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Monday, January 30th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

Overall it’s been a relaxing weekend. Friday I actually went to the gym! Just for a half work out, which is all I plan to do for a couple weeks. But still, it’s progress. My oldest son came out for part of the weekend with Bailey. He’s been doing that every weekend to help out for which I am so grateful.

Right now, as I write this, BLB and his brother are watching Pay Per View wrestling that they ordered. And Bailey dog is laying on Wizard. So funny–Bailey jumped up on the couch and curled up next to Wizard.

Wizard said in the stern voice that scared ALL our kids’ friends as teenagers, “Get down, Bailey.”

Bailey stretched his neck, looked up at Wizard’s face, then laid his head on Wizard’s leg and went to sleep.

I laughed so hard, I cried. All those super tough teenage boys were slightly afraid of Wizard for years. But 12 pound Bailey? Totally not afraid. He knows Wizard is a true softy!

Another amazing Bailey moment–we had BLB’s brace off to exercise his leg. Bailey studied the two of us from my other son’s lap. Then he jumped down, and very carefully sat next to BLB’s bad leg. Then worked his way underneath his leg to support it. We were shocked.  Bailey will not let us rest our feet or legs on him, but he insisted of supporting BLB’s leg. It was amazing to see. I couldn’t leave to grab my camera and get a picture, darn it. (We are very careful when the brace is off). And just FYI–the surgical scar is pretty impressive :-)

Otherwise, I finished the scene I was working on in Ram’s novella. That brings me to the half way point or probably even farther. Now I’m at a standstill as I figure out a couple issues.

Oh and Wizard bought a dozen donuts this weekend. Bad Wizard!

That was my weekend, how was yours?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Random Stuff

Some days I really hate my process.

For a few days I’ve been dancing around writing a scene. I write, delete, write, delete, find something else to do like make this  Hungry Girl recipe write, delete…

Sigh, I’ll get the scene written today. I will. Really.

Unless I find a new recipe to bake :-)

Yesterday I went to my RA doctor.  He was much more interested in my son’s injury than me, LOL! Actually he was quite helpful, and pointed out that I’m under some stress. And rundown enough to have a picked up a (mild) virus.

Yeah, it took a medical degree to figure that out :-)

And this is how well he knows me.  He wants to see me again in two months instead of three. But he didn’t TELL me that while I was in his office. He FORGOT to mention that and instead wrote it on my chart for the receptionist to tell me.

Because then I couldn’t argue, and tell him I’m fine.

That’s just sneaky! I kind of respect that in him.

Anyway, how’s your day going?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Reading Anything Exciting?

I hate being out of the loop, but I haven’t been keeping up on new or exciting books lately. Heck, I met Biker Witch in Barnes and Noble yesterday and never even looked at books.

I know–blasphemy!

Broken Leg Boy wheeled himself all over the store while Biker Witch and I had coffee and chatted. BLB looked at a ton of books, then wheeled himself over to join us with a book on his lap he planned to buy.

Biker Witch bought  the book for him. I feel I must point out here that she totally spoils her nephews.  She claims it’s because he broke his leg, had surgery, etc. But I know the truth–she likes spoiling them all.

Anyway, I’m wondering what you guys are reading that has you excited? I have a stack of contest books I need to read, but I can work in a couple books in between :-)

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Weekend Roundup

Broken Leg Boy is making progress.  He’s been able to go upstairs-slowly, carefully and with one of us there. I’m writing this blog on Sunday night, but hopefully we both slept upstairs last night. That’s exciting because for a month now, I’ve been sleeping in an airbed next to his hospital bed.  My body will go into shock in a real bed :-)

In other news, I am making progress on FORBIDDEN MAGIC, which is the working title of Ram’s novella. I’m really happy about that. I”m learning to write more quickly in compressed time. We do what we have too :-)

Much to our amusement, Wizard is getting really attached to Bailey.  Bailey comes out most weekends, and hangs out. When he goes home, all Wizard talks about is Bailey. Cracks us up!  Saturday morning it was raining. Bailey came barreling down the stairs, heading right for the sliding to go out. I opened the door and he heard the rain. The dog skidded to a halt, stuck his nose out the door and shook his head. Then he ran to Broken Leg Boy’s bed and hid.

What a baby. He’ll protect Broken Leg Boy with his life, but cower from a little rain?

How was your weekend?

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
My New Reality

Yesterday was another lost day for writing.  Broken Leg Boy and I spend the day running around-which is a process with crutches and a wheelchair. We went to his college which  is about 40  miles away from where I live to talk to the disability department and see if BLB can manage school.

School starts next week.

Yeah…probably not but we’ll see what BLB’s final decision is in a day or so.  This is hard for him to lose a semester. And I can’t fix this for him, damn it.

But whenever BLB gets down, we have a sure fire cure–Bailey Dog! We went by BLB’s house (where Bailey lives). When  Bailey saw him, he started to cry with excitement. I swear it’s like watching those returning war vet videos.

Just to give you a visual, here’s Bailey protecting BLB right after he came home from the hospital.

Bailey insists on laying across him in the bed or wheelchair.  It’s magic, seriously.

So maybe I’m losing a day here and there (and everywhere!)  of writing, but it’s harder on BLB to face losing an entire semester of college.

And anytime I need a serious reality check? I have a casual friend whose husband had an accident many years ago and is paralyzed.  So I remember to count my/our blessings!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Stress Eating

First I went on the stress diet. I lost a few more pounds than I intended thanks to Broken Leg Boy’s dramatic Christmas Eve stunt.

Okay it was an accident not a stunt. I don’t think BLB will qualify as a stunt man :-)

Even once he was home and under my care, I just didn’t have time to eat.  Oddly, no one really thought to bring by meals. That’s not because anyone  has been unkind, it just didn’t occur to them and I never asked.

But these last few days? As BLB is doing a bit more for himself, I’ve started eating.  It’s the other end of stress. And my big stress food?

Chocolate of course! As in chocolate chips that I happened to have in the house.  I’m sure I’ve gained most of those extra pounds back.

And I haven’t been to the gym since this happened.  I may or may not get back to the gym for many more weeks, just depending on what happens next.

So right now, my favorite stress food? Chocolate chips.

What’s yours?


Monday, January 16th, 2012
Weekend Roundup

It was a pretty good weekend–considering. Saturday I had my first day out, which was awesome. I went to my local RWA chapter meeting. I hung out friends, and attended a great program with Carina editor Angela James. She gave a talk on websites and branding that was jam packed with useful information.

Wizard stayed with Broken Leg Boy, and they did great.  I wasn’t worried, I never worry when Wizard in handling these things.  Sunday was non stop as I tried to catch up on some house stuff, plus deal with people coming and going.

I’m hoping that TODAY I can write. In fact, I’m insisting on it.  Wizard took a vacation day, he and the boy can hang out and not ask me anything.  I’m hoping I can convince them that I am invisible for about four or five hours.  Ram and I need some quality time together!

How was your weekend?


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