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Friday, December 22nd, 2023
Friday Five

TGIF! Let’s jump right into sharing five random things about our week:

  1. It rained Wednesday night and it’s supposed tonight and through today. I also wanted to take Maggie to take cookies to her vet and one other person, but we’ll see. I’ll see how the day goes and adjust as needed. Look at me being an easygoing flexible adult!
  2. I’m done with the general baking that I plan to give away. I have a few more things to do for parties, but that should all be manageable. In another episode of Baking Weirdness: I made thumbprint cookies and the ones I filled with raspberry jam came out as expected. The ones I filled with lemon curd — the curd was absorbed into the cookie. It’s the same curd I used for the same recipe last year, so who knows? It’s just been that kind of year :-)  And two fun, new to me, things I made: A version of Thin Mint cookies — I tried one and loved it. And some pretty easy but fun Grinch Cookies that are green. I didn’t try one, but Wizard loved it so I’ll call it a win. I’ll try to get some pictures to post next week.
  3. A few days ago,  I had two baking sheets of cookies in a 375 degree oven, and needed to rotate the pans. That went well…I’m fine, I’ve had a lot worse burns. This one isn’t too painful, and thankfully, it’s not really in my way. This was my fault, I was mad at myself for not measuring the butter correctly, and then I destroyed my shoulder trying to fix it, so I was in pain and not being careful. However the pan didn’t “stick” to my skin, more just brushed against it, so I got off easy with this burn!
  4. I finally broke down and scheduled a follow-up with the ENT about my throat. The meds haven’t worked yet, but the appointment isn’t until February 5th, so maybe it’ll clear up. This ENT and I don’t mesh well with our communication styles, so I’m going to really attempt to adjust my own style and see how that goes. I’m trying to me a proactive adult :-)
  5. We have two family parties Saturday and Sunday. I’m looking forward to those!

That’s my five, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. And that all of you celebrate the holiday with those you love. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Silver James
    December 22nd, 2023 at 9:18 am · Link

    Saw all the news about the flash flooding and hoped it missed you. Hope you and Maggie get to deliver the cookies. Yay for baking mostly done! Ouch on the burn. And weird on the lemon curd. I suspect the cookies were still tasty, just in a different way. :lol: New cookie recipes FTW! Most doctors are so overworked, they have no time for “bedside manners.” LG has learned to be very blunt with his. “A. I’m not stupid. B. This is not in my head. C. The system sucks (VA DOES for the most part–occasionally, he gets a doc who actually cares and pays attention). D. I don’t appreciate your condescesion. See A.” Anyway, good luck when you get in to see the ENT. And finally, yay for parties! Okay, my five.

    1. Just call me the squirrel whisperer. The little squirrel who gets bold enough to hit the feeder while I’m still filling it actually took a sunflower seed from my hand and allowed me to very gently brush his tail with one finger. And no, I will not attempt either again. I don’t really want him “tame.”

    2. Christmas shopping is all done, including stocking stuffers. Now I just need to stick presents in gift bags and label them.

    3. We have pecan pie and pumpkin pie to go with the turkey breast for turkey sandwiches on Christmas Day. Everyone is either sick, stressed, or worn out so very low-key this year and that’s totally cool with all of us. Folks can drop by here for sandwiches and pie if they want.

    4. Today is roll dough day. I’ll put it together late this afternoon, it’ll proof in the fridge overnight and I’ll make out cinnamon and dinner rolls tomorrow. We’ll have cinnamon rolls at the Kids while opening presents and the dinner rolls are a “Christmas gift” to be eaten whenever. The dough freezes so they can be taken out, thawed, allowed to rise and baked at any time.

    5. Jake got to go to Walmart twice this week. It worked out well because he got to see some old friends whose shifts have changed and he doesn’t get to see them on Mondays anymore. Pete has turned into Houdini. I’ll let him out (through the garage) and an hour later, I find him in the house, only no one has opened either of the garage/interior doors, or if we have, no cat scampered in. *cue “Theme from Twilight Zone”* And Loki has decided that he likes Jake’s water bowl better than his own. We have an “automatic” water bowl (with a huge water bottle) that Boone used but Jake never would. Jake also decided he liked the water bottles we keep in the fridge to take for him at the outdoor soccer matches when it’s hot. So now, we just refill his bowl with those, refill them from the tap and stick back in the fridge to chill. Loki comes running as soon as he hears the “glug-splash” and waits until the bowl is full and then he drinks. I have no idea what it would be like to have normal dogs and cats. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That’s it for me. My weekend is rolls, spaghetti, and Christmas morning at the Kids, followed by turkey sandwiches and naps. Have a very Merry Christmas! May your lives be filled with the joy, wonder, and magic of the season! ⭐🎄🎁🎅🏼✨

    See ya next week!

