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Friday, December 20th, 2019
Friday Five

TGIF! Just a few more days to Christmas and then the end of the year is upon us. 2020 is knocking at the door. Okay, let’s move onto sharing five random things about our week.

  1. Last Friday, when I went to get my hair cut and colored, I told my hairdresser that, “Maybe we should cut my hair short because I’m getting older.” She laughed in my face. Her reaction really was priceless and unexpected, LOL! I am getting older and it’s showing, but I normally don’t obsess about this stuff, so I think that’s what caught her by surprise. However, she managed to regain control of herself enough to sincerely ask me if I really, truly wanted my hair short. I didn’t know what I wanted, and after some discussion, we decided to do a deep trim and shape to regain some body. Then…and this made me laugh–she told me to go back to work writing and I won’t obsess so much about my hair. Point for my hairdresser! 
  2. And following up on #2, I believe 2020 will be my comeback year for writing!
  3. Going to the gym on Wednesday was a mistake with my sore side (the one I somehow bruised on the center console in the car when I leaned over to get something off the passenger seat floor). Despite my goal to go twice a week on top of walking Maggie, I will have to skip today. I want it healed! This stupid freak injury is slowing this whole exercise plan I’ve made. Real Life is always amused by my plans and plots, LOL.
  4. I’m pretty much ready for Christmas. This week has been pretty quiet, next week will be busy and fun.
  5. Turbo and his parents may come over this weekend, and if I’m super lucky, I’ll get to hear Turbo say “Grandma” to me. Hmm, maybe I should bake him a sugar cookie bear to bribe encourage him?

So that was my five random things about my week, now I’d love to hear yours! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    December 20th, 2019 at 6:10 am · Link

    Silly girl. The only reason to have short hair is if you want short hair. Sounds like you have an awesome hairdresser. I’m totally jealous. And I want pics of your new ‘do. Yay for 2020! Sorry your side is still sore. I’d tell you to take it easy, but since I don’t, I can’t. Yay for being ready for Christmas and having a quiet week! Super yay for Turbo time!

    1) I went to the store yesterday morning hoping for inspiration on what to do for dinner. No inspiration came, so I bought a turkey and shoved dinner into Hubs’ court. Maybe I’ll make it up to him by baking a cake.
    2) Yesterday afternoon, I was faced with the decision of either working in the woods or going fishing. I picked fishing, even though I knew I wouldn’t catch anything. And I was right. Working in the woods would’ve been more productive, but it was nice to sit and watch the water for a while.
    3) You’ve might’ve seen on FB where I fell in the woods. The bruise where I came down on a rock is magnificent and sitting on the rocks yesterday probably didn’t do the rest of me any good. :shrug: See? Can’t follow my own advice. Maybe today I’ll take it easy. LOL
    4) Today’s bird of the day is a white-breasted nuthatch. I don’t know if you have them over there, but they’re such neat little birds. As far as I know, they’re the only birds to climb down a tree face down. My mother calls them ‘ass-ups’. We have a bunch of them here, which makes me happy.
    5) The best thing about winter here is the return of the bald eagles. They’re all over the place now. I usually only see them when I’m out and about, but sometimes we see them here at the homeplace. The other day, one was perched in a dead tree alongside the highway. I wish it was a place I couldn’t stopped and taken a picture. So majestic.

  2. Silver James
    December 20th, 2019 at 10:05 am · Link

    You have a great hairdresser! She’s very smart. Keep her. ;) I want pics too. Christmas? What is this holiday you speak of being ready for? :roll: Yay for Turbo time!

    My five:

    1) I sympathize with the weird injuries. I did something to my shoulder, it was finally fine for a couple of days and then boom! Yesterday, the pain was back. This morning, it seems okay, with only a slight twinge. 🤷

    2) Tuesday, we had “Thanksgiving” lunch at Stormy’s school–postponed from before T-giving due to a water leak at the school. It was fun to eat with him.

    3) I finished the massive edit/revisions of FIGHTING FOR ELENA, my Feb. 2020 release. Today starts the final copyediting/proofreading and formatting. No word on the cover yet. Not that I’m worried. Much.

    4) Stormy is coming for dinner tonight. Only and Baseball Boy have faculty Christmas dinner. They’re going to have fun as they’re parking at her new office in Mid-town and catching the streetcar to Brick Town for dinner. Stormy is having dinner with us but not spending the night. They’re headed to Tulsa-town tomorrow for Christmas up there and to spend time at the hospital with BB’s dad.

