Jennifer Lyon

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is a really blurry picture of me. It was at a party about two months ago and I’m standing in a crowd when Wizard took the picture. I cropped it out everyone else ( for their own protection). And yep, that’s what I really look like.

Do you know why?

Look at the bottom left hand corner of the picture. See that blurry thing I’m holding? It’s a huge, massive piece of chocolate birthday cake.

I. Mean. Huge.

Easily 900 calories.

And I ate it! All of it! I’d probably have licked the plate except I knew Wizard would snap a picture.

Yep, I am a chocoholic. That’s my confession.

What’s yours?

9 comments to “Confession!”

  1. Silver James
    June 3rd, 2010 at 8:12 am · Link

    See the huge coffee mug? Like 20 oz. huge? I drink half soy milk (light at least) and half Cafe du Monde chicory coffee. Like 8 cups. A day. Yes. I sleep at night. In fact, I can drink coffee at 10 p.m. and be snoring by 11.

    Yep. I am a coffeeholic. That’s my confeesion.

  2. Cecile
    June 3rd, 2010 at 8:49 am · Link

    OH crap… Confession time… Okay, besides chocolate, yes this witch can inhale by the bus loads *but it will show on my a$$*…. And I do love shoes *my bank account can attest to that fact* but my true confession is Victoria Secret. **I have sweat chills right now thinking about the two $10.00 off cards I have in my wallet right now**…
    I own enough bras to wear a one everyday for the next month and not repeat and more panties than I can probably wear in the next six months…
    I am addicted. Victoria Secret is my crack.
    **Looks around… okay who is next….**

  3. Jen Lyon
    June 3rd, 2010 at 10:49 am · Link

    Silver! Me too!!! My son just gave me a latte maker and I love it! Most of my coffee I drink black, but once a day or so I make a non fat latte. And when I have guests over it’s Kahlua lattes!

    I’m impressed that you sleep nights though, I cut my coffee off in the afternoon.

  4. Jen Lyon
    June 3rd, 2010 at 10:50 am · Link

    Cecile, I want your addiction! I’m so jealous! I would love all that lingerie but am too lazy and cheap to buy it!

    Pretty sure the hunters/hunks really appreciate your addiction :-)

  5. Val
    June 3rd, 2010 at 11:48 am · Link

    Lets see, I’m not much of a shopper, in fact kinda loathe it. Like chocolate but can live without it and try not to eat to much of it.

    But three things I would have trouble giving up are: 1. Coffee, and like Silver I can drink it all day and still fall asleep in 5 minutes. I blame this one on my dad, giving me cold coffee in my baby bottle, bad man, lol. 2. Mt. Dew, see a trend here? Maybe I should just say caffeine. Anyhoo, I once had a severe kidney infection which according to the doctor was caused by all the Mt. Dew I drink. I was warned to cut back, or risk a repeat. Never did cut back and so far no repeats. 3. And the one I wish I could give up, smoking. Granted I have only half heartedly tried, but even then I wanted to kill someone. I’m thinking the only way that it is going to happen is if I am completely alone where no one can irritate me.

  6. B.E. Sanderson
    June 3rd, 2010 at 1:10 pm · Link

    Okay, fine. I confess. I like to watch South Park when no one else is around. I also spent an entire afternoon watching reruns of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend – but I don’t think that was my fault. It was like watching an accident. You know you should look away, but you just can’t.

    I’m with Val, too. Coffee, Mt. Dew and cigarettes are all addictions for me, but I’m functional – and no one has to get hurt, as long as no one tries to take those things away from me. Oh, and chocolate. And ice cream… Maybe I need counseling more than I thought. ;o)

  7. Jenn
    June 3rd, 2010 at 6:07 pm · Link

    Val, smoking is so hard to quit. I’ve seen so many of my family/friends struggle with it.

    Can’t figure out why anyone would give up coffee, LOL! And I love Diet Coke so I can’t say anything about your Mountain Dew.

    The kidney infection makes me cringe though! Those are so painful, I hear. Glad you haven’t had a repeat of that.

  8. Jenn
    June 3rd, 2010 at 6:08 pm · Link

    B.E., LOL on SOUTH PARK! That’s funny! I’ve seen a few of them.

    Parrish Hilton makes my eyes bleed :-)

    Mmmm…wish I had some chocolate in the house!

  9. Dru
    June 3rd, 2010 at 7:36 pm · Link

    chips…put a bowl on the table and I will empty that bowl before you put the salsa down.

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