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Monday, October 5th, 2015
Re-Release Day! &Weekend Roundup

It’s here!! After all the work and worrying, Blood Magic has re-released for 99¢!

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Now onto chatting. My weekend was good. Friday night we celebrated Biker Witch (my sister) and her Biker Hubby’s birthday, and that included some lemon pound cake :-) It was a fun night. I’m also writing a little bit, and of course, spending time on Blood Magic’s re-release. It’s amazing how distracting it is. Even the second time around, I worry about the book.

But then Middle Son’s girlfriend texted me a picture that helped me take my mind off it. Unfortunatley it’s a bit blurry and I had to cute middle son out of it (I really didn’t want to!) but here’s Bailey dog. It seems Middle Son and Girlfriend were having a date night on their patio, and Bailey had to get right in the middle of it.

Bailey ready for a chat

Yes, Bailey is spoiled now that he’s getting older. But look at that face…who can resist?

How was your weekend?

6 comments to “Re-Release Day! &Weekend Roundup”

  1. B.E. Sanderson
    October 5th, 2015 at 6:27 am · Link

    SQUEE! And don’t worry about it, Jenn. I’m sure it’ll feel the love. Right now, it’s at 71K in overall books at Amazon and that ain’t anything to sneeze at. (I get happy when I break into the top 100K.)

    Yay, Bailey! Ummm, he’s on the table. Naughty naughty. ;o)

    The weekend was blurry. I know there was stuff I was supposed to be doing, but I got ‘deer in headlights’ about the edits, so I procrastinated. I’m working on building a new spreadsheet for my sales figures – one that will be better and more efficient in the long run. Right now, though, it’s taking a lot of time. Naughty naughty writer. Today, I will tackle that chapter. Honest, I will.

  2. Silver James
    October 5th, 2015 at 9:08 am · Link

    Awwww. Bailey Dog FTW!!! And BLOOD MAGIC for an even bigger win! Can’t wait to dive into it but I’m gonna wait until I get all of the books lined up so I can binge read in a marathon! Mmmmm. Axel. My pre-order hit my Kindle about midnight.

    I worked this weekend. Did a critique/beta read for a friend, had lunch with Stormageddon, Only, Baseball Boy, and Lawyer Guy on Saturday. They went to “work” a parade with their Ham radio club and we met for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant after. The little dickens is too cute for words. And waaaaay too smart for his parents’ own good. *bwahahaha*

    Have a great week, witches! :D

  3. Jenn
    October 5th, 2015 at 11:00 am · Link

    B.E., Bailey’s not the only one who is naughty since he can’t get up on that table by himself :-)

    Thanks on Blood, it’s doing okay so far, so we shall see!

    Oh man, I feel for you on that deer in headlights sensation, my unsolicited advice is to start tackling the small things first, and then you’ll get into the rhythm. But this is from someone who spent more time thinking about backstories than actually writing this weekend, LOL! Just do it!!

  4. Jenn
    October 5th, 2015 at 11:03 am · Link

    Silver, thanks for pre-ordering! But you need to work!! I know you’re deadlines :twisted:

    That little guy of yours is adorable! I watched a video of him a while back kicking a ball, so cute. he’s definitely going to keep his parents hopping. I had three boys, I know alllll about their antics, LOL! He’s going to bring you all so much joy!

    Now back to work for you! And me :-)

  5. Viki S.
    October 5th, 2015 at 3:20 pm · Link

    Happy Release Day! You need not worry about the book. All will be good :).

    I love Bailey. He looks very happy up there :).

    Lemon pound cake sounds so refreshing. I’m sure you all had a great time celebrating both your sister/her hubs birthday :).

    I thought for sure you would have attached that video of the French Bull dog chasing away the bears. That little girl was having no bears in her yard bothering her family :).

    I hope you’re enjoying the day and the re-release fun:).

  6. Jenn
    October 5th, 2015 at 5:50 pm · Link

    Viki, I loved that video!! I would have put it up but had other things I need to get on today’s post.

    Hope you’re having a good week!

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