    5) Okay, this last one is sort of off the wall but hey…random, right? I’ve admitted to being a fan of “The Masked Singer.” I NEVER know who’s behind the mask when they are revealed. Well, I actually got two right this season. I named the singer Seal (how can his voice NOT be recognized!!!) as one. And I actually got the winner correct. The second place singer was a total shock, even though I have several of his albums. Man, but Daughtery’s voice is pure! And the winnder? Wayne Brady, who I’ve always thought was way too talented to be relegated to “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Who’s Line Is It.” That man can sing, dance, and act! WOW! Okay. Enough fangirling. 🥰

    Stuff to do, errands to run, and all that. Have a great weekend! 🎄

  3. Viki S.
    December 20th, 2019 at 3:45 pm · Link

    1. Don’t buy into that idea we have to have short hair as we get older. Look at Joan Collins.
    2. Ha Ha on stylist. Yes, 2020 will be a good writing year.
    3. Rest is best for your ribs. How are you feeling today? It takes a while since there really isn’t much tissue there and it’s most likely a bone bruise.
    4. Good job on being set for Christmas!
    5. Hope Turbo enjoys the cookie and calls you grandma :).

    1a. It’s warming up for Christmas here. It’s been super cold so it will be a shock. AND the sun will be out for the next 5 days. That NEVER happens here in winter.
    2a. My shoulder has been very bad and I only have 1/2 the gifts wrapped. May have to go the “bag” route for some of them.
    3a. One of DIL’s gifts is still on a boat crossing the Pacific and one of eldest son’s gift was supposed to be here today but last night Amazon sent and email saying it wasn’t coming until March. What the heck is going on?
    4a. Sent my old phone back to Apple for a refund on the 11th via FedEx. They lost it. I was on the phone all week with them. Finally it shows up in PA. Apple got it yesterday and today notified me that I will get to largest trade in allowance :). Sad that you have to be so on things all the time.
    5. Have you tried the new KitKat dark chocolate mint bar? I have been trying to find one since they released two weeks ago. Got one today. Will let you know what I think after I sample it :).

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Jenn
    December 20th, 2019 at 7:02 pm · Link

    B.E., my hairdresser knows me well :-) There’s not a dramatic difference to show in a picture, so I’ll spare you. Thanks on my side, I believe you took a fall this week so I hope you’re feeling better!

    1) I’m assuming Hubs doesn’t mind cooking, but I’m sure he’d appreciate a cake. And dinner inspiration can be rather scarce around here sometimes.
    2) If you have a choice, always choose fishing!
    3) Yep, we can give the advice to rest but rarely take it. I’m so sorry you fell and have the bruises and aches to show for it. I’m hoping you took it easy today.
    4) I looked them up, they are pretty. Evidently we do have them here in some areas, but I haven’t noticed them. I would definitely notice one climbing down a tree face down.
    5) They really are majestic birds, and you’re so lucky to see them in their natural environment. I saw one in the zoo a few weeks ago which makes me sad, although he could have been in the zoo because he can’t survive in the wild. However a little boy standing next to me told me all about bald eagles. That kid made me grin. He was very passionate about bald eagles.

    Hope your bruises and soreness feel better over the weekend!

  5. Jenn
    December 20th, 2019 at 7:11 pm · Link

    Silver, I know, right? Holidays are so rude about sneaking up on us every single year :-)

    1) I wonder what you did to your shoulder? It’s hard when your on deadlines and life keeps happening, but you might really need to rest it and to get it to calm down enough to heal. So sorry!
    2) Thanksgiving lunch is so cute!
    3) Congrats! You are almost there on getting the book ready. But yeah, you need the cover to promote. Hope you get it soon!
    4) First, I hope BB’s dad is doing better. I knew he was sick, but not what the prognosis is. So add my prayers for the best news possible. Second–yay for more Stormy time!
    5) LOLOL! I love your fangirling! A lot of people love that show, so you’re in good company. Yay for you figuring out two contestants. TV that entertains us and gives our brains a chance to disengage from work is doing it’s job!

    Hope you got the stuff to do list done AND rested your shoulder (is the possible?) AND have fun with Stormy tonight AND have a great weekend!

  6. Jenn
    December 20th, 2019 at 7:23 pm · Link

    Viki, I agree, it has to be a bone bruise and a mild one at that or I’d be in much worse pain. It will heal.

    1) I hope you enjoy the five days of sun! I bet Spunk will soak up the all rays he can find :-)
    2) Do bags and spare your shoulder. It’s just not worth it, and people will still enjoy the gifts. That shoulder’s really given you a hard time this last year.
    3) Sheesh, I’m so sorry Amazon let you down! That’s happened a lot this year. I got exceedingly lucky, but I’ve heard other expressing frustration. And that leaves you scrambling to figure out what to do :-(
    4) Wow, you’re not having a good streak with ordering or sending anything. I feel for the frustration, but happy that you’re getting the largest value for a trade in.
    5) Please share your Kit Kat experience! I’m curious now. I hadn’t realized they’d released a dark chocolate mint one. It sounds good!

    I hope you have a good weekend, and your shoulder feels better!

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