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Wednesday, January 29th, 2020
Love and Legacy of our Animals

Maggie appears to have completely bounced back. Here she is on a walk with me (sorry I couldn’t get a better picture–she’s doesn’t like her picture taken)

Animals! Here I thought I raised my kids and my acid churning nights of worry were over. Then Maggie came into our lives, and I got to feel that helpless panic and worry all over again. But you know what? She’s totally worth it! She’s a precious gift who came with an unknown time limit, but her love will make me a better person for as long as I live.

And that makes me think of Bailey Dog.

He was a little dog with a mighty heart and he had a huge impact on all of my family. We are all more loving and compassionate for having this dog in our lives. And though he’s been gone for a while now, his legacy lives on in each of us and the choices we make each and every day.

Now I’d love to hear about the animals that have impacted and or changed your life.

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  1. B.E. Sanderson
    January 29th, 2020 at 9:43 am · Link

    Awww, Bailey! :sniffle: I’m so glad you found Maggie and brought her into your lives.

    The biggest animal impact on my life was the dog we had when I was growing up. He was awesome. And my best friend for a really long time. I’ve had pets of my own since, but he was the one. Of course, we’ve had Kira for 16 and a half years now. She’s not so much impactful but rather ever present. Not an in-your-face, limelight kitty. More laid back and chill. Of course, now that she’s geriatric kitty, she demands a lot more attention. Lucky for her, Max taught me patience. ;o)

  2. Silver James
    January 29th, 2020 at 9:44 am · Link

    Wow. First, so glad Maggie is back to her sweet, wonderful self!

    I’m older than dirt and I’ve had dogs, cats, and horses in my life since before I can remember. I remember each and every one of them, some more fondly than others but each one had an impact. There was Kaiser and Micco, our first Newf and Siberian Husky/Wolf, who raised Only. There was Miss Kitty who adopted us and who wheedled LG (NOT a cat guy) to put a cat door in our garage door. There was Adidas who lived with us for 17 years and turned LF into a cat guy. There was Baby Doll, the “ferocious” Rottweiler who let screaming Brownies jump over her and who bit the TV whenever the officers in COPS took down a perp. She was biting the perp, not the cops. She also turned into a wonderul SAR dog who understood Engligh better than most people. There was Lucky, the first horse that was truly mine–a teenage girl’s best friend.

    Now we have Boone, who is getting older and every time he’s sleeping hard and doesn’t respond, my breath catches and I have to check to make sure he’s still breathing. Jacob, aka Big Jake and Gentleman Jake, who is sweet and funny and turning into a very good service dog. And Loki, the black slightly tuxedo kitten almost cat who totally lives up to his name and who insists that LG remain a cat guy.

    I can’t imagine life without critters, even though I miss every one that’s crossed the rainbow bridge. I wouldn’t ever go back and change things. Each one has left pawprints on my heart. 💕💖

  3. Viki S.
    January 29th, 2020 at 4:16 pm · Link

    So happy to hear that Maggie is doing well. I wonder if it was the lizard that made her tummy upset.

    How nice to see Bailey Dog! I think of him often. He was a good guy.

    I had a cat for 21 years. He was 22 when he left. We had a real bond. He even spoke. He hated every guy I ever dated except hubs. After I married hubs, when I would get him up in the morning, Ewok (the cat) would come with me and say, “Mooorning Jauuun.” It was the best thing :).

    I love Spunk dearly but there will never be another Ewok.

    Have a fantastic afternoon!

  4. Jenn
    January 29th, 2020 at 6:48 pm · Link

    B.E., your childhood pet sounds a bit like mine. They are so important to young hearts, and such loving friends. I’m so glad you had him in your life!

    You’ve had Kira as long as I’ve known you. I always worry about her since I know she’s getting up there. While she may not be a showoff, over friendly cat, she’s a strong presence in your lives and home.

  5. Jenn
    January 29th, 2020 at 6:52 pm · Link

    Silver, you’ve had a lot of great animals friends! I love the stories, Silver. They all have special meaning for you, and it comes through when you talk about them.

    LOL on the dog biting the TV in an effort to bite the perp :-)

    Animals bring us so much, but your right, the pain of losing them is tough. And you’re amazing to have done it so many times and still welcome more animals with such an open heart.

  6. Jenn
    January 29th, 2020 at 6:55 pm · Link

    Viki, it could have been the lizard, although she didn’t eat any of it. But who knows what she gets into outside the we don’t see. I still think I should have taken her in, but for now, she does seem fine.

    Ewok is a cool name :-) And my gosh, 21 – 22 years is an incredible live for a cat! I believe you that the cat talked, I’ve seen cats do some amazing things.

    Spunk is a cute name too!

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