    PS: Re. the “gift” pans. They’re just the aluminum foil baking pans that are throwaway. I’d just gon through my stock. LOL I just cover them in foil and if I’m trying to be fancy, I’ll use a sheet of tissue paper and tie up the corners on top with a ribbon. I’ve only used “real” pans or containers when I’m baking auction items. LOL

  2. Viki S.
    December 22nd, 2023 at 3:40 pm · Link

    1. I hope the rain stopped and you and Maggie made your deliveries. I bet she’s just loves going to visit and see her vet w/o having to have any work done.
    2. The cookies all sound so good.
    3. Ouch! It may not hurt too much, but it looks sore. I blame the new oven not you.
    4. It really stinks that you have to wait so long to be seen by the ENT. If the meds aren’t working you need to a different plan. I wonder why they can’t do a online visit so you can get a new action plan quicker.
    5. Have tons of fun at the parties. I know you will, especially if Turbo is there.

    1a. A contacted hubs Dr’s office and voiced his concerns. I’m fine with that but – hubs gets a text from his Dr saying he has referred hubs to have geriatric cognitive testing done. Hubs had freaked. He WON’T do it. I get mad at. So, A had taken a dew days off work and came over yesterday. He took hubs to the park and to lunch and hubs brought up the Dr text. A played it cool and never mentioned he had anything to do with it. After their talk it looks like I am allowed to call and schedule him for the test. We’ll see what he does after I schedule it. In the past I’ve had to cancel appointments.
    2a. It’s warming up and the snow is almost all gone.
    3a. Harrison and his dad won the neighborhood lighting prize. They got a trophy and a $100 GC.
    4a. While vacuuming this morning my Dyson V11 broke. The right roller ball fell off. I looked at it and it looked like the pin had sheared off. I spent 57 mins on hold but finally talked to a guy. He video chat to see the break and they are sending a new roller head. That would have cost me $119 if not for the warranty.
    5a. I think I’m set for Christmas morning. If not, we’ll make do.

    I wish you a Very Merry Christmas!

  3. Jenn
    December 22nd, 2023 at 6:55 pm · Link

    Silver, very good advice on the doctor and I appreciate hearing it from you. I’m going to do my best. It’s important that I let the experience of the last visit go, and be clear what I need from this visit. On the flash flooding, so far we are fine. Now for you:

    1) You are the squirrel whisperer! I respect your choice of not letting the squirrel get too tame. It’s sometimes hard to do!
    2) Great job on getting the shopping done!
    3) Sounds like a perfect Christmas day meal plan to me.
    4) That’s a thoughtful and delicious Christmas gift!
    5) You’re going to end up going to Walmart everyday for Jake to see his friends, LOL! I cracked up at Jake and Loki’s discerning water preferences :-) All your pets have such fun personalities. Normal is overrated.

    I hope you and your family (including pets) have a safe and wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Jenn
    December 22nd, 2023 at 7:07 pm · Link

    Viki, the rain stopped most of the day so far, so we were able to make the deliveries! Maggie was particularly happy seeing Biker Witch and Hubby. I don’t think the ENT can do an online visit for this, and I worry he can be even more dismissive that way too.

    1) I’m sorry they texted your hubs. I’m not surprised, they have to follow the protocol (HIPPA laws) unless you have medical power of attorney, but it sure complicates the situation for you. I have to say, though, you and A sure handled that well, and hopefully, working together you can get Hubs there. Big hugs on the whole situation.
    2) Hope you were able to enjoy the snow while you had it.
    3) Congrats to Harrison and his dad!! Harrison must be so thrilled! Also — he has a great dad!
    4) It was worth the time on the phone to get the part replaced at no cost!! That’s good news!
    5) That’s how I’m feeling too, we either have it or we’ll make due!

    I hope you and your family all have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

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