christmas Decorations” and is sending pics to our family test loop. I’m waiting to see what Middle Son does, he may ignore it or he’ll light up his entire city with decorations to win. It could go either way with him!

–Lastly here is Maggie (on her new blanket!) helping me open delivery boxes of Christmas gifts.

She loves tearing paper for about 15 seconds, then she’s done. She spits out all the paper out in a little pile. I never claimed she was normal!

But interspaced in all this we got some less than great news about a few people we love. One I think will be fine once the the cause is figured out, but it’s a little scary; one is worrisome but could still turn out okay; and the last was the mom of Wizard’s friend passing away. We’ll be going to that funeral on Wednesday.

That said, I’m grateful for all the good things in the weekend! I’m also grateful for the dairy-free chocolate I may or may not be stress eating, LOL!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Silver James
    December 4th, 2023 at 8:31 am · Link

    Gah! I hate incompetence by companies. Hope you can find some comparable file cabinets that are RIGHT! Yay for Maggie, friends, and I’m thinking Middle is playing it close to the chest and will spring his creation on Oldest and Youngest once he sees what all they’ve done. ;) Did the hiking boots work and stay comfortable? Sorry for the troublesome news. Sending good thoughts that all works out for relatives and condolences to Wiz and his friend’s family.

    Saturday was siren test. We tried someplace new for lunch, S&B’s Burger Joint. Food was good and the “accomodations” worked well for Jake–long table with booth like seats but free standing. He had plenty of room to stretch out underneath and the waitress adored him. We’ll probably go back.

    OSU Cowboys lost, but since Texas made it into the top 4 to play for the National Championship, the loss isn’t quite so devastating and evidently, beating us helped push the 10-1 Longhorns higher than undefeated Florida State. (The same with Alabama, who Texas actually beat.) I took a long nap. :lol:

    Sunday? Frustrating. My characters keep messing up the timeline. I have completed chapters that I thought were in the right order and then one of the characters pulls a fast one and does something important but it has to happen before this happens and then that happens but that was before this and…and…🤯 I finally gave up and will reevaluate when I get back from Wallyworld. I may have to buy a wig before this dang book is finished! :lol:

    In something-to-look-forward-to news, Stormy has soccer Tuesday night and school Christmas program on Wednesday night. Have a great week, all!

  2. Viki S.
    December 4th, 2023 at 3:49 pm · Link

    I would be livid about the file boxes. Bye bye to that company.

    Glad you r tree is up. Does Maggie like it? Spunk has always claimed our tree as his own and he must defend it.

    The lighting contest is so funny. My boys would never do that. Only the eldest goes crazy with decorating.

    Maggie is quite the helper. Pee Wee used to do the same thing, even making the pile of paper. Dogs are so cute.

    Oh, I am very sorry for the grief that has come your way this weekend. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

    Well, the oven showed up Saturday and they don’t install downdrafts. So they told me that when I get it installed to call back and they will pick up the old range for me. Okay. So Sunday C and his friend went to work installing this huge monster. It did not go well.

    The oven is larger than stated on line and they had to cut my granite and cabinet to fit widthwise. It is too deep also and sticks out about 6 inches. But what can I do, it’s the only one on the market.

    After 6+ hours it was in and ready to go only it doesn’t work. The control panel is black. It will not do anything and the light inside the oven does not come on at all. However, the burners work. The indicator light showing they are on, does not work. SO I called this morning and KitchenAid is having a repair guy out on Thursday.

    In the meantime I can use to the burners.

    Never a dull moment.

    I sure hope you have a great day!

  3. Jenn
    December 4th, 2023 at 5:08 pm · Link

    Silver, thanks on the good thoughts, I appreciate it. And yep, the hiking boots are working out so far for my expectations. I doubt I could do an all day hike in them, but I couldn’t do an all day hike anyway, so that doesn’t matter, LOL.

    Yay for finding a good place to eat with the right accommodations. It can be much harder than those of us who don’t need the accommodations might realize.

    Well glad the OSU loss wasn’t as devastating as it could have been. Hope the long nap helped too :-)

    Your characters are really getting into the game of making you juggle timelines and events! I’m so sorry they are putting you through this frustration. But when do they ever make it easy? Hope you were able to make sense of it all after your trip to Wallyworld!

    Hope Stormy’s game and Christmas program are both great!

  4. Jenn
    December 4th, 2023 at 5:20 pm · Link

    Viki, I don’t plan on ordering from that company again. We’ll find something else soon.

    Maggie is fine with the tree. She smells it but isn’t too interested UNLESS we put wrapped dog toys under it. She will open those, LOL. We learned that the hard way. It’s funny considering she doesn’t play with toys much.

    It’s cool that oldest is into decorating! My kids all got into it as they each bought their own homes. But it various each year depending how much they have going on. This year has been pretty funny.

    Aww it’s so nice to think about PeeWee!

    Thank you on the losses and illnesses. It’s part of life and we’re trying to roll with it.

    Wow that oven has been a major headache! Cutting the granite makes my stomach hurt — that can go so wrong but it sounds like at least that turned out ok. I sure hope Kitchenaide gets it fixed and you can start the new year with no more issues. You really are in a bind with the oven and the specifications you needed for that space. I really don’t know what else you could do. It’d almost have been easier to remodel the kitchen! I’m just really hoping you can get it resolved and working.

    Despite the downdraft aggravation, I hope everything else goes well for you this week.

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