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Monday, June 24th, 2019
Weekend Roundup, by Maggie May Apodaca

Hi! It’s me, Maggie. My mom is a little busy doing…people stuffs. Plus, I have a story to tell you! FYI that’s an oldentimes picture of me, but mom uses an oldentimes picture of her on a lot of her Official Author Pages, so I did it too. Cool, huh?

**What? Mom, I’m bloggertalking here! Okay, fine.**

Mom says I have to tell you some other things before I launch into my story. First, a super important Writer Lady name Judith Krantz has passed over the rainbow bridge. Mom is sad for her family, but says she made a lot of readers happy in her lifetime, so yes, she was super important. Dogs get this stuff. Think about it, we makes people happy like as our full-time job. I hope when Ms. Krantz gets lots of big kisses and tail wags from all the dogs waiting for their humans to thank her for giving joy to so many people. That’ll make her feel special, yes? Mom says we should toast Ms. Krantz for a life well lived, and cherish the legacy of stories she left us.

And Mom said also to tell you she had a good weekend. Well duh, she has me!

Last thing, I also had to tell you that mom typed all lots and lots of words and made them into a whole chapter thingie that she’s been working on for-freaking-ever. Although I don’t think I spelled freakin’ right. Or mom says it wrong after a long day in her pretend world and a glass of wine. I’m not sure which.

Okay now for my story!

Mom was upstairs in her room. Did you know, she has a special room that inside her room? In there is all kinds of cool stuff. I’m not supposed to touch most of it, but I have my very own blanket and a basket full of toys. Anytime she opens that door, I can play with my toys or snuggle in my blanket. Well two nights ago, mom opened the door.

Yay! I darted in and…suddenly the room went dark. The door closed! Oh noes!!! I was alone in the dark.

Ha, I’m joshing you. Not about being alone in the dark, mom really did close the door with me on the inside. But I wasn’t scared at all. Nope. I have my very own blanket, so I go all comfy. Later times, I heard mom calling me. Then she whistled. Sometimes humans are weird. How can I run to her if I’m on this side of the door? I waited for mom to figure the out.

Then she did! The door opened and she and Wizard-dad were both soooo happy to see me. I just walked out totally casual, but Mom was like, “Oh Maggie I’m so sorry! You’ll forgive me tomorrow because I have something special coming for you. Seriously! Amazon is delivering you a treat!”

Guys! It turns out mom closed the door on me by mistake, and when moms make this kind of mistake, they buy you treats!! Did you know????

So here’s I am Sunday, waiting for the magic Amazon dude. Also this is my mat, mom brought it to the door for me so I didn’t have to sit on the hard tile.

And then…my surprise came! It’s a chew stick with cheese and stuff in it! Nom, nom!

I love my surprise!

Shhh…don’t tell mom but I was in that little room for like three minutes, and I didn’t think it was a big deal. But mom thinks it’s a new chew stick major deal and who am I to argue?

So that’s my story. Pretty exciting, right? Probably like an action-adventure about a super brave dog with a happy ending, right? Do you all have any stories about your weekend? I’d love to hear them while I’m chewing on my stick!